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008 Realization craftsmanship of clear window dog chews pouch


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008 Realization craftsmanship of clear window dog chews pouch

  1. 1. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Realization craftsmanship of clear window pet food pouch By Bruce Dou Packaging Specialist in China QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Standup pouches have taken large part of the dogtreats packaging, the great standing presentation on the shelf will surely give the consumers passing by a fantastic eye-catching attractiveness. However, when we are able to apply a clear front window into the dog chews pouch, it will enable the consumers to judge the dog chews inside just from the outside appearance, so buying decision is immediately made, and the dogs will just enjoy a long journey taste for your dog treats. That’s really nice. However, based on my experiences serving customers, some customers may have some trouble to realize this clear window standup pouch in a fantastic way, as it has to concern with window type, artwork design, actual printing effect, dimensions of the pouch and window, cost effective consideration, etc. As a packaging specialist, it is my duty to help my customers to realize the pouch they want, so hope what I share in this article be of help for those persuing what they believe ideal. 1) Artwork A real great artwork is not just a great one viewed on the computer, it has to be tested by the effect after actual printing and converting process. As flexible converter, we are not so professional in artwork design, we just share some of our ideas on this. a. The dimension of clear window shall be appropriate ratio for the whole layout of the pouch.
  2. 2. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING This clear window is just a little smaller ratio compared to the whole pouch. b. The clear window is better full in a block, not many spots scatted separately, unless you are sure the consumers may get a clear understanding of the inside content just through these separate spots. c. The main color for the pouch shall be not be in conflict with the color of pet food. 2) Metallic background Sometimes, we may need the backside of the pouch to be metallic, that enables the pouch to well reflect the lights and present a better looking for the inside pet foods.
  3. 3. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING This metallic background may be realized by half part metallized polyester film or metallized CPP film, this will be determined upon particular application. Please reach us for further ideas once you have doubts within this field. Compared to the back metallic part, the front clear part will not own the same barrier property, so in this way, the whole barrier property for the pouch will lower in some extent. There has been several ways to fight against this situation, just as demetallization the clear window part, or GL layer is applied in this pouch. There has been different advantages and drawbacks for these solutions. I will give a further explanation on this topic in the afterwards. 3) Cost effective One important point is to realize the desired clear window pouch in an effective way, however different realization may require different costs. It is not easy to judge how much cost the customer need to pay for this pouch, please reach us for further assistance when you have troubles in this aspect. 3) Printing This pouch is realized by rotogravure printing, that will impose vivid eye-catching effect for the pouch, so the clear window has to be well integrated into the visual effect, to realize a great fantastic pouch. 4) Lamination
  4. 4. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Lamination of this pouch can be realized in different ways, such as dry lamination, extrusion coating lamination, solvent-free lamination. I will give a further explanation on differences of these several ways. What I want to highlight is the influence to the clarity. Compared to solvent-free lamination, dry lamination will present better clarity, this is essential to figure out once you need a much clear window. 5) Materials To achieve a clear window on the pouch, the materials applied have to be in a perfect combination, the first thing for this pouch is food safe, and then at a cost-effective way. There are many detailed points on which we may have much further discussions, all these details work together into a fantastic pouch. I will share with you guys what I experience in the afterwards. Contact: Bruce Dou Qingdao ZCOLOR PACKING Co., Ltd Qianhai West, Chengyang, Qingdao, China Email: Skype: happybruce2010 Mobile: +86 159 6981 3136 Follow me here