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Twitter in 3 Slides: for TV Shows


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Twitter in 3 slides: what it is, why bother, what to do.

Deck created for TV shows but applicable to all.

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Twitter in 3 Slides: for TV Shows

  1. 1. twitter for tv shows in 3 slides andrew cherwenka june 2009
  2. 2. what is twitter? It’s a really popular microblog full of 140-character ‘tweets’. The Ellen Show is using it to: gather over 2M fans in 1 place give them unique content like this backstage pic to grow the group drive these 2M people to her show website offer twitter-only exclusives to grow the group size (and drive a bigger crowd to her website)
  3. 3. why bother? It’s a powerful marketing platform you can use to: Drive incremental traffic to and viewers to the show Build a bigger fan base and more influential advocates Get closer to your show fans & let millions see you doing it “5 Signs He is Mr. Wrong” was posted on Tyra’s website, Facebook, and Twitter. Engage your fans in dialogue • It gathered 101 comments on Facebook. • It reached 70,578 followers on Twitter and exponentially more if it was retweeted. Expand your web presence by • Google indexed the tweet (not Facebook), being part of an exposed making it searchable and exposing it to social network (all tweets are millions. searchable on Google) • All of these touchpoints linked and drove traffic back to
  4. 4. what do we do? Start by setting up a free profile Link in to Twitter from Read any of the ‘000s of tweets already posted about your show Search for fans and follow them Respond directly to people to quickly build your presence Engage fans by posting show news, insider info, asking opinions and feedback, retweeting comments Syndicate this feed to, Facebook, other web touchpoints Link out to photos, vids, promos, contests on Integrate this with the show and site
  5. 5. andrew cherwenka | vp biz dev 632 w 28th st, 8th flr | new york, NY | 10001 office 212.607.8045 | cell 917.608.5898 Twitter: @andrewcherwenka 250 the esplanade | toronto, canada | m5a 1j2 office 416.601.1999