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Cis assignment


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cis assignment

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Cis assignment

  1. 1. CIS ASSIGNMENT Presented by: “Group G” REPORT: Report is a set or collection of information to explain in detail about an event, act or situation as a result of observation. TYPES OF REPORT: There are different types of reports such as:  ANNUAL REPORT OF A COMPANY  PROGRESS REPORT  FINANCIAL REPORT OF A COMPANY  FIRST INFORMATION REPORT  AUDIT REPORT  JOB ANALYSIS REPORT  JOB APPRAISAL REPORT  SALES REPORT OF A COMPANY The above mentioned ones are few examples of Reports STRUCTURE OF REPORT: The structure of the report plays a role in presenting a report. This is structure of the report: Title page – It gives information about the title, author’s name and organization or college. Table of contents – It gives details about the content and the page numbers. Abstract – It gives the details of summarized report and findings and our own recommendations and it should be in a page. Introduction – It gives the details of context and the main theme of the project. Methodology – It gives details about the methods used and the research used for the implementation of it.
  2. 2. Results – It gives details about the findings and facts and graphs should be shown in the project and there should be no interpretation. Conclusion – In conclusion the results that are found out should be summarized and interpretation should be done based on the findings of the project. Recommendations – In recommendation the future plan of action and the suggestions should be written. Glossary – In glossary abbreviations and list of terms should be clearly mentioned. In general we find the following elements present in the structure of the report, in case of an academic report: Academic Report Structure:  TITLE PAGE  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  CONTENTS  ABSTRACT  INTRODUCTIONMETHODOLOGY  RESULTS AND FINDINGS  DISCUSSION  CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS  REFERENCES OR BIBLIOGRAPHY  APPENDICES Above is the example of an Academic Report Structure. The structure of the report varies for each and every type of report. SAMPLE REPORT:
  3. 3. Topics page no: Introduction 3 Methodology 4 Results 5 Conclusion 7 Recommendations 8
  4. 4. Introduction: Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational company, it’s into pharmaceutical and customer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. Its common stock is a component of a Dow Jones Industrial Average and it listed among the Fortune 500. Johnson & Johnson’s headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey with consumer division located in Skillman. It does operation in over 57 countries and have 250 subsidiary companies where its products are sold in 175 countries. Johnson & Johnson had worldwide sales of $65billon for the calendar year 2011. Johnson & Johnson’s brands include numerous household names of medication and first aid suppliers. The well-known consumer products are the Band-Aid Brand line of bandages, Tylenol medication, Johnson’s baby product, Neutrogena skin and beauty products, clean and clear facial wash and acuvue contact lenses. On December 31st 2012, thefood and drug administration approved srituro, a Johnson & Johnson tuberculosis drug that is the first new medicine to fight the infection in more than 40 years. Johnson & Johnson in India: Johnson & Johnson spread its route in India 67 years ago. Since then the company has broughtmany innovativeideas, productand services to improve the health and wellbeing of people in India. Thecompany today employees morethan 3000 people and is organized into 3 business segment: Consumer Health Care, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.
  5. 5.  Consumer health care Generations of mothers in India have placed their trust in Johnson’s brand to provide them with safe, clinically mild and gentle products for babies. They also lead in the areas of feminine hygiene, facial skin care, wound care, cough and cold, oral care among others through iconic brand such as Stayfree, clean and clear ,brand aid.  Medical Device As Johnson & Johnson medical in India, they are committed to work towards reaching their goal of providing accessible and affordable health care for one person at a time. The medial devise business segment produces a brand range of innovative products and solutions, in the field of orthopaedics, range of innovative products and solutions, in the field of orthopaedics, cardiovascular disease, coronary artery, peripheralvascular and obstructivediseases, neuron vascular disease diabetic care, metabolic surgery, cancer surgery, vision care, general surgery , urologic surgery , hernia surgery and infection prevention.  PHARMACEUTICALS Joheen, the par metical division of Johnson & Johnson is this dedicated to addressing and solving some of most important unmet medical needs in India. Johnson & Johnson India they continued driven by a vision caring for the people by anticipating their needs, creating solutions and experience that help them and those that They care for living for heal tie. Being a responsible company they being supporting many programs and initiates in the area of health and education, particularly infants and girls. They actively support INDIAN ACADEMY of paediatrics to reduce infant mortality rate in India through a NEONATAL RESUSCITATION PROGRAM.
  6. 6. RESULTS In the mid of 80s of the last century many companies began experiencing the problems with managing the control over the production. Just like those companies, Johnson and Johnson were utilizing the old system of business management that in 1982 nearly had brought the company to its break down. J&J was relying onto the main four success factors, among which were: size role clarity, controland specialization However very soon the corporation had realized that there was a need to consider a new set of the factors, such as: speed, flexibility, integration and innovation. Since then, Johnson & Johnson in order to achieve its goals and reach the vision used a Decentralized Management Approach. It is big and small at the same time. For instance each of its operating companies functions as its own small business. They are strongly entrepreneurial in character, and they know that their success depends on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful, high-quality solutions. CONCLUSION Johnson and Johnson is recognized to be the sixth largest consumer health company as well as the company that provides the world's largest and most diverse medical and diagnostic devises. Johnson & Johnson's brands include numerous household names of medications and first aid supplies. Each year the number of employees increases with the same bringing the corporation one level higher. The introduction of the Heath
  7. 7. Future 2015 project was another proof for customers that the company cares for the quality of the products and services it delivers every day. J&J revises its vision on regular bases and expands its production to more and more countries. Such strategy gives the company an opportunity to identify the problems and eventually find a solution to them, with the same building a more trustworthy corporation and bringing more customers to the till all around the globe. -THE END-
  8. 8. OFFICIAL E-MAIL: Subject: Management policy Dear Employees, Management has noticed that, most of the employees cannot accept company’s policies. These organizational policies are bothering employees hence affecting their performance. Although, most of us are busy with our schedule, we shall bring the policy plans in our next meeting. Thank you RAHUL KUMAR, HR Manager D&K Co ltd. MEMO TO: DeveloperTeam FROM: S.KRISHNA,RegionalTeamManager DATE: October09 2015 SUBJECT : Regardingdetailsaboutthe nextproject Thisis to informyouaboutthe detailsof the forthcomingproject. As we have successfullycompletedthe previousproject,we wouldliketomove aheadwiththe next project.The projectisbasedon Linux software,whichIassume thatmostof you are unfamiliarwith. Kindlyreadupon the software sothat youcan developan ideaoverit.The meetingwouldbe heldon October20 2015 at 9:00 am. venue: 2nd floor,Conference hall. S.Krishna
  9. 9. ENQUIRY LETTER ABC HSR Layout Bangalore Karnataka-12345 9th October2015 Director Apple Academy BTM Layout Bangalore Karnataka-23456 Sir, Subject: Query About GMAT and TOEFl I am a Final year BBA student studying in XYZ College and I am interested in pursuing my MBA abroad. I would like to about the GMAT and TOEFL course, it's courseduration and fee structure. I would also like to know whether the academy provides counseling about selecting the university. Awaiting your early reply. Yours sincerely, ABC
  10. 10. ORDER LETTER Mr. ABC Orchid School HSR Layout Bangalore Karnataka-12345 10th October 2015 The Manager National Computers BTM Layout Bangalore Karnataka-23456 Sir, Subject: To Place Order Computers and Projectors With respect to quotation and price provided by your company for the items required, we would like to place an order for the following: Item Qty Configuration Unit Price(Rs) Total Amount(Rs) HP Computers 50 I5 processor, 2GB ram, 30,000 15,00,000 Infocus Projectors 2 - 20,000 40,000 Total Amount: Rs 15, 40,000 We would like the following items to be delivered on or before 17th October2015. An initial amount of Rs 3, 00,000 will be paid now by cheque as requested and the rest of the amount shall be paid on the date of delivery. Yours Faithfully, ABC, Purchase Manager
  11. 11. ADJUSTMENT LETTER The Manager National Computers BTM Layout Bangalore Karnataka-23456 19th October2015 Mr. ABC Purchase Manager Orchid School HSR Layout Bangalore Karnataka-12345 Sir, Subject: Complaint regarding late delivery We have received your letter dated 18th September 2015 expressing concern over the delayed delivery. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you by not delivering the items requested on time. The late delivery is due to the delay in arrival of items from our suppliers. The items shall be delivered to your premise at the earliest by tomorrow, the 21st of September. We will try our very best to prevent such incidents from happening. Yours Sincerely, XYZ Manager National Computers
  12. 12. CLAIM LETTER: Mr. ABC Purchase Manager Orchid School HSR Layout Bangalore Karnataka-12345 23rd October2015 The Manager National Computers BTM Layout Bangalore Karnataka-23456 Sir, Subject: Defective Pieces in the delivered items. It has come to our notice that three of the computers that has been delivered to us by you on the 21st has been found to be defective ones (Bill no:AD#98765). We request to replace the same as early as possible. The copies of the bill and warranties have been attached with the mail. Yours Sincerely, ABC Purchase Manager Attachment: Bills and Warranty