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Paying Attention - Crash Course on Creativity


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Assignment on Paying attention as part of the course Crash Course on Creativity by Standford University's Venture Lab, taught by Prof. Tina Seelig.

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Paying Attention - Crash Course on Creativity

  1. 1. Crash Course on Creativity Submitted by Hari Krishnan
  2. 2. Assignment 2PAYING ATTENTION
  3. 3. Stores Visited:• Dinsko – Footwear store• JC – Clothing store• Bokia – Book store• H&M – Departmental/clothing retailer• ICA Supermarket• Stadium – Sports store Place: Stockholm, Sweden
  4. 4. Store 1: DinskoObservations: As a male the store did not draw me in as the theme from outside looked as a female shore store, male section was hidden behind! Open doors – good signage, appealing for female customers Color scheme was dull but was good as my attention was drawn towards merchandise rather than store itself. Brightly lit, popular music, warm, sparsely crowded – mostly young female customers The environment of the store was that of a discount shoe retailer. No sales person visible except for behind counter Prominent “Sale” displays attracting customers No prominent central display with featured items. Merchandise displayed according to brands rather than by prices
  5. 5. Store 1: DinskoOpportunities: Products for male customers could also be displayed at the entrance to attract male customers. Sales personnel could be proactive and attend to customers Central display displaying featured or sale products could lead customers in.
  6. 6. Store 2: JCObservations:• Video display at the entrance attracts customers in.• Store split into women’s section on the right and men’s on the left attracting both customers.• Trendy music, ample lighting and prominent sale signs attract customers to spend more time in store• Hardly any customers – maybe due to proximity to H&M next door• No sales personnel visible – no uniforms.• Accessories lined on central walkaway scope for impulse purchase.
  7. 7. Store 2: JCOpportunities: Space utilization can be optimized to make the store look less cluttered (see pic in previous slide) Sales personnel could be more attentive with uniform to distinguish them Store needs to send a statement – a discount retailer or high end retailer. Currently this is unknown – could be the reason for lack of customers.
  8. 8. Store 3: BokiaObservations: Clear and prominent entrance with central display featuring sale/popular item attracting customers Display board displaying seasonal special – especially for kids as seen  Top 10 bestsellers list and book display helps customers access them easily Prominent signage showing book genre by which they are arranged Lots of accessories and impulse purchase items close to the cash register Smiling staff – but no uniforms!
  9. 9. Store 3: BokiaOpportunities: Stalls for book search would help customers search for specific books and would encourage customers to spend more time in store Staff could wear uniforms to distinguish themselves Reading chairs or stools at the corner of the isle would encourage buyers to read and hence spend more time in the store prompting them to buy books.
  10. 10. Store 4: H&MObservations: Large entrance with prominent central display showing top sellers in various sections of merchandise Left side of the landing zone dedicated to selling cosmetics and personal products – reminding customers H&M is not only about clothes Dedicated staff behind counters and around store with uniform to help shoppers Hip-hop music playing in the background Brightly lit store Customers flocking around sale areas which are marked with huge “sale” signs Merchandise arranged according to price Sale items in the entrance attracts customers to the more expensive full price items in the back Lots of impulse purchase items kept at the cash counter Store crowded with customers predominantly female and in their 20s
  11. 11. Store 4: H&MOpportunities: Male items in the entrance could also entice male customers since male merchandise is at the end of the store. Front section of the store could be less cluttered by moving some racks to the back of the store which seemed to be empty and with less people. This would take away the cheap feel to the store from outside!
  12. 12. Store 5: ICA SupermarketObservations: Entrance well marked by an unmistakable “red carpet” welcomes customers in. Shopping carts appropriately placed on the right side of the landing zone  Seasonal impulse buys – pumpkin cookies and confectionaries during Halloween – placed at the entry Bread - the most sold item – placed right in front of entrance Milk – the second most sold item – placed at the end of the store to make customers go through all the other isles prompting them to shop more!
  13. 13. Store 5: ICA Supermarket Movie DVDs and books right by the Tobacco stall and cash register. impulse purchase People waiting in items near the the queue might cash register be tempted to browse and buy. Sign boards for isle items easily visible Opportunity: from one any place Price checker hidden on the walkway behind the pillar. One solution is to place the red arrow on all 4 sides of pillar.
  14. 14. Store 6: StadiumObservations: A race track patter on the floor leads customers to the store. This track is marked all over the store making customers unconsciously follow this track. The entrance is marked by sports figures and sets the sporty mood of the customer Ambience of the store is sporty, and the music is fast paced matching the sporty style of the store Price (and sale price) displayed prominently on all racks and shelves. Many impulse purchase items placed close to the billing counters where customers queue-up
  15. 15. Store 6: Stadium Opportunity: Larger shopping carts hidden Lots of behind smaller shopping bags. friendly and Larger carts might induced more smiling store purchases. Hence Carts must be staff found in visible to the customers entering brightly the store. colored uniforms Opportunity Opportunity Track on one Only mirror in the section ends women’s section is in a dead end. hidden behind pillar and This could be racks. Mirrors tend to avoided to increase the time establish customers spend in the continuity store trying on merchandise.
  16. 16. Thanks!