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Award for sdp final for submission


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Award for sdp final for submission

  1. 1. Nomination fees: INR 10,000 /USD 300Payment mode: Credit Card paymentNomination Category: Govt. initiative: Best Vocational and skills InitiativeDetails of the Applicant(filling the nomination)Name: Dr. P.K.RautAddress Orissa e-Governance Services Limited, OCAC Building, N-1/7D,Acharya Vihar Square, Bhubaneswar-13, Orissa,IndiaCity BhubaneswarState Orissa.Country India, zip: 751 013Telephone No. +91 0674-2587606Mobile No +91-09437051483Email pkr158@yahoo.comDetails of Project/Initiative Implementing AgencyName of the organization: Orissa e-Governance Services Limited, SPV of OCAC, Technical Directorate of IT Department, Govt. of OrissaAddress: Orissa e-Governance Services Limited, OCAC Building, N-1/7D,Acharya Vihar Square, Bhubaneswar-13, Orissa,IndiaCity BhubaneswarState OrissaCountry India, zip: 751 013Name of the Head of the Organization: Dr. P.K. Raut, DirectorTelephone No. +91-0674-2587606Mobile +91-09437051483Email pkr158@yahoo.comAlternate email pradeep.raut@oesl.inWebsite www.oesl.inDETAILS OF THE PROGRAMME/PROJECT/INITIATIVE:
  2. 2. Brief description of the programme/Project/Initiative: The problem of unemployment means the problem of providing work to those who arewilling to work. A large number of educated and semi-educated people, who have capability towork and are also willing to do it, roam here and there without any job. So the problem hasassumed an acute form. There are a large number of people who are either partly employed orwholly unemployed. The lives of such people, as well as of their families, are extremelymiserable. The population is increasing by leaps and bounds. But jobs and gainful avenuescannot be created in the same proportion. So, naturally, a large section of the people is leftunemployed. The problem of educated unemployment is peculiar to India. India is onlycountry in the world where even highly educated persons fail to get employment. Everyyear thousands and thousands of graduates pass out of schools and colleges. They areunfit for any work, except office work. In view of above, more stress should be laid ontechnical and vocational education. Their skill development is an urge of Govt. to enablethem to get employment in FMCG, Insurance and many other private or semi-Govt.sectors. When people get technical and vocational education, they will not hanker afterservices on completing their education, they will come out well prepared to stand ontheir own legs. In order to avail any sorts of opportunities in the employment market, it ishighly essential to acquire requisite skill and knowledge. The unemployment milieu has been properly adjudged through research and debate inthe country. Keeping this skill development mechanism in view, Govt. of Orissa decided toimpart IT skill to the unemployed youths in the state. Skill Development Programme is a focusedinitiative for the youth at the threshold of the professional world. It aims at edifying competenciesand proficiency to help them enhance personal and specialized soft skills. This skilldevelopment programme contains some vital potency with the youths like confidencebuilding, positive thinking, developed communication skill, positive body language,professional dapper, time management, Interpersonal behaviour and most importantlyinterview skills. Computer fundamentals are also the basic knowledge for youth mass toget involved in the job market. This programme brought employability for 62,000 youthsacross the state. IT education and Soft skill trainings have been imparted to theunemployed youths of the state to make them fit to be employable with Computereducation, Operation system, Windows XP, MS Office, Internet browsing, basicidiosyncrasy over Trouble shooting and Hardware which is tantamount to certifiedcourse in computing(CCC) of DOEACC Society under DIT, Govt. of India. The programme
  3. 3. has effectively rendered self awareness motive, Interpersonal skills, communicationtechnique skill, presentation skill, personal grooming, Team work, Interview skill,preparation for professional world etc. The endeavour of Govt. has remarkably created apool of 62,000 IT literates to be manned in different private and semi-govt. agencies. 41%of the total candidates are women and 44.23% share is of SC/ST/OBC and SEBCcandidates. In addition to the IT skills the soft skills like self awareness and intrapersonalskills, communication skill, presentation skill, personal skills, personal grooming,interpersonal skills and team work and preparation for the professional world are the majorhighlights of the project. Skill development is a primary means of enabling young people to make a smoothtransition to the firmament of work. A comprehensive approach is required to integrate youngwomen and men in the employment market including relevant and quality skills training, jobmarket information, career guidance and to enhance their employability skill. Similarly,recognition of prior learning, incorporating entrepreneurship with training and effective skillsforecasting etc. are inevitable for the youth mass in view of ensuing competitive job market.Improved basic education and core work skills are particularly important to enable youth toengage in lifelong learning as well as transition to the employment market.Why was the project started?The youth mass of the state bewilder for engagement in different sectors and they had a phobiaof Information Technology due to lack of skill up gradation guidance at free of cost. They wereunable to break the digital divide barrier and the irrational fear of Information technology. Thetraining has brought a good deal of benefits for the youth mass as well as Govt. The friendlyenvironment of IT has been perceived by the confounded youth after having undergone thetraining. They also felt it comfortable to access the relevant information on various schemes toenhance the quality of their lives. After getting such fundamentals of IT /Soft skills, the youthmass could be able to avail further training in IT to enhance their skills. They also could learnthe requisite soft skills to enhance their employability in the ensuing job market without fear andconfoundedness. Similarly, the Government could be able to create a huge trained pool ofmanpower with basic IT skill and soft skill in the state and their services can be utilized indifferent schemes being implemented in the state. Having done such commendable and needbased training programme in the state, the Govt. of Orissa has emerged as leading state inimplementing a programme with dignified scale meant for youth mass.
  4. 4. Objective: The main objective of the training is to make the unemployed youth employable throughIT and soft skill development. The Govt. of Orissa has given the opportunity to the unemployedyouths to enhance IT and Soft skill through this programme for their employment in varioussectors. IT literacy is common to all disciplines, to all learning environment, and to all levels ofeducation. It enables its learners to have greater understanding of the content, make them moreself-directed and assume greater control over their own learning. It facilitates the individual todetermine the extent of information required. Allows him /her to access the needed informationeffectively and efficiently which is then added to one’s knowledge base. The information gainedcan be used to accomplish their specific socio economic purposes. This is the right time for amajor IT Training for Citizens of Orissa who will be able to make use of various IT initiatives forimproving their life. Some of the Citizens especially the unemployed youth will further upgradetheir IT Skills and will be able to graduate to a level wherein they will become employable inbasic jobs in the IT Sector. Following are the major objective of IT training and Soft skilltraining. IT skill: • To provide basic computer skill to the trainees for their employability. • To meet the future need of manpower with Basic or low end IT Skill/ Soft skill for various Govt. project like NeGP, NREGA, NHRM, SSA where pool of basic IT trained manpower is required to do low end IT jobs. • Provide impetus to the youths to take up further training in IT to enhance their skills further. • A proper certification to the students Soft Skill: • To develop skills for communicating effectively in the ever widening climate of globalization • To enhance personal effectiveness through Presentation Skills, Personal Grooming, Goal Setting ,Interpersonal and Interview skills. • To practice using the language in the context of Business Communication-Verbal, Non- Verbal Communication.Deliverables of the training programme: The students were provided with the following study kit :
  5. 5. 1. Training Kit : IT Book, IT work book, Soft skill book, Bag, Pen, two note books. 2. Certification: By third party agency by conducting written and oral test. 3. Score Card: By Nationally reputed certification agency 4. Course Completion certificate: By OCAC, OeSLGeographical reach: The project has been reached all the 30 Districts up to the Block level of the state ofOrissa.Date from which the project became operational: 01.03.2009Is the project still operational : The training programme is being conducted in phasedmanner following the time bound structure. The first phase has been completed within an eightmonths span and the second phase is being planned out for commencement.10 points that make the programme/project innovative? 1. It is a mass e-literacy training programme and it covered all 30 districts of Orissa State 2. The programme has penetrated to even to the block level, Record 62000 no of candidates trained in this programme, Record 208 training centres throughout Orissa 3. Pre-training assessment and post training assessment was done by nationally reputed skill assessment organization Merittrac 4. The training consists of 60 hours of IT skills and 20 hours of soft skill training programme. 5. The course module of IT is equivalent to CIC of DOEACC society. 6. Only certified trainers imparted the training. The trainers are assessed by Merittrac. 7. The soft skill was imparted by nationally reputed organization IL&FS-ETS. Nearly about 1200 trainers imparted the training 8. Considering the spread and scale of the training programme, an innovative training monitoring software was used for online monitoring, student registration, trainer registration, online student feedback, online student attendance. 9. Such a huge programme was completed through online monitoring tool.
  6. 6. 10. This is completely free training programme. Students were given a training bag, IT book, IT work book, two note book, a pen and a soft skill book. Students were awarded two certificate-one by Merittrac and other by OeSL,OCAC and Department of IT,Govt of OrissaList the 5 achievements of the porgramme/project? 1. Reached up to the Block level throughout the State of Orissa. 2. Covered 62,000 students in a specific period. 3. The training programme consists of both IT skill and Soft skill to enhance the employability skill of unemployed youth mass. 4. Creation of database of 62,000 trained and certified trainees who can be employed in different e-Governance & other IT projects and it added to the resource pool of the state. 5. Exposure to the rural students towards IT and Soft skill which was not accessible and affordable due to finance and other constraints.List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative andhow they were overcome? 1. To create more awareness in the rural area of the state to attract the poor and worthy students. Mass awareness and effective media plan was followed for sensitization of rural candidates and included in the training programme. 2. Lack of dedicated connectivity for the training in the rural area for which the training was extended up to the Block level. Data cards and connectivity was provided in the unreached areas for smooth training. 3. To include more SC/ST/OBC candidates of the state. Focus was laid to include them though more awareness in the SC/ST dominated districts. 4. Availability of requisite logistics for the training in the rural area for which the training centers were newly set up in some areas with all requirements. 5. Monitoring of the training centers centrally for which online monitoring tool was devised.
  7. 7. List the 5 points how can the programme serve as a model that can be replicated oradapted by others? 1. This training programme can create readymade e-literate resource pool to bridge the gap of non availability of trained personnel. 2. It can enhance the employability of unemployed youth mass who wanders here and there for a job. 3. Since the qualification has been earmarked as Matriculation, it will further encourage the candidates to pay interest in IT and get jobs in their locality. 4. It can bridge the gap of digital divide. 5. The training programme can be a model for employment of youth though enhancement of their employability skillList 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative: 1. The skill development initiative can be a model for inclusion of unemployed youth of other states by enhancing their employability skill including IT and soft skill. It has scalable features which can be adopted by others. 2. The online monitoring tool is one of the successful devices and it has requisite capacity so far as scalability is concerned. 3. It can serve the poor and disadvantaged groups in any state by enhancing the skill of the unemployed youths. 4. The tools and procedures followed in the training programme recognize the scalable approach. 5. The project has maximum success indicators for adoptability in other areas of the country. ___________