Social Media for Associations - a 2008 update


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An update for the Houston chapter of the Society of Association Executives - what's new in the 2.0 world since March 2008?

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Social Media for Associations - a 2008 update

  1. Keeping the Social Media games going An update on Social Media for associations Katie Laird //
  2. How do YOU get your members excited and engaged?
  3. What we’ll talk about... • Social Media tool review • Connecting with Influencers • The power of Facebook What’s new for associations since March 2008?
  4. But it’s still all about the people...
  5. Let’s talk Social Media tools
  6. Social Media Tools Let’s Get Blogging! • Set up a fast template Blog • Start simple - match branding graphics later • 5 posts before ‘launch’
  7. Let’s get Blogging! Wordpress Template Sites
  8. Let’s get Blogging! Tumblr - Art of the Uber-Simple
  9. Houston Arts Alliance - targeting their audiences //
  10. Association online marketing help :)
  11. Social Media Tools Podcasts - How an iPod makes you smart • Low-tech recorded online ‘radio shows’ • Amazing knowledge sharing • Listen wherever you want
  12. Social Media Tools Twitter for association / event promotion
  13. Social Media Tools Online video - no popcorn required • Tell your members’ stories • Keep members in the loop • Share knowledge • Be genuine
  14. Artists promote Orange Show awesomeness
  15. Social Media Tools Growing Community through photography
  16. Social Media Tools Identify the Influencers - learn how to listen www, Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you Email updates for your company name and keywords Yahoo! alerts you of any occurrences of defined terms and names
  17. Find Blogs to read and learn from //
  18. IceRocket - Prolific vs. Influential = 2 different things
  19. Blogpulse Conversation Tracker:
  20. Addictive and essential Google Reader:
  21. Are you on Facebook yet? (you really, really need to be)
  22. Harness the power of Facebook Your Facebook profile at a glance • Flesh out your profile before you start friending • Personal and professional lives are blurred (good and bad) • You can be picky who you connect with - and should be! • Re-purpose your other Web content on Facebook
  23. Harness the power of Facebook Creating a group for your Association • Group pages grow camaraderie • Coordinate, promote and follow up on events • Encourage member contribution (reward them!) • Select a handful of officers for increased participation
  24. Harness the power of Facebook Other Facebook goodies • Photos - comment, tag and albums • Videos - • Applications • ‘Web Identities’
  25. Harness the power of Facebook Advertising on Facebook - 120 million users
  26. Social Media for Associations Review • Stay well-rounded and well-branded • Find the Influencers (location matters) • Get. On. Facebook. Seriously. Associations 2.0 - Going Social and Getting Smarter
  27. Thanks for participating! Katie Laird Schipul - The Web Marketing Company // (281) 497.6567, ext. 519 Email: Personal brand: Blog: Flickr: Twitter: Find my slides on Slideshare: