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Latihan ujian bahasa inggris smp

  1. 1. A PAKET SOAL 21 TES PENDALAMAN MATERI TAHAP 1 TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010/ 2011SEKOLAH MENENGAH PERTAMA (SMP) KAB. KULON PROGO BAHASA INGGRIS Hari : Kamis Tanggal : 03 Maret 2011 Waktu : 07.30 – 09.30 WIB Jumlah Soal : 50 ButirBacalah dengan cermat petunjuk mengerjakan soal Selamat bekerja
  2. 2. Caution ! Please dispose of all wrapping thouhtfully1. What does the caution mean? a. we must not be a litterbug c. we must be careful of wasting something b. we are allowed to wrap something carefully d. we are forbidden to keep the litter The following notice is for numbers 2-3 DRUG FREE SCHOOL ZONE2. This notice means … a. the students are free on doing drugs b. the students are permitter to bring drugs at school c. nobody is allowed to take drugs at school d. whoever wants to do against the notice are free3. Where can we usually find the notice above? a. on the public places c. in the dormitory b. in the warehouse d. at school area The following text is for numbers 4-5 Dear Prudent and Tom, It’s a nice day to say ….. Congratulations Have a Nice New Home I always pray to your happiness Jeff and Hellen
  3. 3. 4. I always pray to your happiness The underlined word refers to … a. Prudent c. Tom b. Prudent and Tom d. Jeff and Hellen5. Why did Jeff and Hellen send the card ? a. to give information about the house b. to tell about the new house c. to congratulate on Prudent and Tom’s happiness d. to congratulate on Prudent and Tom’s new house The following text is for numbers 6-7 To: Michael Hi Mike, Can I borrow your cipy of Football Manager 2011? I’ve heard it’s really good game and I’m bored with all of mine. Could you bring it to school tomorrow so I can play it at the weekend? Thanks Damian6. From the text we know that Damian about? a. wants to copy Mike’s game b. has a copy of Footbal Manager 2011 c. will meet Mike at weekend d. will borrow Mike’s games7. The word of “weekend” in the text nearly means … a. everyday from 9.00 am – 6.00 pm b. Monday-Friday c. Saturday-Sunday d. everyday except Saturday Student Organization of SMP Patra Jaya To : All students Organization Please, attend the monthly meeting. It will be held on: Date : Saturday, 7 June 2011 Time : after school Place : school hall We will discuss the farewell party for grade IX students. OSIS Chairman OSIS Secretary Raka Hasna
  4. 4. 8. What is the purpose of the text? a. to attend the meeting b. to held a meeting in the school hall c. to invite the student of SMP Patra Jaya d. to invite of the members of the students organization of SMP Patra Jaya9. Please, attend the monthly … a. go to c. talk about b. ignore d. visit The following text is for numbers 10-11 Announcement To : All the students of IX A and B, The speaking mid-test is on Saturday, 5 March at 8 a.m. Find a partner and prepare a short dialog on giving compliment. Miss Gisela10.What is the announcement about? a. preparation of the short dialog c. giving compliment b. the speaking mid-test d. how to find a partner11.Whom is the announcement for? a. the students of English class c. Miss Gisela’s students b. Miss Gisela d. students of class IX A dan IX B The following text is for numbers 12-17 Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum is a place to preserve the historical evidence of Mr. Soeharto’s struggle and service to the country and nation from early independence up to the era of national development. It’s located at the gate of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah As a tourist object, this museum also houses a number of the finest work at art presented to Mr and Mrs Soeharto by friends as well as colleagues from all corners of the world. Through this booklet, one will have a glimpse at Purna Bhakti Pertiwi. It covers the meaning and material of the existing collections, consisting of various kinds and forms of works of art, which makes this museum appealing to visit.12.What is the main idea of the second paragraph ? a. this museum is a tourist object b. this museum houses many collections of the finest work of art c. this collections are presented by Mr and Mrs Soeharto friends d. this collections are from all corners of the world13.It covers the meaning … (paragraph three) The word it refers to …
  5. 5. a. a glimpse c. a form b. a booklet d. a collection14.What can you see when you visit the museum? a. a number of the finest work of art c. a glimpse of the collection of the art b. the meaning and material of existing collection d. a number of corners of the world15.Where is the museum located? a. Jakarta c. Bandung b. Yogyakarta d. Medan16.“…which makes this museum appealing to visit”. The synonym of the underlined word is … a. interesting c. amusing b. amazing d. cunning17.What is the purpose of the text above? a. to tell evidence of Soeharto’s struggle b. to describe about Purna Bhakti Museum c. to tell Soeharto’s service to the country d. to describe about tourist objects The following text is for numbers 18-23 Sue Hendrickson is a palaentologist. She discovered the most complete skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The skeleton was then named sue, after the explorer. Here’s her recount: “My team has spent two weeks in South Dakota searching a large area, but there was one area I still wanted to checked out. On our last day, everypne went back to town, but I continued to explore to the area we had missed. My dog and I wandered through the dense fog for miles. Then, about eight feet up a cliff, I saw six. T. Rex bones sticking out. I was like hitting the lottery 50 million times! Sue had been there all along calling and calling, wanting me to find her.” Taken from: National Geographic Kids, March 200818.What is the most suitable title for the text above? a. skeleton of tyrannosaurus Rex b. the experience of a palaentologist c. Sue Hendrickson’s experience d. hitting the lottery 50 million miles19.What does the paragraph 2 tell us about? a. Sue Hendrickson as palaentologist b. the exploration of finding six T.Rex bones c. winning the lottery 50 milion dollars d. spending two weeks in foggy area20.What did everyone do while sue checked the area her team had missed? a. they went home c. they went to the town b. they helped her d. they work together to check the area21.What was Sue Hendrickson like? a. optimistic c. stubborn b. broad-minded d. easy-going
  6. 6. 22.“Sue Hendrickson is a palaentologist” The word palaentologist means an expert at … a. fossils c. cliffs b. rocks d. exploration23.“Sue had been there all along callind and calling, wanting me to find her”. What is “Sue” actually? a. the skeleton of T.rex c. the palaentologist b. the archeology team d. the explorer The following text is for numbers 24-26 How to polish Shoes To polish shoesh you need some polish, two pieces of cloth and a shoe brush which is special for polishing. First, take a pair of shoes that need to be polished. The shoes which are made of leather will be better. Next, clean the shoes with a piece of cloth. Then take another piece of clean cloth and a can of shoe polish. Put a little polish on the cloth. Then rub the shoes with the cloth carefully. After that, place the shoes in the sunbeam for a few minutes. Finally, brush the shoes with a shoe brush. The shoes will be bright and ready to wear Taken from: Grasp the world 124.The text above tells us about … a. the way to make polish b. the sequence to put on the shoes c. the way to polish shoes d. the steps to rub shoes25.How many steps are there in the text? a. five c. seven b. six d. eight26.”Then rub the shoes with the cloth carefully” the word rub has the same meaning with … a. to press something up and down repeated movement b. to make something clear and bright c. to polish something with a circular repeated movement d. to press something carefully The following text is for numbers 27-32 The Mouse Deer and The Crocodile One day the mouse deer went to the river. It was a very hot today, and he was very thirsty and dirty. He wanted something to drink from the river and then he bathed and splashed about in the water. Suddenly the crocodile saw the mouse deet. “Hmm,,,, a nice meal.” he thought Then, he silently crawled behind the mouse deer and grabbed him. He caught the mouse deer’s leg. The mouse deer was startled as well. Then he had an idea. He saw a twig floating near him. He picked it up and said, “you stupid fool! So you think you’ve got me. You’re biting a twig=not my leg, you stupid crocodile! here’s my leg”
  7. 7. And with that, he showed the crocoidile the twig. The crocodile could not see very well. He was a very stupid creature. he believed the cunning muse deer. He freed the mouse deer’s leg and snapped upon the twig. The mouse deer ran out of the water immendiately. ”Ha….ha,…ha” he laughed. “I tricked you!”27.What is the purpose of the text? a. to amuse the reader b. to describe something in general c. to tekk about mouse deer d. to explain about mouse deer28.What Is the main idea of the first paragraph? a. it was a very hot day b. the mouse wanted to drink c. the mouse deer was very thirsty d. the crocodile was his dangerous enemy29.Why was the Mousedeer very frightened? a. he couldn’t find the water b. the day was very hot c. his leg was caught by crocodile d. the crocodile was his dangerous enemy30.When did the story happen? a. in the morning c. in the midnight b. in the night d. at noon31.Then he had an idea. The word he refers to … a. crocodile c. the creature b. the river d. the mouse deer32.What can you learn after you read the text above? a. we should not trust anyone b. we should not cheat to anyone c. we should be smart to overcome our problem d. we should be smart to trick anyone The following text is for numbers 33-34 INTER CITY EUROPE RAIL TIME AIR TIME Paris to Amsterdam 5 hr 1 hr Paris to Madrid 13 hr 1 hr, 50 min Paris to Nice 7 hr 1 hr, 20 min Frankfurt to Rome 12 hr 1 hr, 45 min Frankfurt to Brussels 5 hr, 30 min 1 hr
  8. 8. Frankfurt to Vienna 9 hr 1 hr, 20 min London to Edinburgh 4 hr, 30 min 1 hr, 15 min London to Paris 5 hr, 30 min 1 hr, 5 min33.From the text, we know that … a. the trip by train from Frankfurt to Brussels needs longer time than from Frankfurt to Vienna b. it just needs one hour twenty five minutes to fly from London to Paris c. the trip from Paris to Nice are the longest flight d. going by plane needs less time than by train34.Based on the text above, which two cities are furthest apart by rail? a. Paris and Madrid c. Frankfurt and Rome b. Paris and Nice d. Frankfurt and Vienna The following text is for numbers 35-40 Earthquake Jolts Japan Capital TOKYO (Reuter)- A slight earrhquake jolted the Japanese capital last night but authorities said there were are immediate reports of casualities or damage. A spokesman for the Japan meteorogical agency said, “an earth tremor was registered in Tokyo but there are no report of casualities or damage. The earth tremor struck shortly after midnight Tokyo time. Residents od central Tokyo said It was the strongest in several months in the capital Taken from: Bangkok Post 200435.What is the headline of the news? a. a slight earthquake jolted the Japanese capital b. earth jolts Japan capital c. a spokesmas for the Japan meterorigical agency d. the earth tremor struck shortly at midnight Tokyo time36.Who said that there was an earth tremor? a. spokesman c. journalist b. reuter d. author37.Where did the earthquake happen? a. Tokyo c. Japanese b. Bangkok d. Reuter38.“It was the strongest in several months in the capital”. The underlined word refers to … a. the tremor c. the Tokyo b. the resident d. the central Tokyo The following text is for numbers 39-40 The population of the world has increased more in modern times than in all other ages of history combined. World population totaled about 500 million in 1650. It doubled in the period from 1650-1850. Today the population is more than three billion. Estimates based on research by the United
  9. 9. Nations indicates that it will be more than double in the next twenty five years, reaching seven billion by the year 2000.39.By 1850, approximately what was the world population? a. 500 billion c. three billion b. one billion d. seven billion40.It doubled in the period from 1650-1850 the word “it” in the text to … a. the history c. the united nations b. world population d. the population in modern times The following text is for number 41-43 URGENTLY NEEDED Indonesian Language & Culture Teacher for ACG International School Jakarta. Experiences and qualifications in these fields, excellent English language is essential, superior interpersonal skills, good ICT skills, able to teach at different levels from kindergarten to year 11 and write reports in English, the ability to initiate and work creatively, experienxe in an international environment would be an advantage. Email CV and application letter to acgjkt@acedu.com41.What is urgently needed? a. International school c. qualified teachers b. language and culture d. application letter42.Based on the text above, how many requirements are needed to be an Indonesian Language and cultural teacher? a. six c. eight b. seven d. nine43.Exelllent English language is essential. what does the word excellent mean? a. rather good c. relatively good b. good enough d. extremely good The following text is for numbers 44-45 Muwardi 7/2 a Semarang 10 February 2011 Ms. Ayu Pramita Community Information Unit Department Health Kariadi Street Semarang
  10. 10. Dear Ms Pramita, I’m writing to request information on infection disease. Would you send me any brochures your department has on infection deseases and a list of the most common infectious diseases in Australia. I would also appreciate any other factual information that can help me with any assignment on this. sincerely yours, Rinda44.What is the letter about? a. to give information about the infection disease b. to ask information about infection disease c. to take a brochure about the infection disease d. to ask information about the assignment of the infection disease45.What does Rinca do? she is … a. doctor c. lecturer b. teacher d. student The following text is for numbers 46-48 Igor X is a Physicist who (46) …. topics related to gravity. He works for the government of this country, doing secret experiments in secrets building in the capital city. Everything is secret because then government is afraid that the enemies will steal Igor’s data amd use the information to get more power. Igor, like any good scientist, works very (47) …. He plans each experiment carefully and writes the data in clear figures to avoid errors. He does each experiments several times to be sure that the data are always the same. When he has collected a lot of data, he tries to think of a (48) ….. explanation for them. Taken from: words for students of English Vol.246.a. studies c. is studying b. study d. studied47.a. system c. systematic b. systematically d. systematize48.a. logic c. logical b. logically d. logics49.Arrange these words into a good sentence! eruption not to prevent easy is the it destruction volcano of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 a. 8 – 1 – 3 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 10 – 2 – 11 – 4 – 9 b. 3 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 10 – 11 – 1 – 7 – 9 - 8 c. 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 1 – 2 – 6 – 8 d. 8 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 – 9 – 11 – 10 – 1
  11. 11. 50.Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph! 1. Use a spatula to fry the other side 2. Serve with soybean on a small plate. 3. Pour the egg and wait until it is cooked. 4. Add a little salt. 5. Then head a little oi on a frying pan 6. Shake again until the salt dissolves 7. Crack an egg and shake it in a small bowl a. 4-5-6-1-2-3-7 b. 3-4-5-1-6-7-2 c. 7-4-6-5-3-1-2 d. 3-6-5-7-1-2-4 “Doa & kerja keras merupakan kesatuan yang saling melengkapi. Raihlah impianmu dengan doamu disertai kerja kerasmu, Tuhan akan membantumu” It’s not just a blog