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A Social Media Creative Team's Dream Brief

  1. A Social Media Creative Team's DREAM BRIEF (and how you can make it come true) happymarketer
  2. If Account Executives are from Mars, then the Creative Team is… probably FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY! happymarketer
  3. happymarketer And sometimes, it just feels like we, the creative team, speak a different language altogether. Sometimes deadlines are tight. Sometimes that certain piece of work has to be reworked.
  4. happymarketer While the language maybe different, we’re more than willing to translate. Here’s how to give us a creative brief that will make things easier for us (and smoother for you). It’s a win-win!
  5. TOO MUCH INFORMATION (it’s called a brief for a reason!) DON’T: Fill out the brief with unnecessary details or give us a whole list of pros of the product to work with. 1 happymarketer
  6. INSTEAD, TRY: Answering this one question: What is the one thing you want us to dramatise? happymarketer
  7. THE ATTACK OF THE JARGON DON’T: Employ roundabout marketing terminologies and utilize grandiloquent verbiage. (See what we mean?) happymarketer 2
  8. INSTEAD, TRY: Straight talk that will engage and inspire. happymarketer
  9. CARRY OUT REBRIEFING - SECOND TIME LUCKY! DON’T: Brief us without fully understanding the clients’ requirements first! Multiple changes at a later stage = wasted time & effort. happymarketer 3
  10. INSTEAD, TRY: Rebriefing. After you prepare the creative brief, run it by the client to make sure that you’ve got the proposition right and that you’re not missing anything important! happymarketer
  11. AN UPSIDE DOWN BRIEF DON’T: Start with the long-winded background details, before leading up to the requirement and the actual proposition. happymarketer 4
  12. INSTEAD, TRY: Giving us the proposition first. We creatives are an intuitive bunch, so this helps us absorb the information better. happymarketer
  13. DIVE DEEP DON’T: Simply give us a superficial understanding (the Who, What, Why) and leave it at that. happymarketer 5
  14. INSTEAD, TRY: Doing your research and including relevant extras and examples. happymarketer
  15. happymarketer A good brief eliminates misinterpretations. A good brief is the difference between pulling all-nighters and getting it right the first time, so that we can all go out for a beer. Care to join us for a round or two?
  16. happymarketerhappymarketer THANKS FOR READING! Compiled by: Sanhita Mukherjee & Riya Naskar GOT SOME INTERESTING STORIES TO SHARE ON CREATIVE BRIEFING? FEEL FREE TO REACH US OUT AT: @hmarketer |
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