Kutub/Kerala quiz


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A quiz run at Thrissur on Dec 23, 2012 modified for a Delhi Rerun on Jan 12, 2013

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Kutub/Kerala quiz

  1. 1. Hari Parameswaran
  2. 2. THIS IS A MODIFIED VERSION OF A QUIZRUN ON DEC 23 AT THRISSUR, KERALA…There’s only one rule really…• And you all know what it isIn the finals, all questions are for 10 marks• Unless otherwise specifiedMost of the answers are known to you…• Feel free to guess… indicates a picture/video in nextslide
  3. 3. 10 questions in this part • All are fairly simple questions to get scores on the board • 5 points per part or as specified • Some questions have 2 parts for 5 point each. • The last question has 11 parts along with Bonus points
  4. 4. In the movie world, this tune is perhaps most known for the rendition done by the director for his 1931 classic. Here it is being performed at what could be called a carefree location. The body of the emperor that built it was brought back and buried there in 1990. Identify a) the 1931 movie (5) b) The location of the concert (5) <Video Link Removed>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRpzxKsSEZg from +10 seconds
  5. 5. M Sansouci Palace
  6. 6. This brittle material results wheniron ore, charcoal from coal, andlimestone are melted togetherunder intense air pressure.It is thought that the Chinese weremanufacturing this material asearly as 11th C BCE.It gets its name from theappearance of the traditional moldused in earlier days.What material are we talkingabout?
  7. 7.  PigIron – the mold apparently reminded of piglets suckling on a sow
  8. 8. This acclaimed 1962 novel has been included inmultiple “Best 100 novels of the 20th Century”type of lists. The original manuscript waspurchased in 1971 by the McMaster University(photo of the manuscript at the Mills Libraryshown here) for a sum of USD 250. Themanuscript has several illustration that seem toindicate the author may have considered makingit an illustrated novel.About the title, the author said that the title was ametaphor for "...an organic entity, full of juiceand sweetness and agreeable odor, being turnedinto a mechanism”
  9. 9. A Clockwork Orange
  10. 10. When this material was first developed, it wasgiven the name Polyhexamethyleneadipamide – butrecognizing that this wasn’t really a catchy name,they thought of Duprooh “____ ____ pulls rabbit outof hat”. Then, based on one of the early productsthey created using this material, they thought of adifferent name, but then reversed that to Nuron.This too was nixed as it was felt that people mayconfuse it with a nerve tonic.They came up with another variant, and that onestuck.Despite what they told us when we werekids, it really has nothing to do with the names ofmajor cities.
  11. 11.  Nylon
  12. 12. From 1925 to 1934, the Eiffel tower servedas a giant billboard for an automobilecompany.This was the first mass-production carcompany to be based outside the US, andalso was the company that pioneered theconcept of sales and service network forautomobiles.Name the company, founded in 1919, andwith a worldwide sales of 1,435,688vehicles in 2011.
  13. 13.  Citroen
  14. 14. As regards this term often used by CaptainHaddock as an insult, originates from ancientGreek for “one who dwells in holes/caves”. Inthe case of the Yeti in “Tintin in Tibet”, the usagewas appropriate.The Greeks claimed that these were people wholived in Africa on the coast of the Red Sea.Name the term/tribe, who Herodotus claimedwere the fastest runners known to man, unlikethe shambling, shuffling image we tend to thinkof when we hear the term.
  15. 15.  Troglodyte
  16. 16. This is a model of a giant turtle belonging tothe extinct Genus Psephophorus that lived inthe Oligocene to the Pliocene era.In 1995, when Robert Kohler found a specimenof the genus that seemed to belong a newspecies, he decided to name it after one of hisfavorite authors – whose 1983 novel featuredsuch a turtle as one of the plot points.Name the author
  17. 17.  Terry Pratchett
  18. 18. The melody of the original Croatian versionof the song was rewritten by Bert Kaempfertfor the 1966 comedy “A man could getkilled”.This rendition in the same year was the firsthit for the singer in 11 years.Fred Silverman at CBS heard the song on aflight and suggested the name of acharacter based on this song.Which character?<< Audio Link to the beginning of Sinatra’s “Strangers in the night”>>
  19. 19.  Scooby Doo
  20. 20. Cicer Arientinum is one of the earlycultivated legumes, and are grown allover western Asia, the Indiansubcontinent, and in Australia.The Latin name of this legume is knownfor being the source of the cognomen ofa famous Roman.A dish popular in the middle east takesits name from the Arabic name of thislegume.What is its Arabic name?
  21. 21.  Hummus (Hummus Be Tahina)
  22. 22. This photo accompanied anarticle titled “Indiasleading novelists” as part ofthe special issue that theNew Yorker brought out in1997 on the occasion of thefiftieth anniversary of Indiasindependence.For some reason, it depictedone Sri Lankan writer alongwith 10 writers of Indianorigin.2 points per name. Bonus 3for getting 9 or morenames.3 extra points for getting theSri Lankan’s name.
  23. 23. Bottom: Vikram Chandra, Rohinton Mistry, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, and Anita Desai.Top: Amit Chaudhuri, Kiran Desai, Ardashir Vakil, Vikram Seth, Amitav Ghosh, and Romesh Gunesekera
  25. 25. SCORES
  27. 27. If the Danish Translation had “Romeo G.Detlev Jr.“, and the French translationhad “Tom Elvis Jedusor”, and the Dutchone had "Marten Asmodom Vilijn”, andthe Danish version coming up with, whatwould the original name in English havebeen?
  28. 28.  TomMarvolo Riddle. These names could be re-arranged as “I am Lord Voldemort” in those languages
  29. 29. At the inauguration of the National FlightAcademy in Pensacola on May 6, 2011, this USNavy Capt (Retd.) gave the keynote address, andsaid “Too many years have passed for me to stillbe the last man to have _______. I believe with allmy heart that somewhere out there is a boy or girlwith indomitable will and courage who will lift thatdubious distinction from my shoulders and take usback where we belong“.He was talking about an event that ended on Dec14, 1972.Who?(The blanks indicate something he had done)
  30. 30.  Eugene Cernan – “The last man on the moon”
  31. 31. The July/August 1995 issue of the “Annals ofImprobable Research” carried a paper byP.A Paskevich and T. B Shea titled “TheAbility of __X__ to ___Y___ CelluloseFibers”, and it concluded that X can Y361.9237001 cubic centimeter per day.They thus laid to rest a question related togroundhogs that school kids had beenasking each other as a tongue twister foryears.The question was also the title of a Herzogdocumentary about the World LivestockAuctioneer championship.
  32. 32.  Howmuch wood can a woodchuck chuck?
  33. 33. This adjective has nothing to do with theEuropean Country - it comes from theOld French word that means “having thesame parents”.The modern usage of “CloselyConnected” or “Relevant” comes fromHamlet Act V, Scene ii: "The phrase wouldbee more ______ to the matter: If wecould carry Cannon by our sides;”
  34. 34. Germane
  35. 35. The blanked out result on theright is a famous result that isthe culmination of a 100s ofpages of backgroundmaterial in a book that waspublished as a set of 3volumes between 1910 and1913, and which The ModernLibrary places at number 23in a list of the top 100English-Language nonfictionbooks of the twentiethcentury.What is “proved” here?Which work?
  36. 36. Principia Mathematica and “1+1=2”
  37. 37. The earliest known instance of this is from 1888 –the Chicago training school, a Methodistacademy for women missionaries, came up withthe concept of what they termed as the“Peripatetic Contribution Box”The Bishop in Bedford seized upon that idea, andused the same scheme to fund the Home forDestitute Women in Whitechapel.Conmen soon seized upon the idea, and verysoon the government had to step in to restrictthis.However, it saw a resurgence in recent years overemail and social networks.What hard-to-kill phenomenon are we talking
  38. 38. Chain Letters
  39. 39. Proponents of a method ofelection called “rangevoting” point to theexample on the right,stating that this was thesecond-longest-lastinggovernment withsubstantial democraticcomponent ever (afterSparta, which alsofollowed a system ofrange voting).This depicts the electionfor which post?
  40. 40. The Doge of Venice
  41. 41. In 2008, Steven Pearce, a chemist and managingdirector of fragrance manufacturing companyOmega Ingredients, was commissioned torecreate a strange odour that dances the linesbetween seared steak, piping-hot metal and arcwelding smoke.The Organization that made this request wasfounded by a federal statute in 1958.They wanted to use it to train some of theirmembers chosen for special missions, and thedescription of the odour was given based onimpressions of those who had been on previousmissions.
  42. 42. The “smell” of Space. Astronauts whowent on Space walks described smellingthis on their spacesuits and equipmentafter the walk.
  43. 43. The story about the composition of theChinese word Wei-ji has been repeated inone form or another by management gurusand motivational speakers to become aclichéUnfortunately, it’s just a story. The firstcharacter does correspond to what thestories say it does, the second charactercould mean, among other things, amachine, a plane, a pivot, chance,
  44. 44. The image on the top leftis from the 1878 patentapplication, and the oneon the top right is aworking modelThe first known resultsfrom use of this productare shown in the middle.Scientists at UC Berkeleycame up a machine todecode it.What did the lab manageto reproduce using thedecoding machine?
  45. 45. The St. Louis Edison tinfoil recording,which had Edison singing “Mary had alittle lamb” etc.
  46. 46. Although he was considered tobe a gifted cubist artist and awriter, his fame was alwayssecond to that of his youngerbrother. He died in Bergen-Belsen after being arrested andinterred by the Nazis.Funny though, a term that is nowassociated with his brother wasactually his suggestion. As thestory goes, his brother was stuckfor inspiration, and asked hisbrother for help. Busy withpainting, he replied “Then callthem ____”.Fill in the blank.
  47. 47.  Robot. This is Josef Čapek
  48. 48. The VEI, or the Volcanic Explosivity Index was devised as ascale to express the severity of Volcanic Explosions. It usesfactors like volume of erupted material, height of eruptioncolumn, duration in hours, and qualitative descriptive terms tocome up with a number from 1 to 8.The Krakatoa explosion in 1883 is rated 6, with a descriptiveterm “colossal”.The highest rating of 8 is classified as “mega-colossal”, and issupposed to have volume of ejecta > 1,000 km³ and a plumelarger than 50 km. 42 such eruptions have been identified in thelast 36 million years, with one, the Toba eruption 70000 yearsago almost wiping out human beings from the planet.Another famous Volcano is responsible for 3 such mega-colossaleruptions - 2.1 million, 1.3 million, and 640,000 years ago.The place where it is located gets over 3 million visitors everyyear.
  49. 49. The Yellowstone Supervolcano
  50. 50. The voice you’ll hearsinging an almostfamiliar song is that of alegendary Indian. Hermother is a Keralitehailing from Anakkaravillage near Palakkad.Two partsa) Name herb) What’s that she is <Audio Linksinging? Removed>
  51. 51. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F39nN mUUNPQ Laxmi Sahgal/Swaminathan singing the national anthem of the INF and the provisional government of Free India
  52. 52. As per a recent study by Stuart Laycock, oneway of classifying the countries in the world canbe as shown in the picture here, if you includethe actions of government sanctioned pirates,and privateers.On one side, there’s Andorra, Belarus, Bolivia,Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad,Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Ivory Coast,Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mali,Marshall Islands, Monaco, Mongolia, Paraguay,Sao Tome and Principe, Sweden, Tajikistan,Uzbekistan and Vatican City.And then there’s the rest of the World.What’s different about these countries listedhere, as per his study?
  53. 53. Apparently, these are the only countriesthat have not experienced an incursionby Britainhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/9653497/British-have-invaded-nine-out-of-ten-countries-so-look-out-Luxembourg.html
  54. 54. The Mahavamsa, a Pali work ofCeylon (c 500 AD) tells the story of aprincess who had a son through hermarriage to a lion. She laterabandoned her husband, and the lionwent on to terrorize the land. The sonwent on to kill the lion, but then wenton to erect the statue of the lion as aguardian of the temples to atone forhis sins.This is the story behind why you seethese lion like creatures guarding theentrance of temples and pagodas inBurma and other South-easterncountries.The rest of the world does know amodified form of their name.Give me the name of these creatures.
  55. 55.  The Chinthe (Wingate’s Chindits took their name from here)
  56. 56. The result of a collaborationthat started in 1992, it consistsof one of them reading from ashort story published in 1973.The other added a backingtrack – playing variations of“Silent Night” and “ToAnacreon in Heaven”They met after that for the firsttime in 1993. After themeeting, the writer mentioned– “There’s something wrongwith that boy; he frowns for nogood reason”. AudioName both collaborators
  57. 57.  William S. Burroughs and Kurt Cobain
  58. 58. In 1886, LordSalisbury made anotorious commentabout the electionresults in Holborn.In the 23rd July 1892edition, Punchresponded with thiscartoon.Why?
  59. 59. Dadabhai Naoroji winning the Finsbury Central Election.He had lost the Holborn elections earlier, promption Lord Salisbury to comment that “…however great the progress of mankind has been, and however far we have advanced in overcoming prejudices, I doubt if we have yet got to the point where a British constituency will elect a black man to represent them”
  60. 60. While today the term refers to the type ofweave where the warp and the weft goover and under alternately, in earlier daysit did refer to a type of fabric where thewarp weave was silk and the weft waswool (for example in Jane Eyre “When theevening for the small party came, she foundthat the _____ wouldn’t do at all, for theother girls were putting on thin dresses andmaking themselves very fine indeed”Further back, it referred to a type of fabricmade of silk. It took the name specificallybecause it was made in Avignon, andspecifically referred to the specialposition Avignon held from 1309 to 1376.
  61. 61. Poplin
  62. 62. He wrote a political tract called “ANew Discourse of a Stale Subject,called the Metamorphosis of Ajax”.It started with an exchange ofletters between and his cousinMisacmos - Philostilpnos exhortsMisacmos to make his inventionpublic – since “be a greatbenefactor to the Citie of London,and all other populous townes, whostand in great neede of suchconvayances”What was this invention?
  63. 63. First known Valve Closet/Flush Toilet.This is John Harington
  64. 64. The word originated with the animists Evenki, whowere spread out over a large region of the SiberianTaiga. The Cossacks heard it among the Tungusiantribes, and it reached the west via the Dutch explorerYsbrants Ides.Among the Evenki – it referred to those whoconducted the magic rituals associated with huntingand guarding herds. They could interact with thespirit world and invoke their powers.The term is now generally applied to any suchreligious practitioner in the indigenous religionsacross the world.There is a disproved theory that the origin of theterm comes via the Sanskrit for “One who doesreligious work”
  65. 65.  Shaman (Some etymological dictionaries still incorrectly link it to Sramana)
  66. 66. SCORES
  67. 67. This numerical systemwas used more than 5000years ago, and is the firstknown positional numbersystem (where value andposition of digits matter) .One possibility that thebase was chosen as it isthe smallest number thatis divisible by 1,2,3,4,5and 6.Which number systems isthis?
  68. 68. The Babylonian number system. There were other sexagesimal systems earlier, but this was the first positional system
  69. 69. Taking it’s name from the French for “training”, this sport made its Olympic debut in 1912. The standard arena for the sport is 20m by 60m and looks like thisThe judges sit at positions C, E, B, M and H
  70. 70. Dressage
  71. 71. In the Natya Shastra, there is a story thatSage Bharata staged two of Brahma’s plays“Amrita Manthana” and “Tripuradha”before Shiva.Shiva was pleased with it, but suggested thatit could be improved with the addition ofNritta – and he instructed one of hisattendants to teach Bharata about thevarious Angaharas and Karanas.The attendent then went on to compose adance with songs for Bharata.Name the attendant, after whom the dancethat was thus created is named.
  72. 72. Tandu (Tandava)
  73. 73. The blue spots mark elements named afterplaces (red marks places named after elements).As you can see, there’s only one element namedafter a place in United Kingdom. Elementnumber 38 is named after a wee little village inScotland. The village name means “Nose of thefairly hill” indicating a place inhabited by theSiddhe.The element is generally used nowadays in theglass of cathode-ray tubes, and as LCD/LED getsmore common, requirement of this element isgoing down.
  74. 74. Strontium after the village of Strotian inScotland
  75. 75. More inconsequential science.Raymond Goldstein, a professor of Physics atCambridge has been focusing on the physics ofponytails for some time now. In his paper “The shapeof a ponytail and the statistical physics of Hair FiberBundles”, written with Patrick Warren and Robin Ball,and published in the “Physical Review Letters”, hetried to predict the shape of the ponytail from theproperties of a single strand of hair. They found that itdid – the “Ponytail shape” equation depends on,among other things, the stiffness of the hair, theelasticity, and the length. They also created a newdimensionless quantity, the ratio of the length atwhich gravity bends a specific strand of hair and thetotal length of the hair.They named this ratio after a character whoappeared first in a tale called “Persinette” by
  76. 76. Rapunzel
  77. 77. Who designed the opening sequence forthe Simpson episode shown here. Video Link Removedhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkRxutiHq2Y shown from +20 seconds
  78. 78.  Bansky – Interestingly, a couple of teams got it after I modified the question to read “Which KQA favorite designed the opening sequence….”
  79. 79. The region (one of 27) in France isessentially rural, and is famous forproducing great beef, and for FrenchOak that is key to the flavors of thewines of Remi Martin.I’m looking for the name of a type oftransportation that took it’s name fromthe type of hood worn by theshepherds of this region. Nowadaysyou’d associate this transport(commonly referred to using a 4letter diminutive) of with promparties, Las Vegas, or a luxuriouslifestyle.
  80. 80. Limousine
  81. 81. In 2010, she described the origin of thename of her band– it was given by herhusband. As she tells the story“As I was asked to do a show in Berlinbefore he and I got together, I wanted touse four plastic stands with tape recordersin each one of them, as my band. I told thatstory to him, and he immediately coinedthe phrase ____ _____ ____.”
  82. 82. Plastic Ono Band
  83. 83. Cork was usually added to thesole of the high boot calledCothurnus to emphasize thegreatness of the character,usually playing a tragic role.In contrast, the low, loosefitting slipper was worn bythe comic actor.What was the name of theshoe worn by the comic – anassociated term survives tothe day.
  84. 84. Soccus (Socks came from here)
  85. 85. Jimmy Van Alen was a US nationalsingles and doubles champion inTennis. Among his contributionwere the creation of theInternational Tennis Hall of Fame.Two days after his death in 1991,Stefan Edberg lost the Wimbledonsemi-finals to Michael Stitch. AboutVan Alen, he said – “If he hadntlived, Michael and I might still be outthere playing”What was the reason for Edbergmaking that statement?
  86. 86.  He invented the tie-breaker. Edberg had lost 6-4, 6-7(5-7), 6-7(5-7), 6-7(2-7)
  88. 88. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Brutus of Troyconquered Britain, and decided to divide the land amonghis 3 sons. Locrinus received the lands between Humberand Severn. Albanactus got the land beyond Humber, andit was called Albion after him. His story goes that all thelands beyond the Severn were given to, and were namedafter the third son.In reality though, the term comes from the local languageterm for “Compatriot” or “Fellow Countrymen”.At any rate, the term is still in use to refer to this area, andthe term was also used to name the part of the Paleozoicperiod that ranged from 541–485.4 million years ago. Thisperiod was so named by Geologist Adam Sedgwick whostudied the strata of that era in this region.
  89. 89.  Cambria/Cambrian
  90. 90. Before Nixon made an announcement on January 5,1972, his staff made several attempts to change hismind about a specific term. On January 4, his aidePeter Flanigan sent him a memo “The term ____ has aconnotation of second class travel and lacksexcitement “. He suggested, among other things,Clipper or Pegasus as an alternativeSpeechwriter William Safire argued for Clipper,pointing to the “patriotic and historic associations”.He also said that ““The name would be criticized asnationalistic, but I think that heat would be good.”Nixon ignored them, and went ahead with theoriginal name.What was the Jan 5 announcement about?
  91. 91.  The launch of the Space Shuttle Program
  92. 92. These characters from “The Big Leboswki” claim that they follow a philosophical doctrine that is often associated with Nietzsche, who argued that it was a characteristic of the modern age, spurred on by the decline of Christianity and the rise of decadence. Two non-related questions related to thisA) The name of this doctrine was coined by philosopher Friedrich Jacobi, but was popularized by Ivan Turgenev in his novel “Fathers and Sons”. Name this doctrineB) The character on the right was played by the bassist of a LA based Rock band that was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Name the bassist or the band
  93. 93.  Nihilism Flea/Michael Belzary from Red Hot Chili Peppers
  94. 94. The US Patents and Trademarks organization gives the“Mark Information” for trademark 75326989 as1) a semi-long sound in the chest register,2) a short sound up an interval of one octave plus a fifth fromthe preceding sound,3) a short sound down a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,4) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,5) a long sound down one octave plus a Major 3rd from thepreceding sound,6) a short sound up one octave from the preceding sound,7) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,8) a short sound down a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,9) a short sound up a Major 3rd from the preceding sound,10) a long sound down an octave plus a fifth from thepreceding sound.What does this trademark describe?
  95. 95. The Tarzan Yell
  96. 96. Mstislav Rostropovich is widely regarded as oneof the greatest Cellists of all time. His fight forfreedom of speech and dissent earned him theire of the Soviet authorities on many occasion, themost egregious one being his shelteringSolzhenitsyn after his official disgrace in 1970.He moved to the USA in 1974 to continue with hiscareer.One fine morning in November, 1989,Rostropovich was listening to the radio in hisapartment in Paris, when he heard some newsthat prompted him fly down (using the private jetof a friend) to this location and give animpromptu performance.What occasion led to this performance?
  97. 97. Fall of the Berlin Wall
  98. 98. “De Vita Caesurum”, commonly known as “The 12Caesars” was written in 121 AD by Seutonius. It’s oneof two books that mentions that Julius Caesar wrote“Veni. Vidi, Vici” as a comment on his short war withPharnaces II. It is also the first source of anotherfamous sentence that the Naumachiarii toldEmperor Claudius at the reenactment of a navalbattle that took place on the banks of the Fucine Lakein AD 52.Despite common perception, most historiansconclude that this was a one-off, and not a usualpractice among the Naumachiarii.However, this story remained popular over thecenturies, and is referenced in contemporary culture,including in the title of AC/DC’s first number 1 albumin USPhrase, or Album
  99. 99. “We who are about to die salute you”. Unlike what iscommonly thought – this is the only historical record ofsuch a statement having been made by theprisoners/condemned, and is not known to be acustomary salute.The album is “For those about to rock we salute you”One group that pounced actually wrote some stuff inLatin – didn’t remember the phrase myself, but gavepoints because what they wrote had something likemorituri and salutant in it 
  100. 100. The night of October 31, 1957 saw a poweroutage in Minnesota. Dr Walton Lillehei wasperforming a life-saving surgery on a baby withcyanotic heart defect, and this power outage sawthe failure of one of the key devices used –leading to the death of the child.Dr Lillehei immediately contacted engineer EarlBakken, who inspired by the plans for atransistor-based metronome in “PopularMechanics” came up with a revolutionary devicethat has gone on to save millions of lives sincethen. What device?
  101. 101.  Theportable, battery-powered pacemaker.
  102. 102.  The 1974 Oscars are famous for the comment David Niven made when Robert Open streaked across the stage. Truffaut’s “Day for Night” won the best foreign picture Oscar. That year, the entry from India was a Hindi movie that starred Amitabh Bachchan and which was based on the Bengali short story “Ras” by Narendranath Mitra. Name it.
  103. 103.  Saudagar
  104. 104. According to the Bible he was the great-grandson of Noah,and is depicted as “a might hunter before God”. Traditionholds it that he was the leader of those who attempted tobuild the tower of Babel.The current meaning associated with his name was anunfortunate result of a Bugs Bunny cartoon – who referred toElmer Fudd with this name, ironically comparing him to “thegreat hunter”. However, since it was directed to Fudd, itappears that people interpreted it to mean a dimwittedperson, and that’s the current meaning associated with thisname/word.The original meaning of the word still remains in the militaryworld, with multiple ships and weapon systems using thisname.Who was this great hunter?
  105. 105.  Nimrod
  106. 106. During the winter of 2001, workers diggingtrenches for telephone poles in Vilnius, Lithuania,came across a mass grave next to the old SovietBarracks.Forensic investigation was conducted, and theconclusion they came to seems to indicate thatthe result of one of history’s most famous defeats(of a war where the one of the long term targetswas control of India) was not caused by thebravery of the opponents, but due to one armygetting devastated due to typhus, spread by lice.The remnants of which army was found in thismass grave?
  107. 107.  Napoleon’s Grand Armee’s defeat in Russia
  108. 108. In India, water was generally kept incontainers with rounded bottoms (generallyclay based pot-like containers), mainlybecause it was easier for the potter to makeit in that shape.It is only with the advent of the Europeans,especially the Portuguese, that the flatbottom containers for water becamepopular.This is also evident from the fact that thePortuguese term for such containers is usedin a modified form in Northern India.What Urdu/Hindi word are we talkingabout?
  109. 109.  Balti (from Balde)
  110. 110. This 1848 work began “I HEARTILYACCEPT the motto, -That government is bestwhich governs least“. In it the authordescribes his refusal to pay the state poll taximposed by the US Government to start awar in Mexico, and to enforce the fugitiveSlave Law.It was published later under a different title,and soon the key term in the new title beganto appear in tracts opposing slavery.Mahatma Gandhi categorically denied hewas influenced by this work.What 2 word title am I looking for?
  111. 111.  Civildisobedience. Thoreau’s “Resistance to Civil Government” was later released as “Civil Disobedience”
  112. 112. The shrubs of the GenusSyringa belong to the Olivefamily, and are popular inparks and gardens through thetemperate zone, primarilybecause of the fragrant flowersthat bloom in the spring.The common name theseshrubs/flowers are known byoriginates from the Persianterm for these flowers. ThePersian term itself is acorruption of the Sanskrit wordfor “bluish”.
  113. 113.  Lilac (corrupted form of Nilak, which came from “Nila”)
  114. 114. The Norwegian alphabet has a total of 29 letters –the standard A to Z and 3 more, including Æ andÅ.The third additional letter was introduced bymathematician Andre Weil as part of his work inthe Bourbaki group in the book Éléments demathématique Fasc.1: Les structuresfondamentales de lanalyse; Liv.1: Theorie deensembles.What common mathematical symbol did heintroduce to set theory from the Norwegianalphabet?
  115. 115. The symbol for the empty set Ø
  116. 116. Invented in 1947 by the French engineer ConstantMartin, this was the first mass market electronicmusical instrument. Constant Martin invented it to bebolted under the keyboard of a piano and used toimitate orchestral solo instruments.The sound of this instrument is commonly associatedwith Tornado’s “Telstar” – the first British single toreach number 1 in Billboard’s Top 100 list.In India, the instrument was first heard in a song in ahit 1954 movie – where one of music Director HemantKumar’s assistants used the instrument to create asound that is instantly recognizable even today.Name the Instrument, and the assistant MusicDirector.
  117. 117. Kalyanji used the Clavioline to get thesound of the “Been” in Nagin’s “ManDole” song
  118. 118. Man O War can be considered one of the, ifnot the, greatest racehorses of all time.He has also sired horses that achievedgreatness in their own right, but we areinterested in one sire in particular – who wasconsidered to have potential to greatness,but was too stubborn. This particular sire didmanage to sire another legendary horse – aninspiration to many during the depressionyears, and for a nominee for the best pictureOscar.Both of these horses were named after atype of cracker made of flour, water and saltthat was created for virtues of longevity andinexpensiveness.What two terms for this cracker were thesehorses named after?
  119. 119. Hard TackSeabiscuit
  120. 120. This song received 4 Grammy nominations in 2011. The video was shot in Goa The primary influence of the song was written as a Dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon in “The Republic” - the conversation deals with the ignorance of humanity trapped within the precincts of conventional ethics It has been said that the framework of the “The Matrix” trilogy is based on this philosophical concept. What 4 word phrase am I looking for?<Video link for Mumford and Sons song removed>
  121. 121.  Allegory/Parable of the Cave
  122. 122. If you were to be accurate, you wouldinclude “A Story Of Life and Love In theActual Arctic”, rather than the 4 word titlethat it is generally known by.Oh, and you would change the name used inthe first word to “Allakariallak ”, becausethat was the actual name.Despite all the allegations of fabrication,Roger Ebert went on to proclaim that hewas "one of the most vital and unforgettablehuman beings ever recorded on film.“Who are we talking about?
  123. 123.  Nanook (of the north)
  124. 124. Aristobolus, a friend of Philip of Macedon, and thebiographer of Alexander, mentions the time thatAlexander met with and impressed with twogymnosophists.The first one he met is named as Calanus, whocommanded Alexander to strip naked before he wouldtalk to him. Calanus also told him about Dandamis, theleader of their group. Alexander went to meetDandamis in the forest, and told him that he wanted tolearn wisdom from him. Calanus went back with Alexander, and was with himin Persia, where he fell ill and decided to die by self-immolation. Ptolemy prepared his pyre for this.Who did the Greeks term as gymnosophists?At what legendary University town did Alexander meetthem?
  125. 125.  Gymnosophists (Naked Philosophers) was the term used for the Sadhus/Yogis they encountered near Taxila
  126. 126. Contrary to what most of us have been told, the origin of the namecame about when Khwaja Rahim was reading a book by OlafCaroe in the 1930s and came upon a map in which the regionshown here was shown as an autonomous area in Uzbekistan. Theway the map was printed, one part of the name of the region wason a separate page, and that was the inspiration. He told the nameto a friend of his, who then put in his proposal. Most people nowthink that it was the friend who came up with the nameWhat’s the name of this region?
  127. 127. The region is “Karakalpakstan”. The mapwas laid out so that “Karakal” was writtenon one side and “Pakstan” on the other.This led Khwaja Rahim to the name“Pakstan” (and later in Urdu as Pakistan),and he suggested it to Chaudhry RehmatAli
  128. 128. Other questions and some that were used only in the Kerala quiz
  129. 129. This 1653 painting byHenri Gissey shows ascene from the final actof the ballet “Le Ballet dela Nuit “. The teenagerdepicted in the paintingwore a fancy goldenRoman-cut corselet anda kilt of golden rays.What sobriquetoriginated from here?
  130. 130.  The Sun King
  131. 131. These pictures were the creation of NewYork make-up artist Eddie Senz.The first time the general public saw itwas when Der Speigel published them inthe 1990sWhat was the purpose of this set of photos?
  132. 132. How Hitler may have looked in disguise –a set of 7 photos.Coincidentally Manish Achuth asked thisonline the same evening
  133. 133. Created by H T Webster forhis comic strip “The TimidSoul”, this character gets hisname from a breakfast foodthat was popular during theearly 20th century.His name survives today asa word, described inMerriam-Webster as “atimid, meek, or unassertiveperson”Name him
  134. 134.  Caspar Milquetoast
  135. 135. Two cinematic presentations – one a movie, and the other a documentary.Both are about Malayalees associated with Films. The documentary byShivendra Singh Dungarpur is about a man who was the director of theNational Film Archives of India (NFAI), Pune, from 1982 to 1991. He wasalso one of the key people behind the creation of the International FilmFestival of KeralaName the character portrayed in the movie (Picture on Left)Name either the documentary or the person who it is about (5) (KQArules do not apply for this part)
  136. 136.  The first one is “Celluloid” about J C Daniels. The documentary is “Celluloid Man” about P K Nair
  137. 137. The video clip is from a 1971 Tamil moviecalled Babu, and shows Shivaji with a youngSridevi. <Video Clip Removed>It was based on an acclaimed novel that waswritten in 1940. A movie version in theoriginal language had been released in1965 (script written by the original author)was released to great acclaim and won aCertificate of Merit at the National Awardsthat year.Name the novel.
  138. 138.  Odayil Ninnu – P Kesavadas