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094 Kraft Paper Zipper Reseal Foil Pouch for snacks made by China Factory


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094 Kraft Paper Zipper Reseal Foil Pouch for snacks made by China Factory

  1. 1. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Zipper Reseal Kraft Paper Foil Pouch for Snacks By Bruce Dou Packaging Specialist in China Qingdao Zcolor Packing Co. Ltd This is a small kraft paper zipper pack intended for packing snacks or candies in a small amount. There is not printing artwork on the outside for the kraft paper, that gives a kraft visual effect for the pouch. First, let us have a brief understanding on the layout for this kraft paper pouch.
  2. 2. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Pouches at this size are able to hold about 50~70g of candies and snacks, also we are able to provide larger kraft paper pouches. As kraft paper is porous substrate with plant fibers, it is not able to provide barrier property required for snacks packaging. So there shall be a polymer film layer applied in this kraft pouch. In this zipper kraft paper pouch, there is a metallized polyester film applied as middle layer, as you can see, there is a bright metallic inside effects for the pouch. Metallized polyester film is to deposit a thin layer of aluminum atoms onto the surface of polyester substrate and then finally achieve a bright metallic barrier foil as below. We shall share more about metallized polyester film and how it fulfills the barrier packaging applications in the future. And here let’s have a look at the foil structure for this kraft paper pouch.
  3. 3. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING As you can see, kraft paper works as outside layer and present kraft effect for the pouch. VMPET film, short for vacuum metallized polyester film, works as middle support layer and barrier layer. Inner LDPE film works as heat seal layer for this pouch, as this pouch is sealed just by a heat sealer. There are different methods for lamination of these three layers with different advantages and drawbacks, we will share more regarding this in the future. Of course, we are able to provide artwork printing for this kraft paper pouch, with some items as below. And also we are able to provide matt varnish effect for this pouch. For kraft paper, it will not enable the consumers to see through and have a basic understanding on the products inside, so a clear front window is much preferred when customizing paper pouches, and this is a flat bottom zipper kraft paper pouch with a clear front window.
  4. 4. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING We will give a further explanation on this flat bottom kraft paper pouch in the future. Contact: Bruce Dou Qingdao ZCOLOR PACKING Co., Ltd Qianhai West, Chengyang, Qingdao, China Email: Skype: happbruce2010 Mobile: +86 159 6981 3136 Follow me here