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  2. HUMAN RESOURSE MANAGEMENT OF INFOSYS Made by:-Aditi Chourasia Sayantika Chaudhuri Harish Agarwal Ghuru Siddesh Lokesh KH
  3. COMPANY PROFILE • INFOSYS is the Indian multinational provider of business consulting, information technology software engineering and outsourcing services. COUNTRIES SERVING US $ BILLION REVENUE EMPLOYEES TRAINED IN DESIGNTHINKING EMPLOYEES TRAINED IN TECHNOLOGICAL AREAS 45 13.65 168000 600000
  4. COREVALUES Before Infosys, Indian business organizations had two major approaches to management: the “too personal” companies run by families and the “too impersonal” multinational associations. Murthy and his colleagues wanted to create a change and start a business that would be governed by true professionals and whose products would be used by professionals Infosys has five core values that delineate its conduct in the market. These issues include • Customer values (the company aims to exceed client’s expectations), • Integrity • Transparency (Infosys is open and sincere and leads its business in an ethical way), • Leadership by example (establishing standards aiming to achieve exemplary results), • Fairness (recognition and confidence), and • Excellence (continual endeavor for enhancement). These values make the company stand out and add to its positive image in the national and world market
  5. HR FUNCTIONS AND POLICIES • Most of the HR practices of Infosys were a result of the vision of its founders and the culture that they had created over the years. • The founders advocated simplicity and maintained the culture of a small company. • The employees were encouraged to share their learning experiences Increasing Employee's Compensation Recruitment Orientation &Training of new Recruits Employee Engagement EmployeeTraining Surveys And Feedbacks Performance Appraisal
  6. HR POLICIES Recruitment and selection • Recruitment policy • Employment category • Sexual harassment policy • Probation policy Training and development Compensation and benefits • Leave policy •Bereavement leave policy. •Adoption leave policy • Paternity Leave policy •Maternity leave policy •Loan policy •.Working time policy. •Vacation policy Holiday policy • Sick leave policy • Overtime policy Health and safety • Health and safety policy •Smoking policy.Visitor policy Corporate security policy •Alcohol and drug policy • Discipline policy. •Computer policy • Email policy • Internet use policy • Cell phone policy •Grievance policy Employee relations • Communication policy • Problem resolution policy• Personal appearance policy Conflicts of interest policy 1 2 3 4 5
  7. SOURCING STRATEGY 70% 30% COLLEGE GRADS LATERALWORKERS • Advertisements • Campus • Websites mainly • Modular globel Sourcing
  8. RECRUITMENT The recruitment policies help the management to practice a fair and clinical procedure of recruitment process. It caters to develop the morale of every individual who attend their recruitment. The management believes that every single candidate who aspires to join their organization is a potential candidate to dwell within organization. • Infosys follows necessary steps to recruit people on the basis of various factors and to choose the right candidate. The following are the main factors that are considered while recruiting new employees. • LEARNING: Infosys give more emphasis on the ability to learn. The ability to derive generic knowledge from particular experiences and apply the experience during circumstances • COMPETENCY: Infosys give more value to professional competencies and highlights academic excellence. • OTHER QUALITIES: Other qualities include analytical ability, adaptability to teamwork, leadership potential, communication and innovation skills, along with a practical and a ability to have a structured approach to problem solving
  9. SELECTION The selection panel will examine how each skill within the candidate specification will be most appropriately assessed. Selection process include a combination of the following: PANEL INTERVIEW PRESENTATIONS SITUATIONAL TESTING GROUPTESTING
  10. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT At Infosys, training and development is the pinnacle step in building its human assets where the objective is to match the available skills and abilities to its business requirements.The training program at Infosys aligns with its objectives by • Synchronizing learning ability among the people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development • Infosys believes each and every employee will propel a team and make decisions hence apart from their technical skill; leadership and managerial skill are implemented in their training • New and fresher recruits are provided training and development during their probation period making them accustomed to the organizational or industrial culture • Apart from compulsory training employees are given career development path where other skill sets of the candidates are used.
  11. PMS METHOD OF APPRAISAL AND PROCESS 360-Degree Feedback: The employees also look at aspects of the managers' performance, strategic vision, ability to communicate, problem-solving skills, responsiveness.The results of the survey (the rankings and comments) are then aggregated and published online for everyone to see. Icount (Real time Feedback) • Infosys has put in place a new performance appraisal system called iCount for its 193,000-odd employees that seeks to reward individual performers on the basis of specific targets, an overhaul that comes months after India's second largest software exporter gave up the so-called bell curve assessment tool. • ICount gives higher focus on individual performance rather than relative performance (forced ranking appraisals).
  12. Duration  Employees are offered feedback and subjected to reviews throughout the year rather than just an annual appraisal (ICOUNT).  And bi-annual for 360° Method.  It allows for continuous feedback from peer, manager, stakeholder. Major Parameters  Technical Skills  Personal Skills  Task assigned and completed Rating  Rating ranges from 1+ to 4  1+ star performance  4 is under performance
  13. Feedback and appraisal Individual employees are also rewarded on basis of how they perform on specific short-term but important targets during the year.  Reward top individual performers, especially executives who contributed to generating more incremental revenue for the company.
  14. "Our assets walk out of the door each evening.We have to make sure that they comeback the next morning." -Narayana Murthy ( Founder )Infosys THANKYOU!