Summercamp 2013: Creating a happy workplace with Henry Stewart


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Henry set up Happy and built the company around the idea that people work best when they feel good and are treated well. He spoke to the Summercamp attendees about how we can build startups based on trust and freedom.

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  • Warm up People work best – how would be different? Nandos, edmans 3 skills of managers - tables When I worked at my best – pairs & summary Vote on important Maslow Pre Approval – groups on using Framework Celebrating mistakes Recruit for attitude Work/life balance – what if said had to work hours Managers should be chosen, roles of management Choose your manager Strengths Treat people… Example marketing person – tables to decide Further exercises 80 ideas My strengths as a manager Delegation Listening
  • Summercamp 2013: Creating a happy workplace with Henry Stewart

    1. 1. Creating a Happy Workplace Henry Stewart Happy Ltd
    2. 2. Best Workplaces: UKTop 20
    3. 3. People workbest when they feel good about themselves
    4. 4. £100,000 £235,000 Alex Edmans, Wharton Business School
    5. 5. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self -actualisation Self-esteem Belonging Safety Physical Needs: Eat, Sleep
    6. 6. Pyramid of Management Needs Trust Freedom Challenge Support Communication Reward
    7. 7. Pre Approve It
    8. 8. Behaviours of Great Managers 26/09/13 All rights reserved © Mutual Ventures Ltd 2013 8 Activity: Identify the two most important – Project Oxygen: Top 8 •Technical skills •Good communicator •Help with career development •Be productive and results-oriented •Empower your team and don't micromanage •Express interest •Be a good coach •Clear vision
    9. 9. Behaviours of Great Managers 26/09/13 All rights reserved © Mutual Ventures Ltd 2013 9 1. Be a good coach 2. Empoweryourteamand don't micromanage 3. Express interest 4. Be productive and results-oriented 5. Good communicator 6. Help with career development 7. Clear vision 8. Key technical skills.
    10. 10. Principles Targets Job Ownership Feedback Support
    11. 11. Who would you recruit?
    12. 12. Roles of Management Strategy Decision Making Supporting Challenging Nurturing
    13. 13. Roles of Management Role A Strategy Decision Making Role B Supporting Challenging Coaching
    14. 14. One thing I like about these ideas...
    15. 15. One thing I will do this week...
    16. 16. 80 Ideas - Free henry@ @happyhenry
    17. 17. Creating a Great Workplace Henry Stewart 07870 682442 Twitter: happyhenry
    18. 18. 1. Trust YourPeople 2. Make YourPeople Feel Good 3. Give Freedom within ClearGuidelines 4. Be Open and Transparent 5. Recruit forAttitude, Train forSkill 6. Celebrate Mistakes 7. Community: Create Mutual Benefit 8. Love Work, Get a Life 9. Select Managers Who are Good at Managing 10. Play to yourstrengths