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Collaborate baby! Smart Collaboration and Communication Matters (from Frost and Sullivan CCC 2014)


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Are you effectively maximizing your employee creativity and brain power across teams? Organizational silos are an unacceptable hindrance to your success. Learn how works across teams (from the contact center to marketing to IT and beyond) to enhance business strategy, day-to-day communications, customer experience, profitability and more.

Key Take-Aways:
- Actionable steps to promote cross-team communication and collaboration – how does this work?
- Top 5 questions your contact center should ask other company departments to succeed – where do we start?
- Success stories on interdepartmental projects that could change the way you do business – what are the opportunities?

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Collaborate baby! Smart Collaboration and Communication Matters (from Frost and Sullivan CCC 2014)

  1. 1. Profitable Collaboration: Smart Communication with Great Results Sean Graham Sales Director Katie Laird PR Manager
  2. 2. Unexpected collaborators
  3. 3. Welcome to the Blinds.complex! o The power of Culture o Tips, tricks + tools o Success stories We play well together here.
  4. 4. Power of Company Culture
  5. 5. Frank Blake says: AWESOME Core Values
  6. 6. Experiment without fear of failure. o Failure is NOT a bad word o Empower people to innovate o “Test” tubes o ‘Open Idea’ policy
  7. 7. The importance of place o Chance encounters o Group work space o Meeting room variety o Beautiful, fun, smart
  8. 8. Intrapreneurship o Group support o Public accountability o Hire from within o Share results publicly
  9. 9. Invest in your ideas
  10. 10. Collaboration Tips, Tricks + Tools
  11. 11. How easy are you making it? o Make it habit, make it a no brainer o Dedicated ‘Idea Email’ account o VIDEO!! o Senior leadership driven Ease of use changes behavior.
  12. 12. WOWeachother!
  13. 13. It’s all in the communication mix… o Passive communication o Collaboration tools o ‘Special guests’ in team meetings o Walkabouts o Remote working stations
  14. 14. Transparency matters o Where is your Roadmap? o Start a SayJay (or ‘HeyKay’) o Align company + employee goals compensation o Culture of celebration
  15. 15. Collaborative Team Success Stories
  16. 16. The art of listening • CEO letters • Ratings + reviews • Website surveys • Social Media buzz • Online brand monitoring • “How did you hear about us?” Success tip:
  17. 17. Social Media + Sales o Smart content marketing + sales = BFFs! o Track EVERYTHING: o Video interactions o Social conversions o Last referred domain o Love thy Social Media Marketer 2013 Social Sales YOY Up 40% +
  18. 18. A typical Social Sale story Meet Joshua!
  19. 19. Social Media + Service o Pro-active searching for challenges o Product training for PR team o Online PR training for Contact Center o Set ‘rules of engagement’ for networks 2013 Twitter @ replies 2500 +
  20. 20. Social Service stories Meet Steven! TIMING! - Same biz day from PR - 2 hour response from CC Ask for public update when things are made right.
  21. 21. The ultimate collaboration The CUSTOMER!
  22. 22. Speed + power matters VS. Empower your people to make decisions and ACT! How fast can you turn on a dime?
  23. 23. 5 questions to ask your team 1. WIIFTC? What’s in it for the customer? 2. Does this align with our Roadmap? Just a cool idea or totally on point strategically? 3. What is the impact? Will it move the needle in your business? 4. Who has the skills? Be open minded + look across teams and departments. 5. How does success look? What metrics will you use to measure ROI?
  24. 24. Final Thoughts o Improve continuously o Communication mix + tool experimentation o How fast is your boat? o HAVE FUN!!!
  25. 25. Thanks! Katie Laird – PR + Marketing @happykatie Sean Graham – Sales + WOW