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How To Find Influencers Without Spending Hours Searching on Social Media or Blogs

An influencer doesn’t necessarily have to be a celebrity, journalist or blogger. Here, we share a few smart tips on identifying and finding the right set of influencers for your brand.

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How To Find Influencers Without Spending Hours Searching on Social Media or Blogs

  1. 1. HOW TO FIND "lNFLUENCERS" WITHOUT SPENDING HOURS SEARCHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR BLOGS . . . . o. O?&. ..o. .o O . “.. O; 0. . happymarketer
  2. 2. Who are lnfluencers on Social Media? An individual’s online reputation factors into social media influence, which means the more influential you are on social media, the better your reputation is. w: §@3?9@a@ Influencers are people who have the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their real/ perceived authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. An influencer doesn't have to be a celebrity, journalist, or blogger. happymarketer
  3. 3. Why Social Media Action and social mentions are driven more effectively by “power middle. ” Mid-level influencers like bloggers have a smaller but more loyal audience and drive more engagement than paid media and “mega influencers. " marketer
  4. 4. Having influencers discuss their brand experience is crucial. of buyers consider online reviews “very influential" when making a purchase decision. marketer
  5. 5. 0 LG (: o% 33% I5TE%I of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only trust ads. marketer
  6. 6. Why lnfluencer Marketing is the "New King" of Content if d influencers sharing your content can lead to a 3 - 10X increase in conversion rate! / © 2 out of 3 brands have a influencer marketing strategy 3 G 20% of women will consider purchasing products supported by influencers. happymarketer Courtesy: www. wersm. com
  7. 7. Here are some statistics When making purchase decisions, WU" blogs trail only behind retail g‘ and brand sites. Blogs were found to be the third-most influential digital resource when making overall purchase ( ), only behind retail sites ( ) Retail and brand sites ( ) marketer Courtesy: www. wersm. com
  8. 8. Consumers TRUST influencers more than brands Branded content comes across as being biased, so consumers go online to find reviews and recommendations from people who are not associated with the brand. ®®®®® 92% of consumers 70% of consumers 47% of U. S. 35% of U. S. 20% of women trust reported online readers consult readers look active on social recommendations customer reviews blogs for finding to blogs for media are from other people as the second most new trends and discovering new motivated to even someone they trusted source. ideas. products. consider products don't know - over promoted by brand content. bloggers they know. happymarketer Courtesy: The Shelf
  9. 9. Here are some statistics 3 - 10X INCREASE IN CONVERSION Sharing your content through influencers in your industry increases conversion by at least a 3 - 10X higher rate. .5 . ... ... ... ... ... . ... ... ... ... ... . . .$$$$$ hap $$$$$ . ... ... ... ... ... . = . ... ... ... ... .. . ... ... ... ... .. . .$ happymarketer
  10. 10. Here are some statistics BRANDS ALLOT LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY FOR INFLUENCER MARKETING 65% of brands participate in lnfluencer Marketing. Courtesy: The Shelf (9 K9 ((((((@3 52% of companies have a stand-alone Sponsored Social budget for their brand. 9 £39 5% have an organizational annual budget in excess of $5M and 25% have an annual budget of $500K. happymarketer
  11. 11. Here statistics THERE ARE INFLUENCERS IN EVERY INDUSTRY 44% 80% 74% 20% 20% 26% Social Media Food Life Style Video Games Pop Culture Music "r©1 % 5% Q Tia 47% 43% 65% 47% 32% 30% Health Entertainment Parenting Fashion Technology Advertising ‘V! I3 X 5,13 W 17% 52% 40% Business Beauty Travel am an >-)- happymarketer Courtesy: The Shelf
  12. 12. RESEARCH: Make sure you do your research before blasting out a pitch to every influencer in your industry. GO FOR RELEVANCE. ’ “Ca” Relevance is far more important than mass reach to the wrong audience. BE REAL/ ST/ C: When approaching an influencer always show respect to their time and effort. marketer Courtesy: The Shelf
  13. 13. ~'v TH/ NK CREAT/ VELY: 9 Bring creative ideas to the table but always be open to nilht feedback from the influencer. MEASURE SUCCESS: Be sure you know the metrics you want to measure fl i before starting the campaign and collect them when the campaign is over so you can gauge success marketer Courtesy: The Shelf
  14. 14. How to find Industry So you think finding Influencers is tough? marketer
  15. 15. Here are 2 strategies to find your industry 1 Social influencer metric tools Co 2 Social media platforms marketer
  16. 16. 1 Social metrics The big 3 social influence metric sites are Klout, Peerlndex, and Kred. K Search “social/ digital media" on Klout to get the top social media influencers: jeffbu| las. com Jose Javier Garde L. . Susan Gilbert 1 , 2 , 3 Following '-’ Following V Follow 4 p__ Jay Baer 5 ” Shelly Kramer 6 '1? Lee Odden 31 -’ Following U FOIIOW so ‘ ’ Follow 7 ; Pam Moore 8 Search Engine Land 9 _ Avinash Kaushik ’ Following maul V Follow I 9 Follow marketer
  17. 17. Social metrics Peerlndex show who your influencers are influencing: marketer
  18. 18. Social metrics Kred shows highly influential bloggers based on genre: powendby - kred ll‘-I4.-. l-I_I'. '.". ‘.'l_ c. nLv; u«_. 1r_- IHLSE S‘l‘_-''ES @ roe uiriuriicrns v TOPOIITRFACIIFRS marketer
  19. 19. Social media platforms Twitter More options v ImpuctOondIAcodomy -' ~ when wasmoiaslmieyousaid Yfisroyourseln-ow. iy/ TAwOw ¢women. Hun: ly. vbIo9o«. Iuiirepvu-cu, -itestyle 1. Use the search function on Twitter to directly find new influencers. n. .. . . - Little Nola -> my1m| enotoe. uogpot. oo id Ixumpumfiloggu lrhapyfllogng Iupdnlofiloqlfllogoor 2. Follow hashtags to determine what industry influencers are using and . ..a. .m. ... . ~. v ~ engaging on your niche keyword topics. 133.3.. ... ... §‘lf.7II3§e5'§I‘i. "f'ZII‘L'o': L'i. °L’IZ'I‘f”°""'C°"°"' 3. Use Twitter analytics direct from the _ ; Fruaockllnlu . .. UNIQUE ARTICLE CREATOR Mclecroator rulicontcntrss com Isoo iiblogging SOLITCQ. unacxinnuaioooorlrnarxciingnou criaPerspociivos! romlAu. .. ' Allsuflloon . - - umoue ARTICLE CREATOR anciecmior miiconiemrss corn lseo -blowing Ioooilnk -blogoov Irrwuaiinq ICM CM Perspectives from -Asa. .. happymarketer
  20. 20. Social media platforms Facebook 1. Use Facebook search to check out people in your industry. 2. Like influencers who have both a high fan base and a high engagement rate (check their “talking about" numbers). 3. Check out and join industry specific Facebook groups. L nloggerurvlce , ,. o . I _- F blogger templates .9 - . happymarketer
  21. 21. Social media platforms as Em Linkedln E maul: to’ Iloognv G cm Bloggor Vnm-cik A grocp 1:: din mo 30.1990-1‘A pan to woman BnK. mun I114! flu! BOON‘! 9-cannon J01 "IO V3-D 1. Use Linkedln search to check out l'. ‘.'. ‘;"; .I. f3'. f’. °.? "?. I.. I‘, 'f. §*. .°lI. ... .., ... .,. ... ... ... .. people in your industry. °°°'""'°"m _ I _ Fas-iori Bloggor ‘J-31w0'| -1 2. Like influencers who have both a high 4, _ f§f; fA": f;; f;ffiff; °f; _‘: j’°“”‘°“'” fan base and a high engagement rate ‘ " , (check their “talking about" numbers). 0 s. x.. ... ... .., .-. ... ..; .., ,,, ,., . MY --in -in IIIJU1 sacral Mn-ax. SOCJIUOOI pond Lemme Sim. » Maoie Aopov Ema! -'0: aux. ‘ secs‘ 3. Follow Influencers on Linkedln and their other social sites. Join groups and §1fgsLI_fi, '.f3,; ‘;fg;1‘__, __m_m_n_°”_, watch for group influencers. omnch rid retrcvis a wound In Io. marketer
  22. 22. THANKS & KEEP IN TOUCH! Creator: Sumanth Raj Urs I @tweesumz ( For lnfluencer Management Solutions J Contact us at: hello@happymarketer. com I www. happymarketer. com happymarketer