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096 How the aluminum foil is converted into foil bags


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096 How the aluminum foil is converted into foil bags

  1. 1. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING How the aluminum foil is converted into foil bags By Bruce Dou Packaging Specialist in China Qingdao ZCOLOR Packing Co. Ltd Aluminum foil pouches are widely used for high barrier packaging applications, such as meat, chocolates, coffee, flavoring etc. Usually, aluminum foil is considered as absolute barrier to moisture and oxygen even the actual permeation data will be exactly depending on the pinholes of the aluminum foil. Here
  2. 2. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING is a barrier characteristics for aluminum foil and metallized film as below. Barrier Characteristics Film Description OTR (cc/m2/24h) WVTR (g/m2/24h) Aluminum Foil Aluminum foil 0 0 MPET Metallized Polyester 0.95 1.2 However, there are some drawback for aluminum foil 1) Easy tear apart 2) Easy to produce wrinkles under outside factors 3) No seal ability to convert into pouches So, aluminum foil has to combine with other polymer film to realize its barrier performance in packaging applications. Usually, there are several common foil structure listed as below 1) PET//AL//PE (CPP) 2) NY//Al//PE (CPP) 3) PET//Al//NY/PE (CPP) 4) Paper/Al/PE Please note, all the substrate material have to be food grade and intended for food direct contact packaging applications. Then it comes to multilayer lamination, to get the aluminum foil trapped between. Aluminum foil can be laminated with outside printing substrate by dry lamination, extrusion coating lamination or wet lamination. In china, now solvent-free lamination is seldom used for aluminum foil laminate with outside layer. Usually, solvent lamination is used for aluminum foil laminate with inner seal layer. We will give a further explanation on this in the future.
  3. 3. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Then this lamination aluminum foil is cured into one whole and ready for pouch converting. First, the laminated foil roll is uploaded onto the unwinding roller on the bag-making machine, and when the foil web passes through the rollers, the heat sealer then converted the foil into pouches As you can see, the width for the aluminum foil pouch is depending on the effective converting width of the bag-making machine, and we are able to make aluminum foil pouches with maximum width 1000mm. Any questions regarding large aluminum foil pouch, you may reach us for further advices. Of course, tear notch has to be finalized on cutline of the pouch, that will make easy use at consumers’ side.
  4. 4. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING And this is a standing up zipperlock pouch produced at our plant.
  5. 5. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Aluminum foil coffee valve pouch And also we are providing retort aluminum foil pouches for food manufacturers, that will have requirements for the inks, adhesives and substrate materials for the pouch. We will give a further explanation in the future.
  6. 6. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING We are a professional producer of aluminum foil pouches located in QINGDAO, CHINA. Any questions regarding packaging, you may reach us for further ideas. Contact: Bruce Dou Qingdao ZCOLOR PACKING Co., Ltd Qianhai West, Chengyang, Qingdao, China Email: Skype: happbruce2010 Mobile: +86 159 6981 3136 Follow me here