Commerce in context ver 03


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The agenda of the webinar was:

1. Low cost marketing options
2. Updates on latest Features
3. Question & Answer session

We hope these webinar can be useful to all the viewers.

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  • Once the online store is set-up marketing is one exercise which every store needs to do. Unlike the physical store, where your presence in certain locality will definetly bring footfall in your store. In case of e-store you have to make people aware about the exsistence of the website. The advantage over
  • Timing of the post is also importantit is often these expressive people who are the most influential people online. Many of them also have blogs or personal websites that they further use as an outlet for their expression.It is these people who you should focus most of your efforts building relationships with
  • Trade show only worthwhile if your product or service is aimed at a well-defined target market such as other businesses. Avoid trade shows if your market is diffuse and generic.
  • Good evening friends.This is Hardik Surana and today we are going to discuss two recently added features in the armor of BuildaBazaar’s feature list.Once again we will start the session with a little recap session from last time’s webinar.
  • Last time we had discussed couple of key features related to SEO and Social media power. The features which were discussed last time are:Advanced Carousel Widget,Social Media Buttons & How to use In Build SEO tool?,Advanced carousel widget increases the customer engagement on the site as with this widget you give your users the control to look through various banner, providing more time to read, an effect on mouse hover. The widget will increase the time one user shares on your site which in turn can directly increase the sales because more the user spends time on your site increased are the chances of them to buy.Social media buttons allows your users to share your products on various powerful social media like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus. One of the most IMP feature as it involves minimal cost and gives you the maximum “Word of mouth” publicity.In build SEO tool allows site owners to enter keyword & description on the Home page, category pages and other static pages like about us, privacy policy, T & C, shipping policy, etc. These feature helps you increase the page ranking of particular pages in diff search engines.
  • Commerce in context ver 03

    1. 1. Retail vs. MarketplaceCommerce in ContextBuildaBazaar’s Weekly BulletinViews mentioned here are personalInfibeam and Buildabazaar does not endorse any statements made during thepresentation
    2. 2. Low cost marketing options
    3. 3. Social Presence• Presence on Facebook is must– Tap you social and business circles to increase Page Likes , Number of Fans, Number of people talkingabout you– Target Influencers, Communities– Regular posts on Facebook ( Interact and Engage ) – Product information, Promotions, Contests etc• Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn should also be explored– Post regularly on Twitter, Upload product images on Pinterest– Follow relevant people, communities• Blogs– Write posts about business, products– Comment on relevant blogs
    4. 4. E-mail Marketing• Build your own database– Newsletter subscription on website– Through offline channels– Customer database: Paid, In-checkout• Weekly Newsletter with information about new launches, promotions etc• Analyze the performance of the Newsletter– Open rates– Click through rate• Mails to fringe buyers• Collaborate with other sellers– Include your products in their newsletter and vice-versa
    5. 5. • List products on other websites/bulletin boards– Target local corporate offices– Enquire about listing on• Attend trade shows, exhibitions and local events– Helps in networking and getting referrals• Listing on the local Yellow Pages• Forums & Other listings– Post on relevant forums– List on coupon websites like coupondunia, desidime etc• Local advertising– Cinema halls, Local newspaper, Outdoor– Sponsoring local events (school or colleges)Other Methods
    6. 6. Retail vs. MarketplaceUpdates on Latest Features
    7. 7.  Features discussed during last webinar.:- How to use In Build SEO tool?Helps you increase the ranking of your ecommerce site as well as variouspages like Home Page, Category pages, Product Pages and various staticpages i.e. About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & conditions, Shipping Policy,Contact Us, etc. Advanced Carousel WidgetThis feature is more like an enhancement feature for the site. As you can givecontrol to user to change the banner and hover over mouse it asks for morecustomer engagement and increases the amount of time user spends onyour site. Research show that More time the user spends on the site thechances of him buying from the site also increases. Social Media ButtonsFeature allows users to like the product or send to friends wall from the siteitself. Various option like twit, pin it and +1 is offered for user choice. Thefeature in very much useful in current scenario as everyone uses social mediaalmost all day so they can easily share the product they like with just a clickwhich does the most powerful know marketing trick that is “Word of mouth”.Recap
    8. 8. Add SEO details on product pageDisclaimer: The feature is non customizable and is provided on an as – is basis. Feature: The feature is an extension of thefeature “Page Info”. This feature is used forputting Keywords, Description, Author,Revised, etc. on a product page. So now therestriction has been lifted of that siteowners can not add customized keywordson the product pages as well. Benefits: With the help of this feature nowsite owners can use SEO for the products aswell. This can help you list your productpages on the search engine pages accordingto the keywords entered by you.
    9. 9. Product OffersDisclaimer: The feature is non customizable and is provided on an as – is basis. Feature: The feature is developed to showcombo deals in the offer format. If someoneis running a combo product offer like mobilecase free on a purchase of a particularmobile then the offer can be shown in animage format just below the title of theproduct or availability section. This feature isspecifically for product page only. Benefits: With the help of this feature onecan showcase the offer on the product pageitself rather than making banners formultiple offers that are running on store.Earlier site owners used to showcase theirpromotional offers only on home page &category page but with the help of thisfeature now you can get rid of the pain ofcreating banners for all the offers as thisfeature is more of text based. So no moredesigning costExample Stores :
    10. 10. Related Items DisplayDisclaimer: The feature is non customizable and is provided on an as – is basis. Feature: A product listing feature on theProduct Page that displays products chosenby you, along with a particular product belowthe product itself. Benefits: Helps you to showcase productsof your choice from a cross differentcategories that you want to offer to yourcustomers along with a particular product.This feature is must–to-have when youwant to do Cross-Selling on your store.Illustration:- Helps you to sell phone coverswith mobiles, cakes along with flowerbouquet, accessories with a dress etc.Example Stores :
    11. 11. Questions & Answers