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Unit 1 M1 benefits of twitter in business


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Unit 1 M1 benefits of twitter in business

  1. 1. Harbinjit Salh
  2. 2. Advertising Businesses can use twitter to promote new products orspecial offers, when products are back in stock. because of social media people can reply and retweetso more people see these and start visiting thebusiness. It is also cost effective because twitter is free to use.
  3. 3. Communication People can easily contact to the business for information orif someone has some problems they can quickly get serviceswith the business on twitter. If they show good customer service, its more likely thecustomers would have contact with the company again orthey would endorse the company.
  4. 4. Recruitment Business can use twitter to recruit new employers, bytelling customers they are going to employ. They can also check there accounts to see if the peoplewho are intervening are right for the job.
  5. 5. Website link By using the companies URL’s in twitter, the morecommon it appears in search engines. It can also help promote the website because if it isused in social media more people are likely to checkwhat it is about.