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  1. 1. Group Members:- Harinder SinghSiddesh Daptardar Sushant Ohri
  2. 2. Founded in 1919, World’s oldest airline operating under its original name. Headquartered in Amstelveen Near Amsterdam, Netherlands. First European Airlines to introduce special roof for upper deck. In 1985 had Joint venture with North-Western Airlines World leaders in Air cargo. and in 2004 Merged with Largest Intercontinental Air France. connections and longest Air Operating Network with 73 million passenger every year.17/05/2012 1
  3. 3. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION- BALANCED SCORECARD Impact of social Media into different sectors . . Importance of Social Media In Aviation Sector17/05/2012 2
  4. 4. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION- BALANCED SCORECARD INTERNAL ANALYSIS User friendly Interactive and linked to external sources Responsive- Q/A . Promotion of CSR activities through internal source. KLM Travlr- Beta tool to indentify holiday destination.17/05/2012 2
  5. 5. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION- BALANCED SCORECARD EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Influential – Linked to all major social media networking sites Won Award for Best Airlines in Social Media For last two years It has been one of the Best Facebook Timelines. Facebook Fan Photos- Used for Customised Luggage tag. . Facebook contest -Fill in the Blank where favourite destination is customised with the image to encourage Fans following. Twitter – Propose the Bet contest- Fill up empty Plane travelling to Miami.17/05/2012 2
  6. 6. CRITERIA FOR SELECTION- BALANCED SCORECARD COMPETITORS ANALYSIS Delta Airways- Unique launch of “ Ticket Window”- Booking tickets from Facebook Fan page and Twitter. Malaysian Airways- Introduced Concept of “child Free zone” – videos and Gaming zone Qantas Airways- Qantas Luxury Hashtag – Social Media Disaster. . Virgin Airways- Global Collaboration with Facebook for Social Media Marathon- Launch of Facebook application called “First Time”.17/05/2012 2
  7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA INITIATIVES KLM customer service operates 24X7 on Twitter and FB with live customer response within 23 minutes. Three strategic pillars of social Media initiative – Customer Service, Brand and Reputation and Commerce. . Social Media campaigns- “Tile and Inspire”-personalised touch to customer. “Meet and Seat”- enhanced KLM – “Surprise Campaign” customer engagement and for turning customer boredom better networking. into excitement.17/05/2012 3
  8. 8. YOU TUBE VIDEOS 3
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT . Fan Following- Growth rate amplified after social-media campaign. . Conversion of customers travelling within European Nations after KLM social Media campaign.17/05/2012 4
  10. 10. RECOMMENDATIONS KLM is setting an example as the most sustainable airline to reduce co2 emission by 3% . It Uses recycled cooking oil to Consumer survey - 81% of fuel 200 flights between Paris and consumer are unaware of any Amsterdam for reducing carbon such CSR intitative. More emission every year for which they campaigns should be charge voluntarily from customer conducted on social media as a CSR initiative. channels.17/05/2012 5
  11. 11. RECOMMENDATIONS Introduce Mobile application such as Luggage tracking . . Introduce gaming challenges and networks via social media in order to help generate awareness on hijacking and terrorist activities.17/05/2012 5
  12. 12. REPORT STRUCTURE Background Study- Aviation industry Overview of KLM Airlines Selection Criteria- Balanced scorecard Internal and External Analysis . Competitive Analysis Social Media Initiatives Recommendations17/05/2012 5