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On Bruce Dou


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On Bruce Dou

  1. 1. 青岛正彩包装 Hello Everyone I am Bruce Dou, Chinese name Dou Jianzhi, “窦建 智”. Since 2011, I have been working in flexible packaging industry in China, as an international sales, providing metallized films, laminated foils and kinds of printed pouches to global customers. In 2014, I entered Henkel as a regional sales of Loctite adhesives that are used in flexible multilayer lamination, in charge of maintaining and developing new businesses in Shandong, China. Much thanks to the sales experience in Henkel, that gives me a broad view of flexible packaging industry, and enables me to explore the best resources under flexible packaging industry. In 2016, I work as international sales at Qingdao Zcolor Packing Co., Lts, that is a professional converter located in Qingdao, China.
  2. 2. 青岛正彩包装 Now, I started to launch videos to share what I know under flexible packaging industry. Below photo is I visit the flexible converters in Shandong with my camera. And I showed at Xiongxian Flexible Packaging Exhibition in 2015 I would like to record what I see under flexible packaging industry in China, and revert it to people who may be interested in. And I have launched many videos regarding flexible packaging, as below.
  3. 3. 青岛正彩包装 In the future, I would like to launch more videos regarding flexible packaging, and hope to create more values to my partners.