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The Pervasive Internet and the new world of Smart Systems are ushering in an era where people, machines, devices, sensors, and businesses are all connected and able to interact with one another. As these previously disaggregated parties come together, new modes of collaboration and intelligence will abound fostering a trend that we call “Smart Business.” Machine-to- Machine communication (M2M) systems are merely the starting point. The development of the Pervasive Internet and the evolution toward Smart Business practices will enable a truly connected world. Inputs from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, and sensors will be digitized and placed onto networks. This will lead to the convergence of the physical & virtual worlds, thus enabling collective awareness, creativity, and better decision making capabilities for societies that increasingly rely on real-time information and interactions. Many observers believe that this phenomenon will drive the largest growth opportunity in the history of business.

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Harbor Research - Introduction to Smart Business & M2M

  1. 1. The Emergence of Smart Business Harbor Research Boston San Francisco Zurich www.harborresearch.com
  2. 2. The Emergence of Smart Business The World Has Changed Dramatically ...... Page 2 We have entered an era where people, businesses and social organizations are beginning to understand the profound impacts awareness, collaboration, and intelligence will bring. In the not too distant future, hundreds of millions, then billions, of individuals and The Emergence of Smart Business businesses, with billions, then trillions, of smart, communicating devices, will stretch the boundaries of today’s business and social systems and create the potential to change the way we work, learn, entertain and innovate. Peer-to-peer information and network integration are combining to create new modes Product, Service & Business Systems of collaboration and value creation. People, information, and technology are becoming Design Has Become More Complex more connected, distributed and pervasive enabling the convergence of physical and virtual worlds. Social networking technologies are moving into the business world and will be utilized and experienced differently than in the consumer space. Networks will integrate knowledge, people and things into systems that enable awareness, creativity, Interactions Varied better decision making, and, ultimately, higher value solutions. Relationships Many ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 Value Created From Many Sources Digitized Content & Information Architecture R&D Channel Marketing Price Sourcing Partners
  3. 3. The Emergence of Smart Business The Emergence of Smart Systems & Businesses...... Page 3 These forces are informing a new trend we call “Smart Business.” In its simplest form, Smart Business is a concept in which inputs—from machines, people, video streams, maps, newsfeeds, sensors, and The Emergence of Smart Business more—is digitized and placed onto networks. These inputs are integrated into systems that connect people, devices, business processes, and content to enable collective awareness. New Application Values Connectivity of Things Pervasive Network Value-Added Services & People Integration ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 Virtually all electronic and Broader reach and range of Availability of new managed electro-mechanical products are dependable wireless networks will Ability to sense and respond in real time will drive services based on data aggregation, more adaptive capabilities. Significant growth for asset being designed to automatically drive significant new applications management and analytics transmit information about value from improved reliability, management, location tracking services, security, and capabilities. supply chain integration based on interactions among status, performance and usage quality and data rates. and can interact with people and devices, mobile workers and systems management. other devices in real-time.
  4. 4. The Emergence of Smart Business Integration of People and Things Is Pervasive Across Business and Society ... Page 4 The Emergence of Smart Business This phenomenon is not just about Pervasive Internet & Smart Services the dichotomy between people communicating with people or machines communicating with machines: it also Resources Energy Industrial Buildings Retail Healthcare IT & Networks Transportation Safety & Security Consumer/Professional includes people communicating with machines (e.g. a networked ATM), and Institutional Commercial machines communicating with people Industrial Home Stores Hospitality Services Care Personal Research Professional Consumer (e.g. automated stock ticker alerts on •  Education •  Healthcare •  Stadiums/Venues •  Office •  Retail •  Process Plants •  Factories •  Residential •  Multi-Family •  Groceries •  Clothing •  Hotels •  Restaurants • Financial •  Fuel Stations •  Hospitals • Nursing Homes • In-Vivo •  Drug R&D   Office Work •  Home your PDA). The Internet’s most profound •  Electronics •  Bars/Clubs •  Cinema •  Testing Devices •  Research Labs •  Airports & Stations •  Hospitality •  Warehouse •  Mobile •  Furnishings • Mobile POC   Technical Work •  Mobile •  Cafes •  Exercise •  Monitoring •  Diagnostic Lab •  Campuses •  Services •  Laboratories •  Hardware •  Clinics •  Cleaning   Services potential lies in its ability to connect smart •  Convenience •  Doctor Office Devices: HVAC, Vertical Transport, Fire & Safety, Lighting, Security, Devices: POS Terminals, Kiosks, Cash Registers, Devices: Imaging, Diagnostics, Monitor, Surgical Eqp sensors, devices, and ordinary products Devices: Cell Phones, Smart Phones, TV, Access Control, etc. Vending Machines, Signs, Tags, etc. Beds, Pumps, Implants, Test Sys, etc. PCs, Netbooks, Imaging, etc. into a global “digital nervous system” that ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 will allow people and businesses to achieve Agriculture Mining Oil/Gas Water Supply Alternative Demand Enterprise Data Centers Homeland Security Emergency Services National & Regional Defense undreamed-of awareness, efficiency and •  Farms •  Surface Mines • Exploration • Water System •  Power Gen •  Industrial •  Law Enforcement •  Ground optimization. •  Vineyards •  Livestock Mgmt •  Irrigation •  Underground Mines •  Extraction •  Transport / •  Wastewater & Sewage Stations •  Transmission Sys   Co-Gen Plants •  Wind Farms •  Solar/PV Farms Facilities   Commercial Facilities   Large Enterprises   SMBs •  Data Centers •  Carriers •  ISPs •  Border Mgmt •  Transportation •  Emergency Healthcare •  Sea •  Air •  Supply •  Transport Pipelines •  Reservoirs •  Infrastructure •  Distribution Sys   Residential •  Fire Chain •  Rivers •  Pubic Venues •  Command-Control Visionary product manufacturers and Devices: Agricultural Equip, Mining Machinery, Drilling Equip, Pipelines, Tanks, Watering Equipment,Tags, etc. Devices: Turbines, Generators, Sub-Stations, UPS, Meters, Breakers, Sockets, Switches etc. Devices: Servers, Storage, PCs, Routers Switches, Imaging, Telephony, etc. Devices: GPS Systems, Radar Systems, Vision/Cameras, Environmental service companies are already leveraging Sensors, Vehicles, Weaponry, Fencing, Navigation/Guidance Sys, etc. embedded computing and networking technologies to deliver smart, remotely Process Industries Forming Converting Discrete Assembly Distribution / Supply Chain On-Road Vehicles Off-Road Vehicles Non- Vehicular Transport Infrastructure monitorable goods that will support •  Cement •  Machinery • Consumer • Construction entirely new modes of customer-device • Petrochemical •  Hydrocarbons •  Glass •  Metals •  Paper •  Transport Equip •  Electrical Equip • Dist Centers •  Warehouses •  Mat’l Handling • Commercial •  Specialty • Agricultural •  Industrial •  Air •  Rail • Transit •  Traffic Mgmt •  Fleet Mgmt interaction and service delivery. •  Food/Beverage • Electronics •  Rubber/Plastics •  Conveyance •  Marine •  Toll Systems •  Appliances •  Bio/Pharma •  Metalworking •  Instruments •  Insurance Services • Assembly/Test Devices: Pumps, Valves, Vats, Conveyors, Pipelines, Motors, Drives, Converting, Devices: Vehicles, Trains, Ships, Planes, Signage, Tolls, Tracking Sensors Fabrication, Assembly/Packaging, Vessels/Tanks, etc. RF Tags, Parking Meters, Cameras, etc.
  5. 5. The Emergence of Smart Business As The Physical & Virtual Worlds Converge, Connectivity & Integration Will Become Universal As Page 5 Components, Platforms & Systems Become Ever More Standardized, Open and Collaborative ... The Emergence of Smart Business As networks have invaded the “physical” world, traditionally unique components and interfaces between and among electronic as well as mechanical elements are becoming more and more People People standardized. User Interactions Value Content & Experience The implications of these trends are enormous. Added Elements Consumables No product development organization or its Mobile Telephony, Mobile Smart Entertainment suppliers of componentry and sub-systems will be & IT Terminals Phones PDAs Phones Devices able to ignore these forces -- product and service Supervisory Systems & Applications Services & design will increasingly be influenced by common Applications Machine To Machine Carrier & Network Services components and sub-systems. Vertically defined, Technology ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 & Enablement stand-alone products and application markets will Software Tools, Middleware & Web Services Tools & Infrastructure increasingly become a part of a larger “horizontal” Network Infrastructure & Connectivity set of standards for hardware, software and communications. Mobile Aerospace Vehicles Equipment Marine Rail On-Road Off-Road As it becomes easier and easier to design and Product Fixed Complex Systemic Equipment develop smart systems, competitive differentiation OEMs Equipment Simple Machines & Equipment will shift away from unique, vertically focused Facility product features towards how the product is actually Systems Facility Systems & Equipment used and how the product fosters interactions & Equipment Facility Infrastructure Components & Sub-Systems between and among users in a networked context. Electrical Sub-Systems & Components Power & Mechanical Sub-Systems & Components The opportunities this opens up to forward thinking Control Systems Machine/Device Sub-Systems, Fluid & Pneumatic Sub-Systems & Components product and service organizations are nearly Assemblies, infinite. Businesses can begin to explore many new Electronic Interconnect Embedded Modules & Components possibilities for system solutions unthinkable just a Semiconductors & Micro-Electronics Electronics few years ago.
  6. 6. The Emergence of Smart Business Revolutionary New User Experiences & Systems Will Emerge ... Page 6 The fact that many common devices have the capability to automatically transmit information about status, performance and usage and can communicate with other The Emergence of Smart Business devices anywhere in real time also points to the potential for intelligent devices that can interact with people and social networks. In fact, combining device connectivity with social networking platforms opens the potential for substantially new forms of collaboration between people and things. Connectivity of people and connectivity of devices are no longer independent phenomena - the Internet of Things and the Internet of People are rapidly converging. Obtaining value from collaboration will often mean de- emphasizing products in a manner that’s understandably difficult ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 for product companies to do. After all, if product companies aren’t selling material objects full of features that buyers touch and interact with and admire physically, then what are they selling? We believe smart systems and business design needs to transcend discrete product or service innovation. Assuming that the role of design is only about making existing products or services more attractive no longer works. Business designers need to creatively imagine fully developed systems and whole marketplaces. Companies need to envision the design role as one that can address product, service and business systems in a world of infinitely expanding interactions and relationships. The Interactions & Relationships Between & Amongst Devices, People & Systems Will Drive Future DIfferentiation - Not Just Features & Isolated Capabilties
  7. 7. The Emergence of Smart Business Continuing Combinations of Innovation Will Move More Fluidly Across Sectors, Applications & Platforms Creating Entirely New Categories of Opportunities .... Page 7 The marketplace is converging into a vast unified technology architecture to support networking and collaboration based on common digital building blocks and standards for software and communications The Emergence of Smart Business Technologies & Innovation Driving The Internet of Things & People Aerospace & Transport Systems Residential & Personal Commercial & Institutional Industrial & Military Managed Services Development of Evolution of Wireless Carrier Out-Sourced Services Support Systems Peer-To-Peer Software Architectures Explosion of Advanced Military GPS / Navigation Systems Social Networking Command & Control Location / Presence ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Wireless & Sensor Networks Aerospace Telemetry Systems Communications & Command/Control Human-Machine Interfaces & Software Vehicle Navigation / Industrial Military Training Dashboard Systems Consumer Game Systems & Simulation Control & Automation Systems Embedded Control Financial Trading Algorithms Systems Vehicle Industrial Control HVAC & Power Control Electronics Power Control & Smart Actuators Industrial Marine, Rail, Aero & Utility Control Systems & Vehicle Power Control Smart Sensors & Switches Consumer Electronics Industrial Vehicle Sensors & Smart Phone Developments Military Navigation, Guidance & Systems & Communications Systems & Utility Control Mixed Signal Systems Processing Cellular Mobile Communications rt ics ns nce l rt ms s ms ics ces on ms n ol ms l o ms n ms nta icle spo o ntr spo tio ntr tio st on ati ati e te te te rvi te te a me no yst ma h uid /Co ica Co Sys Sys Sys ran tom tom ctr Sys Sys n Ve Se Tra iag il S on n to y/G Ele ss nd eT nt ity id stic mu nce ce Au Au Au vir lD Ra oce Air /Gr a ge rin cur Offi tr er mm me m En a me ing a me ce elli sum /Pr dic Ma Fin tity Co Se ck- Offi Do Ho ild Co e Int y Me Uil Tel tor n Ba Bu Co Fac
  8. 8. The Emergence of Smart Business Driven By Whole New Eco-Systems of Technology & Smart Services Innovation Page 8 The boundaries between products and services are becoming so fluid that success in either can only go to those who utilize the combined potentials of both The Emergence of Smart Business Evolving Pervasive Internet Player Landscape The Smart Business phenomena is giving rise to a whole new generation of force.com technology and services enabling players Tridium Cimetrics SkyFoundry Google Qualcomm who are linking users, producers and Management SunGrid Ebay Axeda Qualtech Systems M2M Datacorp intermediary channels in new ways which, Richards-Zeta NextNine Wireless Matrix Wyless Jasper Wireless IBM BlueGrid Amazon in turn, is creating many opportunities to V2com Box Telematics Numerex Skytel Facebook Ei3 offer customers a “managed experience.” eDevice Aeris Kore Telematics Orbcomm BT Verizon This ultimately allows the service provider Smart Signal Esprida Pedigree Tech Crossbridge Airbiquity Iridium T-Mobile Telefonica / O2 ATT Imetrik to create and bundle new values such Comtech M2M Sprint Nextel Vodafone as offering financing for the traditional ©2010 Harbor Research, Inc. All rights reserved. http://www.harborresearch.com info@harborresearch..com USA • 800.595.9368 • 415.615.9400 • Europe • +41 435 000 151 MAYA Design Orange Telenor GridAgents Mocana product within the managed services Palantiri Systems Orchesys SAIC China Mobile Deloitte Accenture Oracle agreement -- “rent it; don’t buy it” - driving Wind River Raytheon Lockheed Martin CSC Integration new economic impacts in the marketplace. SmartSynch Enernoc Comverge QNX Wipro Microsoft Freescale Apple Sensus Symantec Elutions Trilliant Infosys Atos Origin Elster Relatively few traditional product Itron Silver Spring GridPoint Sigma Designs Control4 DeepStream CapGemini VM Ware SAP IBM companies have succeeded in pursuing Crestron 4Home Eurotech CA both product and services activities on EnOcean Apprion Sentilla Sensinode Arch Rock Cisco Systems Hewlett Packard a balanced, closely coupled basis. They Tendril EKA Systems Dust Networks Millennialnet Nokia Meshnetics Crossbow SynapSense are missing the opportunity to create a Greenpeak Helicomm RF Code Avid Wireless Daintree Echelon Echelon Sierra Wireless EMC NetApp new model of success. These emerging B&B Electronics Advantech Belden Opto-22 Lantronix Moxa Lantronix combinations of players are acting in a truly Data Online Ruggedcom Motorola Enfora Telit Digi Int’l disrupting manner in the marketplace. Sixnet Comtrol CalAmp DPAC Cinterion NexAira Laird Technologies RF Monolithics Connect One Jennic Ember Qualcomm Intel Hardware Atmel Freescale ST Micro Samsung Texas Instruments Hitachi “Business Platform” Focus “Market Platform” Focus