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The Contract Manufacture You Can't Ignore


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At CCT Enterprises, we pride ourselves on being a total solution for all manufacturing needs. Established in Auburn, Indiana, with over fifty years of combined manufacturing experience, we are dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched quality and support in all facets of the manufacturing process.

The markets we service include Automotive, Medical, Agricultural, Aerospace, Oil/Gas, Military, Outdoor Sports, Food service, Appliance and industrial transport.

CCT Enterprises will design and build tooling, fixtures, and gauging. We also have the ability to produce parts in quantities of a few pieces to well over a million pieces. Through our production machining, stamping, injection molding, and assembly, we eliminate the need to have multiple suppliers, making the customer's supply base much easier to manage.

Our services include:
- Orthopedic Instrumentation
- CNC Machining
- Lathe work
- Milling
- Gauging
- Fixtures
- New Product Development and Design
- Mold Design and Build
- Stamping

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The Contract Manufacture You Can't Ignore

  1. 1. Opportunities Presentation
  2. 2. 2 Who We Are & Why You Will Benefit From Working With Us “We help large automotive companies like yours reduce production costs, improve lead times and streamline communication all while minimizing your risk and never impacting product quality”
  3. 3. 3 We understand with the spiraling costs of labour and supplies things like the consistency of quality, communication and response time are critical to your businesses. On the next few slides please find some recent case studies where we have helped save similar companies millions!
  4. 4. 4 Recently we teamed up with the tier I engineers on a shifter project. The results show we helped them save $3 per assembly, totaling in savings of $500,000+ annually & also accelerated their launch date from 1yr to 6 months! Dodge Dart Case Study
  5. 5. 5 John Deere Turbo Case Study Working with the team we were able to lean their operations, help modify the design and reduced parts cost from $17 - $6. We produce around 48K parts per year currently and over the life of the project to date have saved them around $2Million.
  6. 6. – Production Machining – Orthopedic/Surgical Tooling – Stamping Dies – Stamping, Plastic Injection Molding – Lights out Screw/Swiss Machining – Development & Prototype Projects – Injection Plastic & Rubber Molds – Wax Mold and Foundry Tooling – Gages/Fixtures/Misc. Machining We Create These Savings For You With The Following Services:
  7. 7. – ISO9000:2002 Certified – FDA Compliant – AS9000 Compliant – Online Quality Systems – Short/Long Run SPC – CMM Brown & Sharp w/PC Demis Software – Comparators/Vision Systems Required Quality Information
  8. 8. Product Machining Examples
  9. 9. Metal Stamping Examples
  10. 10. Design, Development & Prototype Capabilities
  11. 11. Medical: Custom Injection Molding
  12. 12. Diverse Industries
  13. 13. Multi Shot
  14. 14. Over Mold / Assemblies
  15. 15. Custom Injection, Wax Molds, Fixtures & Foundry Tooling:
  16. 16. – (1) Fadal VMC-4020, 3-Axis CNC, 40” x 20” x 20” Travel, Fadal MP88 Control – (1) Trak DPM, 3-4-Axis CNC, 28” x 18”x 20” Travel, Prototrak MX-3 Control – (1) OKK VM5, 3-4-Axis CNC, 40” x 20” x 20” Travel, M635 Control, 15,000 rpm – (1) OKK VM7, 3-4-Axis CNC, 60” x 30” x 25” Travel, M635 Control, 10,000 rpm – (2) Hurco, 18” x 40” Travel, MAX Control, 10,000 rpm – (2) Mori Seki, Mill Tapp 700, 16” x 33” Travel, 24,000 rpm – (1) Fanuc Robo Drill, 5 axis, 20” x 40” Travel, 24,000 rpm Machine Equipment Capabilities CNC Mills
  17. 17. 25 – (2) Hardinge QUEST 8/51SP, 8”, Y Axis, Live Tooling, Sub Spindle with probing & Super Precision Spindle .000020 Roundness Capable – (1) Hardinge Elite II-8-51 8”, X, Z, & C Axis – (4) Citizen K16 Swiss machines w/12” Bar Loaders – (1) 20” Dia x 43” Dainichi DM-530, Fanuc 20-T Control CNC Lathes/Swiss Wire EDM Full Tool Room – (1) Fanuc Robocut 1iC-LC-S 12”, Table Travel 12” x 16” x 10” - Fully stocked and customized tool room allows us to customize any tool and future project to suit your job requirements in a timely manner.
  18. 18. Stamping Equipment Capabilities
  19. 19. Moulding Equipment Capabilities
  20. 20. 28 We trust you liked everything in this presentation and we look forward to working with you! Next Steps: Lets arrange a time to meet over the phone or in person. We will discuss specific areas of your business we can help: - What are your pain points? - What areas can be improved such as: Shipping costs, enhance quality or accelerate lead times, maybe even help reduce waste Contact me today to schedule our next meeting: Hari Luker, Sales Engineer: Tel: 260-925-1420 | Email: