Appf annual report september 2012 (3)


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Appf annual report september 2012 (3)

  1. 1. By Russell Harris, President, Auburn Pulp & Paper FoundationPablo Picasso said “Planning is the foundational key to all suc-cesses.” There’s no doubt that strategic planning is a valuableprocess that brings people together to develop goals and objec-tives. I’ve experienced the satisfying results and positive impactswhen plans are accomplished, but I realize that a plan is just a use-less piece of paper unless people are involved to carry it out.Action, time, effort, and funding are required. And you needthe involvement of people to provide these essential resources. Iam pleased to be part of a successful organization that proves it-self through commitment and action—not just words. The Au-burn Pulp & Paper Foundation is fortunate to have active mem-bers who care and get involved so that deserving students can be educated and prepared toenter our industry and keep it productive and competitive As a graduate of this program, Iappreciate what the APPF’s partnership with the University truly means. Let’s continue toinvest in the future through APPF because the students are worth it!Dr. Marko Hakovirta has been named director of the Alabama Center for Paper and Biore-source Engineering (AC-PABE) and a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineer-ing at Auburn University. Dr. Hakovirta comes from the Georgia Institute of technology,where he was associate director of research at the Institute of Paper Science and Technolo-gy and holds an adjunct professorship in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.Dr. Hakovirta spent five years as the Chief Technology Officerof Metso Corporation (Corporate Vice President for Technology,Environment and Quality), and worked as a fellow at EuropeanCenter for Particle Physics, Geneva, Switzerland and at LANL(Los Alamos National Laboratory), New Mexico, as a director’sfunded post-doctoral fellow. Hakovirta held a faculty position atthe University of Helsinki, Department of Physics where he cur-rently holds an adjunct professorship. Among his many awards isthe Outstanding Innovation of the Year from LANL.Dr. Hakovirta’s research interests are in novel forest-basedbiomaterials, nanomaterials applications and materials synthesisusing plasma techniques. He is especially interested in sustain-(continued on page 2)People & Planning yield SuccessMarko Hakovirta to lead Alabama Centerfor Paper and Bioresource EngineeringAUBURN PULP & PAPER FOUNDATIONFoundation FocusS E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 22 0 1 2 A N N U A L R E P O R TAlabama Center forPaper & BioresourceEngineeringMissions:The missions of AC-PABE are to pro-vide undergradu-ate, graduate andcontinuing educa-tion in science andengineer-ing rele-vant to the needsof the pulp, paperand bio-resourceindustries, to con-duct fundamentaland applied re-search in line withthe industry’s re-search agenda, todevelop and trans-fer technology tothe industry con-sistent with theindustry’s technol-ogy vision and toprovide timelytechnical infor-mation to the oper-ating sector of theindustry.AU Pulp & PaperFoundationAuburn University,308 Ross Hall,Auburn, AL 36849View our website:
  2. 2. P A G E 2F O U N D A T I O N F O C U SAUBURN PULP & PAPER FOUNDATION FINANCESOperational/ScholarshipFundsFund Rais-ing ActivitiesTotal Unre-strictedEndowmentFunds Grand TotalSupport and RevenueCorporate and other contributions $92,100.08 $55,092.04 $147,192.12 $89,000.00 $236,192.12Total Contributions $92,100.08 $55,092.04 $147,192.12 $89,000.00 $236,192.12Endowment Earnings $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00Other Revenues $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00Total Revenues $92,100.08 $55,092.04 $147,192.12 $89,000.00 $236,192.12ExpensesGuests/ Fundraising Activities $0.00 $10,134.35 $10,134.35 $0.00 $10,134.35Printing and Promotion $0.00 $1,269.95 $1,269.95 $0.00 $1,269.95Scholarship Grants to AU (actual YTD 2009) $171,132.00 $0.00 $171,132.00 $0.00 $171,132.00Total Expenses $171,132.00 $11,404.30 $182,536.30 $0.00 $182,536.30Excess of revenue over expenses ($79,031.92) $43,687.74 ($35,344.18) $89,000.00 $53,655.82Interfund Transfers $38,030.09 ($38,030.09) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00Net assets, July 1, 2010 $254,462.65 $13,234.97 $267,697.62 $963,289.70 $1,231,137.32Net assets, June 30, 2012 $213,460.82 $18,892.62 $232,353.44 $1,052,289.70 $1,284,793.14(Hakovirta, from Page 1) ability research related to global business, and how it affects the pulp and paper industryin particular.Department chair Dr. Christopher Roberts said, "The Department of Chemical Engineering at Auburn University isextremely pleased to have Dr. Hakovirta providing leadership to the Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engi-neering, particularly given his wealth of experience and tremendous accomplishments in both the academic and indus-trial sectors. He has already forged a clear vision for AC-PABE, and the broader pulp and paper community, at thiscritical time for the industry."Dr. Hakovirta succeeds Dr. Harry Cullinan, who provided strong leadership to AC-PABE over the past 20 yearsuntil his retirement last year, and Dr. Steve Duke, who served as interim director following Dr. Cullinans retirement.The Alabama Center for Paper and Bioresource Engineering provides undergraduate, graduate and continuing edu-cation in science and engineering relevant to the needs of the pulp, paper and bio-resource industries, conducts funda-mental and applied research in line with the industrys research agenda, develops and transfers technology to the in-dustry consistent with the industrys technology vision and provides timely technical information to the operating sec-tor of the industry.
  3. 3. Buckeye CEO is APPF Banquet SpeakerP A G E 32 0 1 2 A N N U A L R E P O R TJohn B. Crowe was elected as Chairmanand Chief Executive Officer of Buckeye inJuly 2006. He served as President and ChiefOperating Officer from April 2003 until July2006. He was elected as a director of Buck-eye in August 2004. He served as Senior VicePresident, Wood Cellulose Division fromJanuary 2001 to April 2003. Crowe joined thecompany in December 1997 serving as VicePresident, Wood Cellulose Manufacturinguntil January 2001.Prior to joining the company, Crowe wasExecutive Vice President/General Manager ofAlabama River Pulp and Alabama Pine PulpOperations, a division of Parsons and Whitte-more, Inc., and was Vice President and SiteManager of Flint River Operations, a subsidi-ary of Weyerhaeuser Company. From 1979to 1992, he was an employee of Procter andGamble.A graduate of Florida State University, Crowe holds aMaster’s degree in Mathematics. He attended FloridaState University on an athletic scholarship and is a mem-ber of FSUs Sports Hall of Fame. Prior tostarting his business career, Crowe servedin the United States Air Force as a seniorpilot and Vietnam Veteran, retiring fromthe U.S. Air Force Reserves in 1997 withthe rank of Lt. Colonel.Crowe has been active in Forest Prod-ucts Industry trade associations. He servesas the chairman of the executive commit-tee and board of governors of the NationalCouncil for Air and Stream Improvement.He is also on the board of directors of theAmerica Forestry and Paper Associationand on the board of the Sustainable Forest-ry Initiative.Crowe and his wife, Betty, have twosons and two granddaughters. They residein Germantown, Tenn. Crowe serves onthe board of directors of United Way ofthe Mid-South and also on the board ofdirectors of the National Civil Rights Museum. He is adirector of Myers Industries Inc., a public traded companylisted on the New York Stock Exchange.John B. CroweChairman and ChiefExecutive OfficerBuckeye Technologies
  4. 4. By Charles Sewell2012 Membership and DevelopmentThe APPF welcomed Avid Solutions, Jedson, Mo-tion Industries, and Advanced Industrial Resources asnew members in the 2011 – 2012 fiscal year. Thedues from our 30-plus corporate members provide amajority of the funds needed to operate the foundationand pay for the annual scholarships we sponsor. Thispast year, the foundation awarded scholarships to 51students totaling approximately $180,000! None ofthis would have been possible without the dedicatedsupport of each of our member companies.If you know of any companies that may be interest-ed in joining the Foundation, please have them contacta board member for information. For those wanting toget personally involved, especially those with a pen-chant for fundraising, we can always use the help onthe Membership and Development Committee.Thanks to Tom Couture and Scott Childress fortheir roles in organizing the Spring Golf Tournamentalong with Mark Nichols and Peggy Jaye for their ex-ceptional job of putting together and organizing theFall Silent Auction. The work of these individualsand the many volunteers who give time, manual laborand financial support make APPF successful!Spring Golf TournamentThe Spring Golf Tournament proved to be anothervery successful year. Once again weather cooperatedand we were blessed with a warm sunny day. We hadsome great additions to the tournament this year mak-ing it even more enjoyable for participants. To kickthings off Yates provided Lunch at the club house.KBR sponsored a drink cart, which was a huge hit andhelped to keep everyone a little cooler throughout theafternoon. This was a welcomed addition on a hotday. Thank you to KBR and Yates for these two greatadditions to our tournament. We matched 2011 with28 paid teams and 112 golfers participating in thetournament. The number of corporate sponsors was anew record this year at 14. Gross proceeds for thetournament were $36,787 netting $30,260 to be ap-plied to scholarships. Once again we have raised thebar for our 2013 tournament by setting a new record.We had fantastic participation with some very lowscores this year. The IP Selma team was finally de-throned by the Yates team after winning the tourna-ment the two years prior. Following is a list of thewinning teams:APPF Committee Reports1stGross Yates2ndGross KBR3rdGross IP Selma1stNet RockTenn Demopolis2ndNet Honeywell3rdNet American Flow ControlScott Wilson with Advanced Industrial Resources (AIR)provided golfers with an excellent BBQ dinner. This is thethird year that Scott has cooked for our tournament and itseems to get better every year. AIR also sponsored the put-ting contest with the donation of a 47 inch Vizio FlatScreen TV. Thanks again to Scott and his team for thegreat meal and donations.As the tournament grows so do the responsibilities.Thanks go out to those who helped me in organizing, plan-ning and working the tournament: Scott Childress, MartinStap, Krislyn Harbin, Allyson Dozier and Jordan Moseley.This event has grown to become a major source of scholar-ship dollars for the engineering department. Also, a specialthank you goes out to all the companies that support thisevent with their sponsorship. It wouldn’t be the success itis each year without them. Make sure to mark April 18,2013 on your calendars for next year’s event. Thank youfor your continued support!Fall Silent AuctionThe challenge delivered to the Silent Auction Team thispast year was to collect more than the $25,000 raised by theSpring 2011 Golf Tournament. Not only did we deliver onthis challenge, we surpassed the total by $1,000! All total,the silent auction brought in about $10,000 more than theprevious year. The golf committee has again challengedthe silent auction committee to beat the spring 2012 total ofover $30,000. In order to do this, we will need everyonepresent and in a very generous mood. We look forward tohaving a large crowd at our fall meeting and I am sure thatauction chair Mark Nichols will have once again organizedan abundance of great items to bid on. If you are interestedin donating an item to the silent auction, please contactMark, Peggy or Charles , or to all of the organizers, donors and bidders formaking last year’s auction the most successful ever. Thechallenge now is to once again raise the bar so we canmake our foundation even stronger! Come bid on some theitems for sale such as beach condos, Bahamas cruise, week-end trips to Savannah and Ashville NC, rounds of golf atTPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville, Southwinds in Memphis,Masters practice round tickets, hunts, Auburn prints, andmany other great items.