Scorpio (Brand Identity) – IIM-A Case Study Solution


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Case discussion in IMT Ghaziabad. IIM A case by Abraham Koshy. Solution contained.

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Scorpio (Brand Identity) – IIM-A Case Study Solution

  1. 1. Scorpio – Developing Brand Identity SESSION 3 HARINDER SINGH PELIA
  2. 2. BrandDynamics Pyramid Bonding Advantage Performance Relevance Presence Level of the Pyramid 32 26 19 13 10 Typical percentage of share of expenditure at each level in the Indian SUV market
  3. 3. M&M‟s Brand Portfolio Cash Cow Bolero Flanker Scorpio Thar Verito High end Prestige Xylo Rexton XUV 500 Low end entry level Quanto
  4. 4.  The positioning was always CAR-PLUS  More space, more comfort, more power than a regular car. • Good looks • Car like comforts • Great Value • Ownershi p Pride • Thrill • Exciteme nt • Power Relational Benefits Objective was to create an SUV, but not to position it as an SUV, as the SUV market was less than a lakh buyers. Emotional Benefits  Rational Benefits Positioning & Brand Promise • Young • Modern • Premium • City Compani on • Extension of lifestyle
  5. 5. Brand Elements  Brand Name (Scorpio) – Conveys the outdoors, thrill, adventure and dominance  Brand Logo – font colour is metallic re-emphasizing the metallic grill that is a dominant product visual feature. Mighty muscular on the top band of the logo talks about the masculinity and ruggedness of the product.  Tagline – Nothing Else will Do- conveys a very strong emotional desire to have the product and not settle for anything inferior  Jingle – Nothing Else Will do – these words set to a progressive rock jingle and western vocals to emphasize the international appeal of the product
  6. 6. Brand Elements  Cars used in communications were bright coloured to catch attention.  Every communication was directed towards brining a sense of “Owner Pride, Neighbour‟s Envy” and that no car whatsoever would ever match up  Brand Elements were directed towards creating that sense of desire that wouldn‟t be satiated by any other car.
  7. 7. Analysis of the first Scorpio TVC  International characters, blonde woman in pursuit of a good looking man (international appeal) driving a black Scorpio. The woman is piloting a helicopter.  The Scorpio is black (classy, minimalist) and it drives through snowy locales in a foreign country  In the end, the helicopter catches up and the blonde pushes the man aside to drive the vehicle herself. (women can drive it too, ease of driving)  Ends with the Nothing else will do jingle.  Communication: The Scorpio is so irresistible that even a helicopter pursuit is justifiable.
  8. 8. Brand Building Cavalcade in Bombay Scorpion King tie-up ESPN Scorpio Speedster Mahindra Great Escape
  9. 9. Brand Communities
  10. 10. Brand Revitalization  With time Scorpio was loosing its „thrill, adventurous‟ brand image due to the entry of many other SUVs in the Indian Market which had better off-roading capabilities.  So a TVC was made in which a man uses Scorpio to play golf in a desert, thus focusing primarily on the adventure and off-roading capabilities of the product.  More competent engine added and that was the key POD now (mHawk)
  11. 11. New Positioning – Off roader, hard-core and dominating
  12. 12. New Mahindra Scorpio – mHawk engine  New Scorpio with mHawk Engine Rs 7.99 (EX BS3) 12.82*lakh (Getaway 4WD) (ex-showroom Delhi )
  13. 13. New Threats to Scorpio: Competitor Analysis
  14. 14. Future Growth Drivers  11 year old product design must change, an overall facelift of the car‟s looks is imperative.  M&M must focus on institutional buyers (police, political cavalcades) now that consumer interests have shifted to more international offerings like Duster, Ecosport and Terrano.  International markets will drive profitability especially Western European markets (Mahindra Goa) and USA (pick-up truck version).