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14 Best Practices for Airlines to Maximize their Digital Dollars in 2014


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This 42 slider deck shares 14 ideas for airlines to study, evaluate & adopt as part of their digital marketing plans for 2014. The deck includes case studies to support each idea.

The fundamental premise being how can airlines leverage on digital to engage & add value to their customers before, during and after their flight?

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14 Best Practices for Airlines to Maximize their Digital Dollars in 2014

  1. 14 Best Practices for Airlines to maximize their Digital Dollars in 2014
  2. Digital Dollars = Digital Delight + Digital Differentiation
  3. Key Principle: How can airlines add value to its customers before, during & after the flight, through digital?
  4. 1. Be Accessible, Visible & Searchable
  5. Travel sites are expected to receive 50% traffic from mobile devices by 2014 & the industry has one of the highest smartphone conversion rate. Is RBA accessible via mobile & mobile ready?
  6. Its criminal not to be present when someone is searching for you. Ensure that your airline’s web properties are optimized for natural search!
  7. Leverage on Google’s Rich Snippets. They deliver convenience to customers & great value to travel brands!
  8. Optimize your website for Google Flights!
  9. On average, travel purchases see 5-6 media exposures before converting, hence reach & frequency matter in digital
  10. Research indicates that while paid search alone drives 71% higher AOV, integrating it with natural search has higher ROI potential
  11. Complement your search ads with Google Display Banner Ads – they drive higher conversion for the travel sector!
  12. In 2014, get ready to roll out interactive video ads through YouTube & Facebook!
  13. Manual media buying will give way to Programmatic buying for higher efficiencies SouthWest Airlines & Airtram Airways are amongst the global Top 10 spenders on programmatic media buys!
  14. Be accessible via social channels & allow customers to buy through Facebook & Twitter
  15. 2. Reach out to your customers often & with a purpose
  16. Make the most of Google & Facebook Re-marketing ads to reinforce your brand & drive conversions
  17. 3. Get real ‘Likes’ – convert your customers into fans
  18. Can we have an initiative to convert at least 20% of our regular flyers into fans? • Through in-flight Wi-Fi • At your lounges • While waiting for delayed flights • Offering exclusive promos to Fb fans
  19. 4. Trigger emotions by narrating you airline’s brand story through real, transparent, humorous anecdotes
  20. Create content that is real & shareworthy for it to potentially go viral – Your own Reality TV Show!
  21. 5. Capitalize on real-time, contemporary events.
  22. Create real-time content by associating your marketing plans with contemporary issues, events & memes
  23. 6. Create social currency through exclusive, personalized offers
  24. Create offers that can only be availed via Facebook check-ins, tweets or #tags!
  25. 7. Provide social status through social CRM based loyalty programs
  26. Use social media gamification techniques to create a social CRM based loyalty programme.
  27. 8. Social Customer Service & Care
  28. Build a social media command centre to listen, analyze & respond to customers real time
  29. 9. Collect, analyse, optimize & monetize digital data
  30. Embrace yourself for Big Data Analytics tools like GA Premium & Hadoop to understand & monetize demand and purchase preferences • Optimize air ticket prices • Optimize online sales • Cross & up-selling opportunities • Weather forecasting to optimize fuel loads
  31. 10. Innovate by integrating digital into current products & services
  32. Can we save costs & generate awesome PR through digital boarding passes?
  33. Can we engage our customers through a interactive, digital copy of our inflight magazine?
  34. 11. Encourage direct online bookings through new age digital payment
  35. Can we pioneer a path to allow for direct online or mobile bookings through bitcoins or digital wallets?
  36. 12. Involve your customers by crowdsourcing ideas & feedback
  37. Utilize the “wisdom of the crowds” to gather & implement inspiring ideas and involve them in the process!
  38. 13. Do good through participative digital CSR initiatives
  39. Provide a digital platform that allows your fans to participate & contribute to a meaningful cause as part of your CSR
  40. 14. Digitally delight & surprise your customers
  41. Plan out integrated offline-online campaigns to surprise your customers in real time & create goodwill
  42. Have a safe, fun, exciting & purposeful digital journey:)