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If Not Now


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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If Not Now

  1. 1. If Not now, When? This scene is at the start of the film and we see the protagonist being shot in a well-lit scene, this signifies to the audience that everything in his life is going well and that he is in a happy state. Also from the mise en scene having a little girl waking him up firstly represents that they are a close family and that something important is happening. In this scene the audience can get an understanding of the environment for these young people. This has been done through the mise en scene. By having the estate behind the youths it connotes that they are trying to escape from that life by playing football away from it. Also by have diagetic sound of their laughter is gives the audience a feeling that the kids are enjoying themselves.
  2. 2. Here we see both characters being well lit and this connotes to the audience that there are strong feelings for each other, and that they are positive because they are lit the same. Also they are in the focus and the background has been blurred to illustrate to the audience that they are the main focus and what is said in this shot is important to the story.