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Alexandra,Jk Ayla,Eduardo

  1. 1. A B C B O O K Romeo and Juliet From A - Z
  2. 2. By: Alexandra J’Kayla Eduardo
  3. 3. Abram He was a servant of the Montague's A
  4. 4. B Benvolio Nephew of Montague and friend of Romeo
  5. 5. C Count Paris A young nobleman and a relative of the prince
  6. 6. D Diana The roman goddess of chastity, the moon, and hunting who was not interested in men
  7. 7. E Prince Escalus He is the ruler of Verona
  8. 8. F Friar John He is a Franciscan priest
  9. 9. G Gregory Servants of Capulet
  10. 10. H Hare Slang for morally loose women
  11. 11. I Incompatible Not compatible nothing in common
  12. 12. J Juliet Daughter of Capulet and Romeo's wife
  13. 13. K Kiss Romeo and Juliet kissed in act 1 scene 5
  14. 14. L L Lady Capulet Friar Laurence Capulet wife, Juliet’s mother Franciscan Priest he married Romeo and Juliet
  15. 15. M Mercutio a relative of the Prince and a friend of Romeo
  16. 16. N Nurse Juliet’s keeper she was very young [ nourished, taught, and was a very good keeper]
  17. 17. o “ on part and part” It means some on one side some on the other
  18. 18. P Peter Servant to the Nurse
  19. 19. Q Quit In Romeo and Juliet it meant to repay.
  20. 20. R Romeo Son of Montague and husband of Juliet
  21. 21. S Sampson Servant of Capulets
  22. 22. T Tybalt Nephew of Lady Capulet
  23. 23. U Unattained Unspoiled (by prejudice) unspoiled spoiled
  24. 24. V Verona A city in Northern Italy where Romeo and Juliet takes place.
  25. 25. W William Shakespeare A very talented play writer. He wrote Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear and many more.
  26. 26. X Exit It sounds like it begins with the letter “X”. It’s a stage direction in the play Romeo and Juliet
  27. 27. Y “ You kiss by th’ book” It means “You take my word literally (to get more kisses)
  28. 28. Z Zounds It is a slang word for “by God’s wounds.