Nanotech Standards - Industry Participation - Strengthening Ties


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  • Nanotech Standards - Industry Participation - Strengthening Ties

    1. 1. Haridoss Sarma, IEEE Senior Member Kriya Consulting, ON, Canada
    2. 2. •First Applied Eng. Conference – University of Ottawa •Materials, electronics, PV •Keynote address by Brian Haydon, CSA •2 papers – this + another by NRC •Purpose – outreach + member recruitments
    3. 3. Objectives of the Conference paper
    4. 4. The Value of Standards…
    5. 5. Product Value Chain…. Source: NASA Bio-Nano Program – J.Li & Y.Lu
    6. 6. Nanoelectronics Roadmap Initiatives IEEE - NESR IEC - TC 113 ITRS 2009
    7. 7. Microelectronics (SEMI) •consensus following the product value chain •Savings >1% of the total fab cost •Safety record • Effluent discharge limits • Air emission • Occupational •Use of provisional standards
    8. 8. Information Technology ( IEEE 802 saga) •Use of anticipatory standards •Strict guidelines for new work items •Attention to future needs •>$25 billion industry
    9. 9. Digital Optical Storage (DVD forum) •300 million unit sale within 5 years •Component supply chain model and modular architecture •Integration of developing countries •$50 billion content market creation
    10. 10. Need Product or Service Anticipatory Standards Participatory Standards Responsive Standards time performance Product Life Cycle Technology S-curve
    11. 11. ProductTechnology New Existing Known New Proof of concept Consortia Application Consortia Implementation Consortia SDOs SDOs
    12. 12. Anticipatory Participatory Responsive Reference Similarity Compatibility Flexibility Source: M.H.Sherif, AT&T, IEEE Comm.Mag. April 2001
    13. 13. • Electronics industry has done it before! • Product integration, market players integration, safety • Nanoelectronics Industry community can do it again •Demonstrate stewardship in LCA • Participation by Application-focused researchers needed •Develop and Use anticipatory standards •Develop key performance criteria for all socially beneficial nanoenabled products •Kick start developments in Sensor application •Engage international community including NIE
    14. 14. •Outreach on Standards activities •Increase industry participation through conference participation (can be a captive audience for increased outreach on standards activities) •Potential Workshops (topics & funding tbd) •What we are doing?- • Organizing committee member for 2011 ASET conference • Work items as applied research topics & design steps Funding benefits, Engineering training
    15. 15. World Standards Cooperation Academic Week
    16. 16. Standards Cooperation – Start-up companies & Investors group audience Big players as mentors LCA Training modules for nanotech audience Sector focus from being an “umbrella”
    17. 17. Recommendations….. High priority collaborative projects SEMI-ISO-IEC : ISO TC 209 (clean room) IEEE-ISO-IEC: IEC TC 111 (Env. Electronic products) ISO-IEC: ISO 14040 (LCA) Continuous knowledge assessment (risk & toxicology) Open access archive( BioMed central, arXiv) Journal rev committees (foresight, type of measures applicable to risk assessment, thoughts on applicability criteria ..?) Web 2.0 wiki tools
    18. 18. 20 Road Map June 2009 Dec 2009 Jan 2010 March 2010 June 2010 Dec 2010 Jan 2011 March 2011 GCPEDIA Wiki Pilot GCPEDIA Wiki Production GCCONNEX Social Network Pilot GCCONNEX Production GEDS+ Common Directory Pilot GEDS+ Common Directory Production Support applications in perpetual betaSupport applications in perpetual beta GCINNOVATION IT Improvement Event Acting as one!
    19. 19. “We wanted to find a good way to determine how biologically relevant nanomaterials react with cells,” says Jim Riviere, distinguished professor of pharmacology. “When a nanomaterial enters the human body, it immediately binds to several proteins and amino acids. The molecules with which a particle attaches determine where to go. ”