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LO2 task 2

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LO2 task 2

  1. 1. LO2-Task 2: Has digital technology had a positive or negative impact on the print industry? Digital technology has had a huge impact on the print industry. I think overall it has had a negative impact on the print industry. This is because it has become increasingly easy to access the news using digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers etc. driving the sales figures of paper based newspapers down. More and more people are realising how easy it is to access the information digitally, saving them from walking to the shop to get a physical copy, although some people still prefer to have a paper based copy to read. The stages of print production have drastically changed due to technology. Digital technology has caused the introduction of new methods of production and distribution, leading to a much greater dependence on computer based technology, causing a knock on effect for the need of a more highly skilled workforce with a great understanding of different forms of printed media. One way this is achieved is by multi-skilling. This is where one employee is trained in a variety of different skills or knowledge, allowing them to undertake multiple projects, and reducing the size of the workforce. Another reason for multi-skilling is because newspapers and magazines are using more sophisticated software and hardware to design and construct their products and many newspapers and magazines offer online versions of their paper based product, creating the need for employees to have knowledge on both digital, and paper based techniques, skills and general knowledge.