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Paper recycling


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Paper recycling

  1. 1. Paper Recycling 1 DINH MA THIEN LONG VISK2011B
  2. 2. Outline 1 . The history of paper recycling1 . The history of paper recycling 2. The Process of Making Recycled2. The Process of Making Recycled PaperPaper 3. The Benefits of Recycling Paper3. The Benefits of Recycling Paper 4. The Ugly Truth About Recycled4. The Ugly Truth About Recycled PaperPaper 2
  3. 3. The History of Paper Recycling • Paper recycling is the process of turning waste paper into new paper products. • Three categories of paper that can be used : mill broke, pre- consumer waste and post-consumer waste.
  4. 4. The History of Paper Recycling Paper recyclingPaper recycling has been goinghas been going on the in Unitedon the in United States sinceStates since 1690.1690. Paper can bePaper can be recycled up torecycled up to seven times. 4
  5. 5. The process of Making Recycled Paper 5
  6. 6. The Benefits of Recycling Paper Save Energy and ResourcesSave Energy and Resources Save ForestsSave Forests Save WaterSave Water Decrease the Size of LandfillsDecrease the Size of Landfills Environmental protectionEnvironmental protection 6
  7. 7. The Ugly Truth About Recycled Paper The recyclingThe recycling process offloads aprocess offloads a great deal ofgreat deal of wasted ink orwasted ink or sludge into thesludge into the environment.environment. Chemicals used inChemicals used in the bleachingthe bleaching process are stillprocess are still 7
  8. 8. Thanks For Your Attention! 8