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Weekly Club Newsletter of the Rotary Club of The Hills-Kellyville, D9680.

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20120716 weekly bulletin

  1. 1. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville Mon 16 July 2012 Issue 4. No. 03 Weekly Bulletin Monday, 16 July 2012 Last Meeting: Program: Meeting Community needs in NW Sydney 09 July 2012 Duty Roster tonight: Program: Door PP Wilf Van Emmerik State Member for the Hills Minutes PP Graeme Rohan Rotary Grace PP Alex Traill Apologies: Alan Jones Birthdays: 18-Jul Kelly Cann Ian Pearce Rod Tilden Anniversaries: Bob Low Greg Rieper Toasts: Loyal Rtn. Bob Low Overseas Club Rtn. Michael Gristci What Am I Up To Now PP Allan Walker Looking into the future On 1 July 2013, all districts will begin using The Rotary Foundation’s new grant model. How much do you know about the purpose and benefits of Future Vision?Next Meeting: A new Rotary year Monday, 23 July 2012 Rotary club, district, and Rotary International officers began theirProgram terms 1 July. Welcome the 2012-13 LifeStraw® Members Night leaders as they pursue Peace One effective way to help water- Through Service. stressed communities is to donateWHAT AM I UP TO NOW and distribute LifeStraw® Personal In this Issue water purifiers. These unique PP Alex Traill handheld devices are produced by Presidents Message Page 2 the Swiss-based companyDuty Roster Summary of Last Meeting Page 2 Vestergaard Frandsen. International Toast Page 4 Vocational Service Corner Page 5Door Foundation Thought Page 6 PP Alex TraillMinutes Rotary Four-Way Test: PP Gordon Scoble Rotary Grace: Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? “O Lord our giver of all good Will it build GOODWILL and BETTERRotary Grace We thank You for our daily food, May Rotary friends and Rotary ways, FRIENDSHIPS? PP Allan Walker Help us to serve you all our days”. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  2. 2. Page 2 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Hello Everyone, It was a good turnout at last Monday’s Club’s meeting, to hear our guest speaker Dominic Perrottet, State MP for Castle Hill, give his presentation. It was very encouraging to hear that Dominic is conscious of and a strong supporter of all the community service volunteers in the Castle Hill area. It was also good to hear him speak to Keith Stapley’s concerns about the changes in strategies for employment of educators in areas with high levels of indigenous pupils, given the strong connection we have with Kylie Pennell, Principal, of Bourke Public School, and her fear that her position may be at risk. On Monday we have Warren Weir speaking about meeting community needs in the Hills. Warren established North West Community Care (later to become Connections Community Development) with his wife, Cheryle, in 2000, implementing community strategies in new developments across Australia. In addition, Warren runs the charity North West Helping Hand that provides assistance to people throughout the Sydney region, and engages with Parklea prison on rehabilitation programm es. I am very much looking forward to what Warren has to say to us. Hope to see you all there. Warm regards, President Bobby Redman Summary of Last Meeting – PP Graeme Rohan PRESIDENTS REPORT Happenings during the week just pasted. Ray, Penny,Wilf and Myself attended Bunning’s opening on July4. Very impressed with store and presentation. Surprised at extent of community involvement already achieved. Penny and I attended the “Inner Wheel” changeover on Sunday July 8. Many members of our club were also in attendance as partners of the Inner Wheel members. A gala will be held at Oakhill College on Saturday July 21 and our club and others in the area will be staffing a tent to highlight the Rotary involvement in community. Volunteers are sought to firstly assist in setting up the facilities and in donating their time to attend on the Saturday On Saturday July 14 we have put together a party to contest the Rouse Hill Rotary Trivia night and hope to have a great night. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  3. 3. Page 3 The young lass presently undergoing treatment at Westmead by ROMAC is recovering well and offers of temporary residential assistance are still sought. We have become aware of a couple of Commonwealth Grants which may be available to assist our club in conducting meetings and community help and have circulated to members , suggestions as to what use these funds should be applied if we are successful. The results of our survey have chosen a “Defibulater” as the most needed. SECRETARY Wilf attended the Funeral of Robyn Gregory today and met up with a number of past and present Rotarians from the former Baulkham Hills Club. TREASURER Keith again reminded members of their need to promptly pay the first half of their 2012- 2013 Subs A heads up regarding the “Open Gardens” . A new garden has been secured opposite Oakhill College but one of last years is not available. A date change may be necessary. More to come. YOUTH Final entries have been received, only four schools participating this year, and being evaluated by Gordon. INTERNATIONAL Due to our involvement in the malarial eradication project, we have “Adopted” two villages in Papua New Guinea. Not sure what this means other than an appreciation of our involvement. Watch this space. GUEST SPEAKER- Mr Dominic Francis PERROTTET, LLB, BCOM MP Dominic spoke in general terms about his impressions as a member for the hills and the politics which have kept the district from getting its share of resources in the past. He is proud to represent this area which he believes represents the best community spirit of all the districts in NSW and possibly Australia. Hills residents are by far the most involved with activities involving their district. Issues involving such things as “N W Rail”, “Showground Road upgrade” “Traffic congestion” are the ones “bugging” our area and at least progress has been made in the first two after years of inaction. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  4. 4. Page 4 The State has a major lack of funds for infrastructure due to the ignorance of the growth potential of the Hills however the current Government has taken a number of positive steps to cut waste, reduce bad policy and generally change thinking from short to long term focus. The club should be justly proud of it’s successful “Bourke School Project” and he would seek further information with a view to assist in any changes which may be contemplated by officialdom to restructure the great working arrangement which we have achieved with Bourke school personal Weekly Toast - Overseas Club This week we would like to toast the The Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale – District 6990. W e congratulate them for their work for clean water projects and on celebrating 90 years of service above self . A Proven Track Record The Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale, in cooperation with the children of various schools such as the W .H. Smith School (a Syracuse NY Rota kids chap ter grades 1 to 7,), Rotary International and Angel Mission, have already donated more than 20,000 LifeStraw® units to needy people in Tanzania and Uganda. The partners are committed to reaching the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of reducing b y half the number of people (nearly 1 billion people, or 1/5 of the world’s population) without access to safe drinking water by 2015. Rotary International is a natural partner in providing clean water to prevent diarrhea and related life -threatening dise ases; the organization has been instrumental in the eradication of polio around the world and has a clean water initiative recognized by the United Nations. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  5. 5. Page 5 Vocational Service Corner The View from Japan - Vocational Service Through a Peace Fellows Lens Rotary Peace Fellow and photographer Allison Kwesell has traveled around the world covering areas devastated by conflict and natural disaster. She hopes that through photos, she can shine a light on the suffering of war and the importance of achieving peace. Kwesell, a student at International Christian University in Tokyo, is currently working with an organization to create photo albums for those who lost everything in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. If you had minutes to flee a disaster and could take only one item, what would you choose? Most people name a possession that is often impossible to replace: their photos. In Ishinomaki, Japan, which was obliterated by an earthquake and 20-foot tsunami last March, survivors escaped with their lives and nothing else. Photojournalist Allison Kwesell traveled by bus in November to Ishinomaki from Tokyo, where she is a Rotary Peace Fellow, armed with two cameras, photo albums, and donated Fuji instant film. She joined two photographers who had formed Photohoku, named for the Tohoku region, where the disaster struck. The nonprofit aims to help survivors build new albums – and new memories. “As a journalist, I often feel that I am taking stories from the victims of disasters, war, and poverty,” Kwesell says. “I believe such stories have the power to effect change, but my photos and words might never directly help the people who let me into their lives.” This trip was different. The team asked survivors if they’d like to pose for photos, then gave them the instant prints. The photographers started albums for them and listened to their experiences. Kwesell recalls photographing a woman with her grandchildren in front of their temporary home: “She told me she was happy I chose to photograph her there, because it gave her the courage to move forward. She said she believes that one day, she and her family will look back on the photo and remember what they overcame.” Invitation to Attend National Skills Week 2012 Don’t miss out on one of the most spectacular events of 2012! You have been invited to the launch of National Skills Week, we look forward to seeing you there on the 13th August at NIDA, from 5:30pm – 8pm Please RSVP by July 25, 2012 to isabelle.wening@skillsone.com.au. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  6. 6. Page 6 Rotary Foundation Thought for the Week Future Vision You can view the glass as half full or half empty on the topic of Future Vision. However, as we have worked through the steps needed to qualify our clubs and district, smaller clubs have begun to embrace the process and actively seek ways to work with other clubs, both within and outside our district, to create larger, more sustainable projects. Thousands upon thousands of people can be positively impacted by such projects and then we can truly claim that we are living up to our mission of Doing Good in the World. I challenge Rotarians to think big about the Future Vision Plan.‖ — Rotarian Cecelia Babkirk Vocational training team shares expertise with Aga Khan University faculty in Uganda Members of a vocational training team shared their expertise in nursing education with faculty at Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery recently. The training team, the first funded by a Rotary Foundation packaged grant, visited the campus in Kampala, Uganda, 27 February-12 March. Led by physician and Past District Governor Matthias Oladeinde Shoga, the three nurse educators from Nigeria trained their counterparts in teaching practices that promote student learning and improve effectiveness in education. The training covered research techniques, the use of anatomical models, simulated classroom situations, and how to assess students’ attitudes through body language. “To demonstrate their acquired experience, the faculty conducted classes for students with the team in attendance as observers,” says Shoga. “The [VTT] experience was enriching for both the team and the university, as we had things to learn from each other.” Maternal and child health The Foundation entered a strategic partnership with Aga Khan University last year, creating new opportunities for Rotarians to serve in the maternal and child health area of focus. Packaged grants are available under the Foundation’s Future Vision grant model. Dr. Yasmin Amarsi, dean of Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery, welcomes VTT leader Matthias Oladeinde Shoga to the university’s campus in Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Jan Damery The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  7. 7. Page 7 The team also met Dr. Yasmin Amarsi, dean of the school, who describes the launch of the partnership between the university and The Rotary Foundation through the VTT as a “history-making opportunity” to help improve maternal and child health in East Africa. She notes that it was particularly significant that the first VTT came to the university from another African country to forge stronger continental links and to learn from each other’s experiences. Team members also participated in a community service project sponsored by the Rotary Club of Muyenga, assisting the treatment of patients at a health clinic in Kassamu Kyali. The clinic is part of a large, sustainable Foundation grant project active in three areas of focus. It has established a clean water system, a bakery, a goat-breeding program, a vocational center where women sew dresses and uniforms for orphans and free mosquito bed nets for the community, and a solar-powered cold-chain facility that stores vaccines. The effort is sponsored by the Muyenga club and the Rotary Club of Genk-Noord, Belgium. “This was a revelation -- to see a single project touching so many areas of the lives of the inhabitants,” says Shoga. In addition, team members conducted a prenatal and health education clinic at the Mpigi Health Center, which serves about 120,000 people in an area near Kampala. Understanding Rotary As a result of the VTT, team members say they have gained a better understanding of Rotary and have since become involved in service projects with their sponsor clubs. “One of the team members has shown interest in joining her sponsor club,” says Shoga. “All have been invited to join the Rotary Foundation alumni association [and] are enthusiastic about joining.” As for future contacts between the VTT and Aga Khan University, Shoga says the university’s faculty are committed to continuing to improve their skills as educators and excited to be part of opportunities that offer outside assistance. “Our findings of a survey made of students and faculty, as well as recommendations of The team meets staff from the Mpigi Health Center near Kampala. Photo courtesy of Matthias Oladeinde Shoga the team, have been [provided] for future use by the faculty,” says Shoga. “The VTT plans to remain connected to the nursing education faculty at Aga Khan University.” The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153
  8. 8. Page 8 Club Members Dan Murphy Roster Name Classification Ray Campbell PP,PHF Education - Secondary Saturday 21 July 12 Thomas Cann PHF Landscape Supplies PP Greg Rieper Col Davis Accounting Taxation PP Wilf Van Emmerik Russ Evans PP,PHF Finance - Henry Grech PP Legal Practice Michael Griscti PHF Lighting Technician Saturday 28 July 12 Penny Hill PP, PHF Customer Service Manager PP Graeme Rohan Alan Jones PP,PHF Marketing Consultancy PP Penny Hill Bob Low PHF Electrical Distribution PP Haran Ramachandran Robert Mackey PP,PHF Construction Services WHAT AM I UP TO NOW Ian Pearce PP,PHF Industrial Consultancy Bruce Pike Nursery Retail Suresh Prasad PP Sugar Research July Haran Ramachandran PP,PHF Computer Support 23rd Alex Traill Bobby Redman Psychology 30th Alan Jones Michael Richardson Honorary Member Greg Rieper PP,PHF Consultancy Graeme Rohan PP,PHF Petroleum Distribution Gordon Scoble PP,PHF Education Primary Waiting Room Jim Sifonios PP,PHF Product Development Keith Stapley PP,PHF Photogrammetry There were three fathers to be in a hospital Rod Tilden PP,PHF Window Furnishing Sales waiting room, waiting for their babies to be Alex Traill PP,PHF Building & Maintenance born. Wilf Van Emmerik PP,PHF Specialised Transport Allan Walker PP Funeral Direction The first nurse comes out and tells the first Glenn Willcox PP Project Estimating father, "Congratulations youre the father of P – President PP - Past President PHF - Paul Harris Fellow twins!" He says, “Great! I am the manager for the Minnesota Twins.”Club Calendar The second nurse comes out and tells the second father, "Congratulations youre the father of triplets”! He says, "Thats cool! I work for 3M." The third father opens the window and jumps out. The third nurse comes out, and asks, “Wheres the third father?" One of the other fathers said, "Oh he jumped out the window.” The nurse asks, "Why?" Note: Apologies must be in to PP Graeme Rohan by 12pm on Mondays so numbers He replied, "He works for Seven Up!" can be confirmed for dinner. The Rotary Club of the Hills-Kellyville meets Monday Night at the Castle Hill Tavern 6.15pm for 6.45pm start. Postal address: P O Box 6502, Baulkham Hills Business Centre 2153