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Getting started with LinkedIn by Harald Schirmer


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Appreciation is like a muscle, that needs to be trained
In my eyes LinkedIn for business networking is about building a reputation, growing a network, showing appreciation and adding value - I tried to describe my learning journey - maybe it inspires you to join.

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Getting started with LinkedIn by Harald Schirmer

  1. 1. - Virtual Business Card - (Digital) Reputation - (Global) Networking - Relevant Trends - Continuous Learning - Employer & Personal Branding
  2. 2. Top features of LinkedIn ✓Your virtual business card ✓Vita, Publications, Achievements… Profile ✓Security & data protection ✓Visibility & notifications Preferences ✓Your unique address ✓Be professional Your URL ✓Your contacts ✓Who knows you! Network ✓People & companies ✓Groups & content Search ✓Text, Images, Video ✓Links to other sources Content ✓Your skills & competence ✓Endorse others Skills ✓Like a digital certificate ✓Show value & appreciation Recommendation
  3. 3. Posts: ▪ short status updates ▪ Inspire, make curious, refer ▪ text, images, videos, links How to contribute at LinkedIn? Articles: ▪ your blog for longer content ▪ Provide valuable insights / knowledge ▪ Might be promoted in LinkedIn Pulse Content use @mentions to reference to someone (or notify, promote, value, appreciate) use #Hashtags to add relevance and filters to an expression Feedback: ▪ Like = like, agree, recommend to your network ▪ Comment = add your opinion, feedback, personal view ▪ Share = re-post under your name (and add your reason)
  4. 4. ✓ communities ✓ closed or open Related LinkedIn apps & services SlideShare Groups Learning Portal ✓ presentations, pdf, files ✓ learn, exchange, re-use ✓ present, share, promote ✓ premium content ✓ curated learning modules ✓ methods, tools, trainings
  5. 5. Your (digital) learning journey publish your own content – build a reputation create a profile – become visible start observing – start learning invite contacts – grow your network be curious – show appreciation share existing content – become valuable make it a habit 5 minutes per day not more / not less
  6. 6. › Profile picture (professional, not older than 5 years) › Name, title, company › Use a title background › Add some skills › Add data, you want to share create a profile – become visible ✓Start small and grow ✓Add more over time ✓Learn from others ✓You only publish, what you feel comfortable with ✓Publications are great Tips
  7. 7. › See what happens › Accept relevant invitations › Be kind and appreciative › Come back regularly › You decide! › No need to read everything! (it’s not an “inbox”) start observing – start learning ✓Make it a daily habit ✓Spend only 5 minutes ✓Change perspective ✓Ad personal notes to invites or when accepting ✓Reject only invitations for a good reason Tips
  8. 8. › Network is about who knows YOU! › Start with your colleagues and peers › Add people by topic and interest › Add people you are curious about › Enhance profile with slides, achievements, skills › Don’t be shy › Your network adds relevance by likes and re-posts (this needs a minimum network-size >100!) invite contacts – grow your network ✓Connect with your business card collection ✓Don’t fear “too many” ✓Visiting ones profile is “visible” to person ✓Do this regularly ✓Use recommendations ✓Trust your network Tips
  9. 9. › Like interesting or good posts or articles › Re-post articles, to show to your network › Give endorsements (confirm others skills) › Say (comment with) “thank you” › Use peoples names be curious – show appreciation ✓Humans like positive people ✓It is a SOCIAL network ✓Appreciation is a great and simple investment ✓Help comes from “friends” ✓Answer @mentions! Tips
  10. 10. › Add your experience as a comment › Add a reference (link) to valuable content › Share your personal opinion › Show your agreement by liking (adds relevance) › Show your values > stand up against… › You (& your network) join forces in providing a filter for relevant news by like, re-post and comment share thoughts on existing content – become valuable ✓Start with contributions to others content = easier ✓Feedback is the food for content provider ✓Be authentic ✓Become a relevance filter Tips
  11. 11. › Start with post on topics YOU are curious about › Share what you learned › Make it digestible (structure text, add images) › For bigger topics use articles › Enjoy the feedback – thank for it publish your own content – build a reputation ✓Posts = Minutes ✓Articles = Hour(s) ✓Articles are more sustainable ✓Event reviews are great ✓Don’t aim to high ✓Your audience decides, what is relevant! Tips
  12. 12. Need a challenge? Practice appreciation! Write a recommendation to a profile of a person: - who did a great job - who supported you lately - who influenced you in a positive way - who created value in your (work) life could be as simple as “thank you”, pointing out what competence or values one demonstrated or why you valued the collaboration… … it might feel odd in the beginning – but: appreciation is like a muscle, that needs to be trained HowTo? 1. go to profile 2. click “more” 3. recommend
  13. 13. Add an invitation / follow me note to your presentations and a link to your signature / Business Card, Blog… Thanks for listening I love feedback – maybe on LinkedIn?