Cdn1001 canada overview and cities


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Cdn1001 canada overview and cities

  1. 1. Introduction to Canada CDN1001
  2. 2. Canada Quiz Who is Canada’s… Head of State? Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister? Stephen Harper
  3. 3. Canada Quiz Who is the… Premier of Ontario? Kathleen Wynne Mayor of Toronto? Rob Ford
  4. 4. Canada Quiz How many provinces are there in Canada? 10 • British Columbia • Prince Edward Island • Quebec • Manitoba • Alberta • News Brunswick • Newfoundland & • Ontario Labrador • Nova Scotia • Saskatchewan
  5. 5. Canada Quiz How many territories are there in Canada? 3 • Yukon • Northwest Territories • Nunavut NB: Historically, provinces had their own (provincial) governments while territories were administered by the federal government. In recent decades power and responsibility has largely been handed to the territories themselves in a process called ‘devolution’.
  6. 6. Canada Quiz What are the five regions of Canada? Pacific Canada British Columbia The Prairies Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Central Canada Ontario, Quebec Atlantic Canada (“The Maritimes”) New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador Northern Canada Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
  7. 7. Canada Quiz How well do you know Canada? Canada was founded on July 1st, 1867 The official languages of Canada are English and French Canada’s national anthem is called “O Canada” Canada’s national animal is the beaver
  8. 8. Canadian Facts & Stats National capital: Ottawa Second-largest country by area in the world (after Russia) Motto: “A Mari Ursque ad Mare” (“From Sea to Sea”) 2011 Population: 33,476,688 Population Density: 3.4/km² (India: 371.1/km² China: 139.6/km²) 4 out of 5 Canadians live within 150km of the USA
  9. 9. Canadian Cities Presentations  In groups of 3-4, make a 5 minute PowerPoint presentation about the city you’ve been assigned  Where is it? Locate it on your map of Canada  Find some ‘quick facts’ about your city  List 5 pros/cons about living in that particular city  What are the major industries in your city? What kinds of jobs are available?  Highlight what makes your city great!  You will be presenting your city to the class tomorrow  You will now observe an example of what is expected of your presentation
  10. 10. Toronto CDN1001 – Canadian Culture & You Photo by Paolo Costa Baldi. License: GFDL/CC-BY-SA 3.0
  11. 11. Toronto | Overview Quick Facts  Located in Central Canada, in southern Ontario  Largest city in Canada with a population of 5,583,064 in 2011 (  People from Toronto are called “Torontonians”  Toronto used to be called “Town of York”  A very multi-cultural and immigrant-friendly city
  12. 12. Toronto | Pros & Cons Pros Cons  Big city; lots to see and do!  Inadequate public transportation system  Plenty of job opportunities  Heavy car traffic on weekdays  Home to some of the best Universities and Colleges  High crime rate in some areas  Interesting architecture  Highest cost of living in Canada (CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma)  Centrally situated  “Losing” professional sports teams
  13. 13. Toronto | Economy  Financial capital of Canada, almost all major Canadians banks have their headquarters here (e.g. TD Canada Trust)  Many high-tech companies have their Canadian headquarters here (e.g. Apple Canada)  Many automobile factories located around the city but not much heavy-manufacturing in the city itself (e.g. Ford Motor Company of Canada)  An important centre of telecommunications, media and publishing  “Hollywood North”; many films are filmed in Toronto
  14. 14. Toronto | Fun to Explore!  Spend the day on Centre Island!  Shop till you drop at the Eaton Centre!  Have a blast at the Canadian National Exhibition!  Enjoy a Baseball game at the Rogers Centre!  Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame!  Enjoy delicious Greek food at “Taste of the Danforth”!  Spend a fun-filled night in the Entertainment District! Toronto; A Great Place To Live!
  15. 15. Slide #1 Slide #2 Slide #4 • • • • Cover slide Location in Canada Quick facts: • Population • Cultural diversity • What are people from that city called Slide #3 • • 5 pros 5 cons Economy Slide #5 • Anything else that makes your city a great place to live or work! Quebec City Yellowknife St. John’s Winnipeg Victoria Edmonton Regina Halifax Whitehorse Fredericton Charlottetown Iqaluit Canadian Cities Presentation Required Information