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4 Steps to Social Media Success


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Here are the 4 steps to achieve Social Media Success.

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4 Steps to Social Media Success

  1. 1. The 4 Steps forSocial Media SuccessDavid LiemSenior Consultant, Web
  2. 2. About Happy Marketer?• Headquartered in Singapore• Provides Strategic Consulting and Training Services• Focused on bringing market leading thought leadership in Social Media Marketing to APAC• Trained over 1500 professionals in less than 2 years• Yahoo & Google Certified Partners
  3. 3. We all knowsocial media isBIG
  4. 4. >1billion Social network users
  5. 5. 750Million People on Earth is on
  6. 6. 2.9 Billion hourswatching a month
  7. 7. 1.6Million messagesget sent a day on
  8. 8. 2+Billion mobile phone subscribers in Asia
  9. 9. 42%Had a conversation with abrand via social network
  10. 10. Yes, we all knowwe have to be on social media...
  11. 11. But how do weDO IT??
  12. 12. The 4 Steps to Social Media Success
  13. 13. The 4 Steps toSocial MediaSuccess
  14. 14. Attract1. Advertising2. In-Store Promotion3. Viral / Word of MouthGoal: Grow your community.
  15. 15. Advertise• Sponsored Ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!• Email database
  16. 16. In-Store Promotion• Tags on TV, posters, brochures, website
  17. 17. Viral / Word of Mouth
  18. 18. Attract1. Constant Content2. Community3. Customer ServiceGoal: Increase participation
  19. 19. Create Constant Content• Short videos• Infographics• Articles• “Constant content creates a constant audience”
  20. 20. Care for your Community• Provide educational material
  21. 21. Customer Service• Learn how to answers questions, complains.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Twitter
  24. 24. Facebook• Ran contests, customer service, share photos/videos• First 1000 fans get a free beer• Measured post quality (number of interactions/comments), traffic to website
  25. 25. Customer Service and Engagement• Free beer to the 1st 1000 fans• Low advertising• Lots of conversation & images• Lots of promos being offered
  26. 26. Attract1. Contests2. Coupons3. Cell PhonesGoal: Influence perception, storevisits and purchases
  27. 27. Quizzes
  28. 28. Photo Contests
  29. 29. Coupons• Exclusive discounts just for followers
  30. 30. Cell Phones• Near Field Communication (NFC), QR Codes
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Attract1. Size of Community2. Quality Conversations3. Revenue GeneratedGoal: Utilize metrics to makebetter business decisions
  33. 33. Size of Active Community• The number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers• Blog posts, comments• The number of pictures, videos, article views
  34. 34. Quality of Conversations• Did you learn anything from your customers? Did they learn anything about you?• Reviews?
  35. 35. Revenue Generated• Sales from events, contests, and products promoted through social media• Reduction in marketing expenses• Set the right expectation about revenue
  36. 36. The 4 Steps toSocial MediaSuccess
  37. 37. The 4 Steps toSocial MediaSuccess
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Recommendations for the next 4 weeks1. Internal check of existing social media accounts2. Competitor analysis on social media3. Assign an internal evangelist
  40. 40. Thanks!Email: David@HappyMarketer.comWeb: HappyMarketer.comTwitter: @hmarketerFacebook: