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Summercamp 2013: The Innocent Story with Tansy Drake


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Tansy has been at innocent for the last 8 years and seen the company grow, shrink and grow over that time. From starting on a part time contract on the front line as a people’s champion (aka customer service), to formalising and running the award–winning Creative Team and now as their Brand Guardian she has a hunch as to what makes innocent tick – and has kept it buzzing for so long.

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Summercamp 2013: The Innocent Story with Tansy Drake

  1. 1. A few words about innocent Tansy Drake Global Creative / Brand Guardian / Nice Pear innocent
  2. 2. the main thing
  3. 3. the main thing?
  4. 4. steal with pride
  5. 5. use your own voice
  6. 6. People will love it
  7. 7. be interesting
  8. 8. never listen to no
  9. 9. …so listen up, open up
  10. 10. keep talking
  11. 11. listen up, open up