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  1. 1. TechNinja Team
  2. 2. Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS
  3. 3. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Would you like to travel India forany Cardio or Ortho Treatment? Why ?Dr Sunil Lulla : Yes definitely I am interested inMedical Tourism reasons being to Save Cost,Deductibles and the Health Saving Fund forsimilar quality.
  4. 4. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Why do you prefer TechNinja –OrthoCardio.com?Dr Sunil Lulla : I liked the value proposition to getthe services in accredited hospitals and minimumprices as well as the facility to club the tourpackages in the respective countries is lucrative. Ido feel that the highend TechNinja –OrthoCardio.com mobile apps are a great add on.
  5. 5. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Why do you feel our apps arebetter than others?Dr Sunil Lulla : I really don’t see many mobileapps for the medical tourism industry and the factthat the app connectivity to the Dining , Pharmacy,Video Conference Call with the doctors, MedicineSchedule Reminder, Shopping and the tourism isattractive.
  6. 6. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Why Do you think TechNinjaOrthoCardio.com would succeed?Dr Sunil Lulla : The fact that TechNinjaOrthoCardio.com services are only in accreditedhospitals and with Certified Doctors andminimum prices is the key feature. Since being acustomer I am only looking for Service, Qualityand Price. Also the cost of Cardio and Ortho isvery high in USA.
  7. 7. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Do you think Obama Care wouldhelp our industry grow?Dr Sunil Lulla : Definitely yes. And the growthrate for medical tourism seems promising.
  8. 8. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Please suggest any improvementsin our business plan.Dr Sunil Lulla : Making the apps and the servicesmore user friendly is the key.Also I see you are concentrating on Ortho Cardio, Iwould like to suggest other areas too like PlasticSurgery and IVF all over the world and notrestricting it to only India or USA.
  9. 9. Doctor/Customer : Dr. Sunil Lulla, BAMS TechNinja : Do you see any challenges in theBusiness Plan?Dr Sunil Lulla : The challenges are the posttreatment service and to make sure follow ups areproperly coordinated. Also the back up plan incasethe scheduled doctor cancels the appointments forwhatsoever reasons.
  10. 10. Dr. Deepak Mendiratta,M.B.B.S M.D
  11. 11.  TechNinja : Do you see a need for low costmedical travel in US ?Dr Deepak Mendiratta : I think there might be ademand for people who are non-insured in the USand also for dental/plastic surgeries which aregenerally not covered in standard insurancepolicies
  12. 12.  TechNinja : Why do you prefer TechNinja –OrthoCardio.com?Dr Deepak Mendiratta : I like that they deal onlywith accredited hospitals and also provide a easyapp interface. Also they provide good informationabout the risk/pitfalls.
  13. 13.  TechNinja : How does OrthoCardio.commobile app compare in the market?Dr Deepak Mendiratta : I don’t see any fullyfunctional mobile apps available right now. Alsothe integration with customer reviews whichOrthoCardio.com proposes should give them anedge over other potential apps.
  14. 14.  TechNinja : What recommendations would yougive OrthoCardio.com?Dr Deepak Mendiratta : They might want to lookat catering to other surgeries to get a bigger slice inthe market. Also they should provide excellentcustomer support if they want to prosper.
  15. 15.  Srinath who give us feedback on ouridea/app.
  16. 16.  TechNinja : If your insurance did not coveryour treatment or if it was too costly, wouldyou consider going to another country at alesser cost?Srinath : Yes, I would consider going to anothercountry for medical stuff at the right cost.
  17. 17.  TechNinja : What information would you lookfor in a medical tourism app?Srinath : I would look for reviews for hospitals,doctors .
  18. 18.  TechNinja : Do you think testimonials andreviews are important while consideringmedical tourism?Srinath : Yes, I think that would be very importantand would influence my decision.
  19. 19.  TechNinja : Do you think you need somethingmore than a medical package ? Would youever consider using a medical package whichcombines some tourism aspect with themedical site ?Srinath : No, I am not sure . Since I am going therefor a reason, I might not have the energy orinclination to do the tourism aspect.