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watchOS 3 Apps Demo


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Apple Watch Series 2 and watchOS 3 have arrived! Let's get together and watch (pun intended) the apps being built by our fellow meetup group members.

Speakers will present their apps for Apple Watch and share the tips they learned while developing for watchOS 3. Attendees will learn about design and development. You'll also be able to download many of the apps from the App Store and give the developers feedback.

Note: We hosted two similar events in Santa Clara on Tuesday and in San Francisco on Thursday.

About the host

Ben Morrow is a developer, author, and hackathon organizer. With the Apple Watch community, he's been teaching tools and techniques to launch apps for the watchOS platform. He posts video and code on happywatch.

About the group

We're a community of designers and developers who code in Swift and use tools like Sketch to craft experiences for iOS and for the Apple Watch. We learn by doing. Our meetups offer an avenue to connect together and work on projects.

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watchOS 3 Apps Demo

  1. 1. watchOS Apps Demo
  2. 2. 8-minute Sessions
  3. 3. Loading
  4. 4. Scribble
  5. 5. SpriteKit & SceneKit
  6. 6. Vertical Navigation
  7. 7. Gymaholic Devenyi Gabor Sleep++ David Smith [WMG] 13-in-1 AlhoGames Remote S Rego Apps [DL] Nudge Purple Gator
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Golf Swing Analyzer
  10. 10. Progress
  11. 11. Escape
  12. 12. Campus
  13. 13. UHL
  14. 14. BigMovers
  15. 15. Gymatic
  16. 16. SKTRings
  17. 17. Draw
  18. 18. Edge
  19. 19. watchOS Apps Demo