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Effectiveness Of Marketing Support in Service Marketing


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Effectiveness Of Marketing Support in Service Marketing
you can understand hows service marketing work and hows marketing support effect on service marketing

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Effectiveness Of Marketing Support in Service Marketing

  1. 1. Effectiveness Of MarketingSupport in Service Marketing BY Hardik Thakkar (18)
  2. 2. Content What Is Service ? What Is Service Marketing ? What Is Marketing Support For Service Marketing ? How Does It Effective In Service Marketing?
  3. 3. What Is Service ? “Activities, benefits and satisfactions which are offeredfor sale or are provided in connection with the sale ofgoods.” -The American Marketing Association “A Service is any act or performance one party canoffer to another that is essentially intangible and does notresult in the ownership of anything. Its production may ormay not be tied to a physical product. Increasingly,however , manufacture, distributors, and retailers areproviding value-added services. Or simply excellentcustomer service, to differentiate themselves.” -Phillip Kotler
  4. 4. Major Characteristics Of Service Intangibility Lack of Ownership Inseparability Variability Perishability Heterogeneity
  5. 5. Intangibility :- You cannot hold or touch Quality of service can not be measurableLack of Ownership:- You cannot own and store a service like you can a product Services are used or hired for a period of timeInseparability:- It cannot be separated from the service providers It produced at or near the point of purchase
  6. 6. Perishablity:- Services last a specific time and cannot be stored like a product for later use The service is developed and used almost simultaneouslyHeterogeneity:- It is very difficult to make each service experience identical or uniform It can not be standardize
  7. 7. Service Triangle Company Enabling the Selling the promises promises Interactive MarketingEmployee Customer Delivering the promises
  8. 8. What Is Service Marketing ? Service Marketing is Marketing based on relationship and value. It may be used to market a service or a Product. Importance of Service Marketing A key differentiator Importance of relationships Customer Retention.
  9. 9. ImportanceKey differentiator:- With attendant of Good & unique Service , it can make key differentiator in customer mind . It attract to customer for buy the product.Importance Of Relation:- It Create Good relations between company and Customers Customer always trust the brand or company
  10. 10. Cont..Customer retention :- Maintain old Customers Concentration on customer requirement & feed back.
  11. 11. What Is Marketing Support For Service Marketing? 7Ps Of Service Marketing Mix Product (quality of service) Price(satisfied price) Place(delivery area of service) Promotion(advertisement Effect)
  12. 12. Cont.. People(staff of organization) selection, training & motivation of employees can make a huge differences in customer satisfaction Process(how to provide service to customer) e.g. restaurants have developed such different formats as cafeteria-style, fast-food, buffer & candlelight Physical evidence(experience of customer). e.g. railway a reserved ticket cheque book
  13. 13. How Does It Effective In Service Marketing? Use pricing, promotion, and reservations to smooth demand; work with ops to manage capacity Emphasize physical clues, employ metaphors and vivid images in advertising Educate customers on making good choices; offer guarantees Develop user-friendly equipment, facilities, and systems; train customers, provide good support
  14. 14. Cont.. Recruit, train employees to reinforce service concept Shape customer behavior Find ways to compete on speed of delivery; offer extended hours
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