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Internet of Things -

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Real value is created in the horiz...
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A look at the future of Internet of Things

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Internet of Things - O Aspirations COO <1’) Platform 9&9 Platform is Key Real value is created in the horizontal platform that ties it all together — the new OS. The platform consists of 3 layers: management, infrastructure, and data analytics and insights. A‘I‘ll Business value proposition The adoption of | oT will be much more like the traditional IT diffusion model businesses to consumers(B2C) than the Consumer-led adoption of social media and personal mobility. Connected Car Connected car disrupts loT By 2020, there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities, according to Gartner. During the next five years, the proportion of new vehicles equipped with this capability will increase dramatically, making connected cars a major element of | oT. COO Mobile phone - gateway for | oT Smartphone is integral to | oT, for example looking with iBeacons and Apple watch. What will become even more interesting is when data analytics uses the mobile phone as one of many processing platforms for geo-distributed analytics. Frp Ijl Privacy and Security Security and privacy rely on encryption and application design. Methodical design processes will help ensure their protection. The biggest challenge with | oT is scale. |oT infrastructure — a networked infrastructure that connects countless entities, devices and systems will remain a complex maze of standards and design. Conclusion Paradigm Shifts by F: AA loT beachheads my | oT Landscape will evolve | oT is a greenfield market - new players, with new business models, approaches, and solutions will appear out of nowhere and overtake incumbents. Big Data is the Lever | oT technologies allow for real—time and accurate data sensing and wireless transmission of that data to Web applications and servers connected to the Internet, making Big Data the key to success. Smart city deployments A smart city as an urbanized area where multiple sectors cooperate to achieve sustainable outcomes through the analysis of contextual, real-time information shared among sector-specific information and operational technology systems. Gartner says Smart Cities will use 1.1 billion connected things by the end of 2015. ii} Alphabet soup of standards Several different | oT standards are currently competing with each other, and more may be joining the contest soon. A significant barrier to mass adoption of | oT is the lack of agreement over technical standards, and many like Qualcomm will join both A| lSeen alliance and Thread. #10 Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances | oT will reach the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ in about 10 years. Before we get there we have to head through the Trough of Disillusionment, which we believe will leave a number of companies going out of business or being absorbed. Examples over the last two years - Nest, SmartThings, Neul, ThingWorx, 2Lemetry, etc. 6) Standards will be key for | oT, and will tip in the favor of a "Complete solution”. Vendors offering end—to—end wireless hardware to software / services / integration forming around business use cases will win. Important beach heads are - Google (Brillo, Thread, weave), Allseen Alliance, M2M Alliance to name a few. 69 G9 wvvw. te| ecom-c| oud. net | | Harish Vadada