List building success made easy in 4 steps


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How i made a huge list in 30 days

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List building success made easy in 4 steps

  1. 1. ==== ====How i made a huge list in 30 days ====4 Steps To List Building SuccessWho wouldnt want to learn how to create an online system that builds multiple income streams onautopilot and does this consistently, converting sales at a high rate? Any marketer would love togenerate 300 Leads/day that pay for themselves (FREE) or pull a profit and allow you to add a bigextra income or replace your current one, take advantage of and harness online trends,technology, video, social networking etc.This Blueprint has allowed people to:Build REAL businesses without cold calling or bugging friends & family, build networks ofsimple but powerful sites that generate thousands of leads per day and hundreds of thousands incommissions, multiple streams of income to the tune of hundreds of thousands PLUS the biggestteams in various business opportunities.Here is the specific method to you can use to model what professional marketers have been doingfor years online. Its important to understand that the Internet changed EVERYTHING in the homebased business industry.The Internet created Problems and Opportunities that must be mitigated or exploited to youradvantage in the creation of a REAL business.The list of problems inclue:1. Increase in Competition and Increase in InformationCompetitors are Advertising on your keywords daily. Pricing and other private information is nowinstantly revealed online by competitors on blogs, forums and social networking sites. The Trendof "Bash and Redirect" marketing by your competition online is rediculous and really harms thewhole industry. There are negative reviews, and positive reviews and a whole lot of misinformationand reports created by competition to make you look bad.2. Decrease In Prospects Attention Spans You have 2-3 seconds to grab their attention and put them in a marketing process. We livein a microwave "A.D.D." culture and you must engage your prospect with relevant information fastor lose them to someone who does.3. Decrease in Customer Retention Rates
  2. 2. Related to attention span this applies specially with business opportunity builders. You have 2months to involve them or else theyre gone. If they dont see the results they expected with yourproduct, service or opportunity, they will search the internet, click on a competitors add and theyare gone. There is no long term residual income anymore. Downlines are just not hanging aroundenough to make this a reality.The reasons for this are:So much information is available at anyones fingertips that people are easily distracted. There issuch short attention spans that people begin to hop from message to message and makes themsusceptible to program hopping and this happens within weeks of a new marketer joining you andthere is nothing you can do to keep them from the internet.Were living in the era of the PreLaunch where new competing programs, courses and productsare being designed every week and your customers and prospects are searching, finding andfilling out forms on web sites left and right. This KILLS "Residual" Income. If you dont build asystem that effectively deals with this issues you will burn out. Marketers are working harder, whiletheir businesses are stagnating, or worse, decreasing in profitability.4. Increase in Legal OversightBig companies dont want the risk the inherent liability with allowing their inexperienced,unprofessional sales reps to market on the internet and potentially expose the company tolawsuits and complaints. Inexperienced marketers use hype and overexaggerated claims in theirads, blogs, sites and marketing messages and its hard to control the quality of the marketingbeing published by hundreds of thousands of sales reps desperate to make a sale.The answer for big MLM companies? They prohibit online marketing. So those are the big fourissues that have been created as the MLM/Network Marketing arena came to the internet.How do you get around this? I call it The Internet Marketing Success Formula and the mainconcept is simply this:  You, Inc.Direct Response Marketing. Attraction Marketing and List Building. The specific strategy isdesigned to accomplish a couple things:1. Enable anyone  to generate free leads using online list building.2. Allow Attraction Market to sell your opportunity for you automatically.This creates significant leverage. Traditional home business prospecting tactics provide noleverage. Phone prospecting provides NO leverage. You can only call so many people one on oneeach day to make a profit. No leverage. No system.Attraction Marketing and Online List Building allows you to leverage the power of the internet touse lead capture pages, web sites, autoresponders and email marketing to reach thousands ofpeople each day on autopilot and deliver a simple, professional message whether youre new or
  3. 3. experienced.3. Immunize your business from competition.There are millions of other representatives globally marketing thousands of business opportunitieslike yours. There is a ton of competition in your own company and outside of your company thatyou need to insulate yourself from.4. Multiple Streams of IncomeIts more powerful to be able to use ONE system to make ten times more money for your effortsversus just building one company.What is You, Inc?In a typical home based business, people are trying to build a downline and they assume thatthey are building a business. A downline in a network marketing program is not a real business.You dont own anything. You dont own any assets. You dont own any significant equity in thecompany, its plant, equipment or goodwill. Real businesses allow you to have and own realassets. Most home based businesses position you as a commission only sales rep.The company can take away your business at any time. They can strip your database from you, allthe other distributors in your group and they can forfeit your commissions for a wide variety ofreasons. This puts you at risk as an entrepreneur. Your entire business does not belong to youand you dont really control anything other than making sales today.Companies touted that you were building a legacy that could be willed to your children. This hasRARELY, if ever happened. If you are not constantly building and working your business... itsdying. This is how you can own a real business where you have equity, own assets that nobodycan take away from you and where you can generate multiple income streams from building onebusiness.YOU INC.The concept of You,Inc consists of you building and owning:1. Your List/Social Networks - Distribution Channel. Asset.The List IS your business2. Building a Relationship with your list which gives it its value. Goodwill. Equity. Net Value.You are the owner of a distribution channel.For people who doubt that this simple concept works, its how professional marketers are able tosend out a collection of 3-4 emails to their lists promoting an information product or coachingprogram that is relevant to their list and they generate over $239,221 in sales in a matter of days.This happens consistently online with marketers that know how to build a list and buildrelationships with the people on their list. This is powerful leverage. That is the power of the You,
  4. 4. Inc business model.Lets Break Down The Formula:1. Build Your List2. Build Relationship with  your list3. Market to your ListLets cover each step in a bit more detail:1. Build ListAdvertising and driving traffic online using Facebook, Twitter, Articles, Search Engine Marketing,Videos, and Pay Per Click ads, etc. You drive this traffic to lead capture pages that capture theprospects contact information so you can follow up by using an email autoresponder service tosend out a series of education and relationship building emails. You offer value and relevantinformation to build trust. People buy from sources they know, like and trust.2. Relationship Building with the people on your list.This creates the most important value in your list, which is basically your own distribution channel.In order to build effective relationships with the people on your list you must be willing to GIVEwithout expecting anything in return.Giving them value FIRST without want. How can you serve others more? Reciprocity, leadership,trust, value, and equity are some of the qualities and tactics used in attraction marketing to endearyou to your follower list. You dont need the biggest list around. You need to build aresponsive,  valuable list that knows, likes and trusts you so they will buy from you.3. Market/Monetize Your List Being able to build a list that buys from you gives you the ability to basically generate freeleads. You advertise consistently for traffic, which builds your list. You then offer them compellinginformation that generates profits to your upfront before they join your primary businessopportunity. These sales help you offset the cost of generating them in the first place and now youcan use your follow up system to generate repeat sales long term. Leads are not cheap to buy orgenerate. The average leads costs about $5 each. Its critically important to generate them forfree. You can use effective online advertising to generate them for $5 each. You can then use amarketing funded proposal to earn $10 back each. This income gives you the leverage to keepadvertising indefinitely and generate more sales on the back end of your marketing system. ThisBuilds true leverage.An email autoresponder series can teach and train and promote to your prospects on autopilot. Itproduces sales, profits and leverage. You can set up 12 months worth of messages and put yourbusiness on cruise control.
  5. 5. This concept allows you to:Systematize List Building, systematize relationship building, systematize the monetization intomultiple sources of sales, and it allows for Instant downline building. Leaders who are skilled inthis tactic are the ones who can join a company one day, recommend it to their list via an emailand invite their prospects to a webinar, or conference call or web site that explains the opportunityand generates an instant downline, over night. Its exactly how that is done.You now have ultimate security. The only way to lose this type of business and equity is to loseyour reputation and credibility with your list. You do not have this with a Business Opportunityprogram alone. With this optimized business model you create a couple important things:You own a distributions channel. You have a relationship with that channel. You monetize thatchannel.This provides the ultimate in:Leverage.Security.The details behind these steps are found in a variety of courses and ebooks, audios and videosavailable online. The actual step by step action items you can take to build this are easilyaccessible. This is a simple to understand and follow blueprint that  allows you to tap intoand harness the internet to build a real business. Its works for everyone. Anywhere in the world.Own a real asset and a real business. Be able to produce as many leads as you want for free. Beable to tap into the power of multiple streams of income. Be able to sponsor people automaticallyinto your primary. Be able to create cash any time that you want to. Just by sitting down andsending out an email...That is what todays online marketing world is all about. Franco Gonzalez is a professional internet marketing coach who helps families build full timehome businesses on the internet quickly and affordably. His Free Attraction Marketing Newsletterteaches step by step internet marketing tactics via video tutorials, blogs and email. Click here tolearn more about List Building to learn the specific steps described above in more detail.Article Source:
  6. 6. ==== ====How i made a huge list in 30 days ====