Commerce in context ver 05


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The webinar was mainly focused on email marketing. This time we discussed about things to do while running anemail marketing campaing.

The email marketing session was followed by report generation and analysis session.

In report generation and analysis session we showed how to generate report and analyze them to prepare an effective marketing campain.

The agenda of the webinar was:
-Email marketing
-Reports on BuildaBazaar platform
-question and answer session

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Commerce in context ver 05

  1. 1. Retail vs. MarketplaceCommerce in ContextBuildaBazaar’s Weekly BulletinVersion 5May 4, 2013Views mentioned here are personalInfibeam and Buildabazaar does not endorse any statements made during thepresentation
  2. 2. • Email Marketing Bulk mail providers Avoiding spam folders Increasing open rates Use of Images More General emailing tips• Reports on BuildaBazaar Platform• Q&AAgenda
  3. 3. • Email marketing is an effective and cheap way of communicating with your customers• There are few open source software and some paid software• Some of the popular Bulk Email Softwares: Sendgrid ( Mailchimp ( Aweber ( Campaigner ( Constant Contact( Icontact ( Pinpointe ( Bulk Email Software
  4. 4. Basic Features: Add Images and Hyperlinks Adding header & Footer Remove unsubscribedcontacts Test Email Email/online Forms Delivered & UndeliveredFeature testImportant features Spam test Opened Emails Forwarded Emails Bounced Emails Export & Download reports Social Media Integration Click Through Tracking
  5. 5. What is Spam filtering? How does it Work ?The spam filter checks the following and then decides• Talks about lots of money (.193 points)• Describes some sort of breakthrough (.232 points)• Looks like mortgage pitch (.297 points)• Contains urgent matter (.288 points)• Money back guarantee (2.051 points)Total Points 3.061The total score exceeding certain threshold points mail goes to spam folderSpam Filtering
  6. 6. • Avoid purchased email lists• Send mails to only the subscribed users• Check your sender reputation through various free online tools• Do honour the un-subscribers• Do include the date somewhere in the body of your email to show your message iscurrent• Do keep emails short; too much of text is another red flag for spam filters• Do use a familiar sender name to decrease the likelihood recipients won’trecognize you in their inboxTips to avoid spam filtering
  7. 7. • Spam like phrases like “ Free” , “20 % Discount”, “ Once in Life TimeOpportunity” etc• Multiple Exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!• ALL CAPS (especially in the subject lines)• Bright Colouring fonts• Only images, no text• Using the word “test” in the subject lineAvoid Common Mistakes
  8. 8. Open Rate is the percentage of people who opened and look at an email. Open rate > 50% is excellent Open rate > 40% is good Open rate <15% is very poorClick Through Rate This represents the percentage of people who clicks the hyperlinks provided inthe email A click through rate of 2-3% is good result for your Email CampaignIncreasing Email open ratebouncedEmailssentEmailsopenedEmailsOpenrate___
  9. 9. • Provide Consistently good content• Send mail at the right time ( What is the right time?)• Create an email schedule. Deliver emails consistently and make surereaders know when to expect them• Use the headline and the first sentence effectively• The trusty news letter• Provide the unsubscribe link clearly• Attract readers for the next NewsletterHow to Increase the Open rate
  10. 10. Effective Usage of ImagesTry to avoid conveying Important messages through Images. Most of the Emailproviders do not show them as default.
  11. 11. Default Image settings of various MailsMost of the Mail clients do notshow the images. And people arenot ready to click the ‘displayImages’ button to view the images.So the messages in the images donot users as much as texts reach.
  12. 12. • Make sure Your Email has obvious links – Thiswill increase the click through rate• Minimize your use of images• Use double opt-in subscription• Send mails only when you have something tosay. Do not fill your mails with irrelevantcontents• Make it easy to unsubscribe• Test the mail before sending it to the subscribers• Maintain consistency in the format and detailsBest practices
  13. 13. Example for a good NewsletterThis is an apple newsletterWe can observe the following things thatthey are doing good:All the information is in TextImages are used for better look and feelClear segmentation of informationLot of white space
  14. 14. • There are several online tools that tests theperformance of the bulk mails that you send.• You can use any one of the following tools:–––– to evaluate your Bulk mail’s Performance
  15. 15. How Generate & Analyze Reports• Types of Reports– Order Detail Report– Customer Report– Guest Customer Report– Cancel And Return Report– Disable Variant Detail Report– Tell Me When Available Report– Stopped Shopping Cart Report (Frozen & Incheckout)
  16. 16. • Considered on of the most important reports of all as it provides all thedata about the purchases that customers make and most of the businessstrategies can be based o this report.• Fields included in the reportOrder Detail Report• Purchase_Number• Confirmed_At• Purchase_Status• Customer_Type• Name• Email• Customer Phone• Shipping Address 1• Shipping Address 2• Shipping Pincode• Shipping City• Shipping State• Billing Address 1• Billing Address 2• Billing Pincode• Billing City• Billing State• Product Title• Site SKU• Product_Category• Quantity• Base_Price• Item_Total• Shipping_Charge• Coupon_Name• Coupon_Code• Key_Features• Browse_Node(s)• Brand• Stock_Notes• Fulfiller• Payment Method Used• Payment Transaction Id• PaymentGateway Id
  17. 17. • Sought by all the store owners and necessary for while running amarketing campaign. This report is very important as this report providesyou details of all those customers who have filled in the registration formon your site and had completed registration.• It is assumed that when a customer registers on a site than the chance ofrepeat purchase increases. That means all those customers who haveregistered on your site are assumed to be a loyal customers. This reportsprovides you all the details about the customer which he has filled inregistration form.• Fields included in the reportCustomer Report• Name• Type• Email• Mobile• Registered at
  18. 18. • In an estore many a times it happens that customer do not register to yoursite or avoid purchasing from your site if registration is mandatory as itbecomes times consuming process. For this purpose we have providedguest checkout option on all our stores.• Now for store owners it becomes important to gather data of these clientswhen they wants to run a email marketing campaign as they see thesecustomers as potential buyers. With the help of this report store ownercan get the basic details required for marketing campaign.• Fields included in the report– Email– Phone Number– Purchase confirmed atGuest Customer Report
  19. 19. • The report helps you to analyze the performance of your online businessby providing you the details of the canceled and return orders.• Earlier customer have to find this in the order details report but nowwhole new report has been created to provide better visibility on thecancel and return report so that store owner can improve their services byasking customers who have canceled or returned the orders.• Fields included in the reportCancel & Return Report• Purchase number• Shipment number• Purchase date• Product• Quantity• Price• SKU• Key_Features• Status• Reason• Payment method• Email• Phone number
  20. 20. • When the number of products uploaded on your site increases tothousands than it becomes difficult to find out how many products areactually active and how many are disabled. This was the issue many of ourcustomer were facing so our tech team has developed a report in which allthe disabled products gets listed in an excel sheet.• Now store owner do not need to waste time in finding the disableproduct. They can download the report and check which product aredisabled and how many products are disabled.• Field included in the report– ID– Title– URL– Site Sku– Created AtDisable Variant Detail Report
  21. 21. • Tell me when available report gives you details of those customers whohave made a request to notify them when a particular product becomes instock. The features work when you have enabled the tell me whenavailable button on the product page so that if a product becomes out ofstock automatically a button of tell me when available appears in place ofbuy and clicking on that customer can make a request to notify them asand when the product becomes available.• This feature gives you an opportunity to know your customer better andenhance the user experience.• Field included in the report– Customer Name– Email– Phone– Variant Title– Variant SKUTell Me When Available Report
  22. 22. • This report gives you detail of all those orders where customer have triedto added the product in the cart and left the cart abandon plus the orderswhere customer has tried to make the purchase but for one reason oranother payment was not completed successfully.• This report can be very useful as this gives you the details of all theabandon customers who can be turned into buyers through making anemail marketing campaign.• Field included in the reportStopped Shopping Cart Report• Title• SKU• Quantity• Item Price• Total cart price• Cart creation time• Cart updation time• Guest user• Purchase Number• Purchase Status• Customer Name• Customer Email• Customer Phone Number
  23. 23. Questions & Answers