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New Work Style > Future Work


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Introduction to "New Work Style" in our Transformation Project to Future Work. Core is the implementation of Office 365. This presentation focuses on the culture change and organizational development.

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New Work Style > Future Work

  1. 1. Bitte decken Sie die schraffierte Fläche mit einem Bild ab. Please cover the shaded area with a picture. (24,4 x 7,6 cm) Harald Schirmer Twitter: @haraldschirmer | LinkedIn New Work Style Introduction
  2. 2. Public New Work Style > Future Work 3Harald Schirmer © Continental AG
  3. 3. Public New Work Style > Future Work A common goal: Future Work with #JoinForces Culture Development New Learning Environment Tools Frame Conditions Culture Development • OUR BASICS • Leadership development • OCM (Leading Change) • CBS - Lean • Working Out Loud • Diversity … Frame Conditions • Flexibility Engagement Campaign • Mobile Work • Part Time & Flextime • Sabbatical Tools • O365 - Migration New Work Style • ConNext - Enterprise Social Networking • Learning Management Solution • Windows 10 … Environment • Modern Infrastructure • Workplace of the Future • Room concepts • Collaboration spaces • Up to date devices New Learning • GUIDE Network • CoachNet • New Learning at Continental Future Work
  4. 4. Public New Work Style > Future Work New Work Style means a holistic change approach Tools alone will not make us more productive Outlook will not reduce your mails – A new behavior will! We respect our employees diverse needs and offer multiple learning options Becoming the most progressive and most attractive employer 16 March 2018 Harald Schirmer © Continental AG 3
  5. 5. Public New Work Style > Future Work “Answers” need to be shared, bevor they can find you! Continental’s power is in its people – together we will make a difference. With New Work Style, you can build a reputation and valuable networks by sharing experience, knowledge, skills and information. Start sharing = getting better answers! share. Do you know YOKOTEN? Remember our core Values? Keep in mind our CEO Mission: “removing silos” Sharing starts with giving. Transparency, building an online reputation and networks are the basis of a successful future We are used to find help via YouTube & Wikipedia – do you create and share valuable content at Continental?
  6. 6. Public New Work Style > Future Work asking questions is more important than having answers I don’t know! Even if you know everything about a tool – with evergreen (constant changes) you will need to learn permanently “Knowing” is a good basis, but knowledge is typically “somewhere” available, you better have good questions and the ability to find answers (together)
  7. 7. Public New Work Style > Future Work New Work Style = getting things done easier! New Work Style will make us more efficient & more productive work. Productivity means to us: less work, less clicks, less effort but more impact and reaching our goals faster.
  8. 8. Public New Work Style > Future Work 9 Start document on OneDrive Review / edit same document on OneDrive* share (link) ✓ Have full version control ✓ Always in sync (also mobile) ✓ Work parallel with multiple users Hard drive Your mail outbox Receivers mail inbox Review / edit on hard drive Send back (outbox) Receive in my inbox Store on hard drive 1 copy 2 copy 2. Version 1 copy 2. Version 2 copy 2. Version 3 copy 2. Version 1. Version *Alternatively use it in Teams, or SharePoint New Work Style example: Stop sending, start sharing What we do today: (2 people work on one document via eMail) How we can work tomorrow: (x people work on one document via Sharing with OneDrive)
  9. 9. Public New Work Style > Future Work You are not alone! New Work Style enables you to collaborate on eye-level across all disciplines and hierarchies all over the globe. Let’s take the barriers out of our collaboration! and more than 1000 GUIDEs worldwide will support you! Collaboration = doing it better – together! collaborate.
  10. 10. Public New Work Style > Future Work New Work Style learning options new work style TOOLFINDER project Video Channel External Learning by YouTube & others
  11. 11. › Full project and process transparency in our 42 community (protocols, drafts, early results) › Participation from day one (everyone can be part of the project) – rising speed, quality, relevance, reduce resistance › tube42 (video project podcast) – modern approach to keep the curious ones informed › Building a strong, global GUIDE network – Change agents, who support while building positive reputation › Social Support Forums – open feedback, questions and collaborative learning - Users help users › Offering concrete best practice micro Workflows to enhance productivity while reducing effort › Learning journey with corporate functions like Works Council – resulting in a trust based Manifest › Respecting our employees divers needs and offering individualized and relevant answers (e.g. 12 learning types) › Automation of repeating tasks with the “social touch” > our interactive, embedded and connected MO365 BOT › External collaboration with other organizations, facing the same challenges › Testing modern collaboration and organizational methods within our own teams (agile, Kanban, Design Thinking, Rule Breaker workshops…) › Traveller’s Guide – new ways of communication, engagement, leading change to drive sustainable adoption We walk the talk: New Work Style Role modeling within our project