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Microphone Bearer


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Persuasive(?) Descriptive(?) not sure with what kind of writing this is. This is an output for a blof we made fo Academic Discourse Wrtiting.

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Microphone Bearer

  1. 1. Happy Nezza B. Aranjuez 10 - Einstein Microphone Bearer Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room packed with many people enough for you to not hear your own self-consciousness and just enough for you to be blinded of what really is happening around. Imagine yourself trying to go out of that room, how do you plan your escape? How will you manage to go out? Do you think that if you helplessly plead your way out they would listen? Would they notice how you have been enduring their blank and abstruse stares lurking in the room? And how your ears have been bearing every rubbish word reverberating on the walls? Suppose you are to attain an object that could help you find your way out, what would that object be? If you ask me, I would choose a microphone. Aren’t you baffled with how a simple aluminium-bodied device could increase the volume of any sound directed to it? Yet also amazed of how it wondrously echoes every word you articulate? People’s sense of hearing is not as sensitive as the animals’ and some also have ears that won’t listen to anything which they perceive as of having no value to them. These people are the ones who are hard to convince and will eagerly reject everything which they believe is wrong or untrue. Microphones have been aiding the means of communication ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It has been a main tool in many occasions involving a huge herd of people since its major use is to let the speaker’s voice be heard all over the area. Running candidates use these when they desperately ask for people’s vote during seasons of sweet-talking and showing off. Professionals (not only them but also normal people) rely on it also when having talks, meetings and speeches in a room of aspiring monkeys or seeds. Aside from that, it’s also needed during concerts and shows, you see it in the media, in the news broadcast, and it’s also present even in our gadgets and phones. To simply say it, you use this aluminium-or-plastic-bodied-copper-coil-containing transducer to make your voice louder or audible. It doesn’t change the words that you say, every sound the same but not the volume. People have different purposes of why they want to use it. You might strive to be one of the mentioned individuals above, may it be the politician or the professional. As long as you have the microphone, people will listen to you and try to comprehend everything you say. It serves as a title, a belt to a boxer, a doctorate degree to a lawyer or an engineer, an ID for employees and students, a diploma for a college graduate or even a key. That when you have it you’ll be able to say whatever you want to say given that you will be heard and listened to at all costs. So you have to be mindful of every single word you release through your mouth. It is only you who decide what to use it for, for the truth to be proclaimed? Or for the truth to be sugar-coated? Choose wisely microphone bearer. Make sure that every word you’ll say will make a significant change not only to you but also to other people’s lives.