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Getting to know you Venn Diagram


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Published in: Education
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Getting to know you Venn Diagram

  1. 1. Getting-to-Know-You Venn Diagram Gather groups of three students. Supply a prepared three-circle Venn diagram (see an editable sample Word 82KB ) for each group. Students talk in their groups about themselves and the things they like to do. After a brief discussion, students must… • Decide on at least three ways in which they are all alike; they write those things in the area of the diagram that intersects all three circles. • Find ways in which they are like one other student in the group and record those ways in the appropriate areas of the diagram. • Determine a few facts that make each of them unique and write those facts in the appropriate sections of the diagram. This activity helps students recognize and appreciate likenesses and differences in people. It also introduces them to Venn diagrams on the first day of school. This type of graphic organizer might be used many times throughout the year. Rene Masden, Sixth District Elementary School, Covington, Kentucky