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Multimedia sys


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Multimedia sys

  1. 1. Introduction What is Multimedia? Multimedia Applications
  2. 2. Full Motion Digital Video Application
  3. 3. Multimedia Elements Fascimile Documents images Photographic Images GIS Voice commands and voice synthesis Audio and video messages Full motion stores and live video Holographic Images
  4. 4. Multimedia Systems Architecture
  5. 5. Compression And Decompression Basic Types of Compression  Lossless Compression  Lossy Compression Precise Compression Techniques  Binary Image Compression  JPEG  Video Image Compression  MPEG  Audio Compression  Fractal Compression
  6. 6. Data and File Formats Rich Text Format Tagged Image File Format Resource Image File Format Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  7. 7. Input/Output Technologies I m a g e S c a n n e r S o u n d a n d V o i c e F u ll- M o t i o n V i d e o I n p u t / O u t p u t
  8. 8. Storage and Retrieval Technologies Necessity of storage in multimedia Different technologies used to evaluate multimedia applications.  Magnetic Media Technology  Hard Disk Technology
  9. 9. Storage and Retrieval Technologies Magnetic Storage Issues RAID Optical Media o CD-ROM o Mini Disk Worm Optical Drives Hierarchial Storage Issues
  10. 10. Storage and Retrieval Technologies Hierarchial Storage Issues
  11. 11. Architectural and Telecommunication Considerations R O M P R O M R A M S R A M D R A M V R A M M e m o r y T y p e s / S p e e d
  12. 12. Other Issues to discuss.. Multimedia Networking Multimedia Authoring and User Interface
  13. 13. Thank you!