A day without math


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A day without math

  1. 1. A Day Without MathA Day Without Math By: Cami C., Austin P., and Tayler H.By: Cami C., Austin P., and Tayler H.
  2. 2. Have you ever wonderedHave you ever wondered what your day would be like ifwhat your day would be like if you didn’t have math?you didn’t have math?
  3. 3. To answer that question….To answer that question…. we will go throughwe will go through a day with Douga day with Doug without mathwithout math
  4. 4. At the beginning of the day,At the beginning of the day, Doug woke up lateDoug woke up late because the alarmbecause the alarm clock wouldn’t workclock wouldn’t work
  5. 5. Now Doug leaves the house late…Now Doug leaves the house late… He drives away andHe drives away and finds that the gas tankfinds that the gas tank is empty. Consideringis empty. Considering the gas tank usesthe gas tank uses math, he doesn’tmath, he doesn’t know how much toknow how much to put in the car, andput in the car, and then his car dies, andthen his car dies, and Doug gets stranded.Doug gets stranded.
  6. 6. So Doug starts walking to work…So Doug starts walking to work… After walking threeAfter walking three miles, Doug finallymiles, Doug finally gets to work and getsgets to work and gets yelled at A LOT!yelled at A LOT!
  7. 7. Doug is a rocket scientist…Doug is a rocket scientist… While designing theWhile designing the rocket, Doug found herocket, Doug found he had to use ahad to use a computer, and ofcomputer, and of course, it didn’t work.course, it didn’t work.
  8. 8. Moving on from the design of theMoving on from the design of the rocket…rocket… Doug has to make theDoug has to make the measurements tomeasurements to make the rocketmake the rocket accurate, and ofaccurate, and of course,course, measurements aremeasurements are dealing with math, sodealing with math, so it doesn’t work out.it doesn’t work out.
  9. 9. Now, for the finale…Now, for the finale… They now have to tryThey now have to try out the rocket, keep inout the rocket, keep in mind, not everythingmind, not everything worked out in theworked out in the making of the rocket.making of the rocket. So when they finallySo when they finally launch it, it blows up.launch it, it blows up.
  10. 10. After that disaster…After that disaster… Doug’s company getsDoug’s company gets sued and Doug losessued and Doug loses his job, then Doughis job, then Doug has to walk homehas to walk home because his car gotbecause his car got totaled.totaled.
  11. 11. When Doug finally gets home…When Doug finally gets home… The garage codeThe garage code doesn’t work, so hedoesn’t work, so he has to break throughhas to break through the window of his ownthe window of his own house.house.
  12. 12. Doug at last goes to bed…Doug at last goes to bed… And says, “A day without math SUCKS!!!!!!!”And says, “A day without math SUCKS!!!!!!!” So you can clearly see that you need math in yourSo you can clearly see that you need math in your everyday life.everyday life.
  13. 13. If you have any questions….If you have any questions…. Call 811-MATH orCall 811-MATH or Visit our website:Visit our website: www.everydaymath.comwww.everydaymath.com