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1 Welcome To Go Mobile Today

  1. 1. Welcome to GoMobileToday bringing you Smart Mobile Solutions, (sms)1. What is Mobile Marketing?Everyone is familiar with “texting” where people are texting one another, family, and associateswith chat or important messages. It’s become so popular that there are many times more textmessages sent than voice conversations. As a matter of fact the number of mobile devices in theUS is now double the population, indicating many have more than one mobile device.Mobile marketing is small, medium and large businesses communicating directly to consumerswith a message about their products, services, discounts, promotions, special offers or whatever abusiness or organization wants to make known to a prospect or customer in a matter of seconds.Mobile marketing is becoming very effective, because unlike email that sits in people’s inboxesfor hours and days and 50% never get delivered, mobile marketing text messaging is deliveredalmost instantly and statistics show that 97% of marketing text messages get opened and almostall are opened within the first hour of receiving. Just compare that to 65% of marketing emailsbeing spam and many remainimg unopened. Mobile marketing text messaging is getting yourcompanies message or offer delivered and acted on by a prospect or customer for “same dayresults”, and that is huge. That translates into huge profits.Think about this. 80% of Americans feel they get the quickest response from a text message. Infact, 52,083 text messages are sent every second……that’s 1.56 trillion annually and itsgrowing…exponentially. There are twice as many cell phone users as internet users There aresome pretty big players investing in the mobile marketing media. Google acquires Admob for$750 million. Twitter acquires Cloud Hopper and Apple acquires Quatro for $275 million.US mobile advertising rose from $421 million in 2006 to $2.8 billion in 2007 and is estimated toreach $28.8 billion by 2015. GoMobileToday has made it easy for any size business,organization or individual to play in the same game as the fortune 500,100 and 50 companies.2. Who uses Mobile Marketing?Any business or organization that wants to get “same day” results from their message or offerand wants to be assured of delivery to their prospect or customer is using or will be using mobilemarketing text messaging. The customer that is a return customer is much more profitable to anybusiness than constantly having to get new customers. If mobile marketing can deliver thosekinds of results to any size business, organization or individual, wouldn’t you want to benefittoo? But the best part is that by making yourshort code 75880 and your keyword known, you arebuilding a data base of prospects and customers that you can market to over and over. Thatmeans you send the message you want, when you want, to get the results you want. It’s all aboutresults.So the simple answer to “who uses mobile marketing”, is anyone who wants to build a growingdata base of prospects and customers that you can market special offers and opportunities to andget same day results. When those customers are satisfied with your product or service, you canoffer them something special for referring someone else to text your keyword to 75880 and your
  2. 2. data base of customers just keeps building and growing. Are you ready to get started yet?3. What to do next?Watch the infomercial video on this site to see how mobile marketing is working in the marketplace. If you have watched the infomercial video, fill out the information so that a mobilemarketing representative can contact you and help you get started with the right package andtools for your business or organization needs. If you were directed to this site and infomercialvideo by a representative, please get back to that person so they can help you start getting results.We can help you compete and grow in a tough or easy market environment, but we can only helpyou when you give us the chance.