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002 Types of bottom guesseted standup pouches


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002 Types of bottom guesseted standup pouches

  1. 1. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Types of bottom gusseted standup pouches By Bruce Dou Packaging Specialist in China QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKAGING In the last article, I just give a basic share on how to measure a bottom gusseted standup pouch, however when we talk about bottom gusset, some customers may not be aware that there are several styles to realize this bottom gusset, of course, each type will present different effect in the final application. Here, I am going to have a detailed talk on this bottom gusset. 1)Round bottom gusset Round bottom gusset stand pouches are one of the most common pouches in the market. The gusset is U shaped.
  2. 2. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING This style enables light-weight products, which otherwise fall over, to stand up straight, using the bottom seal as “feet” for the pouch. This style is ideal when your product’s content weighs less than a pound (about 0.45kg or less). If the product is too heavy, the seal could crunch up under the product weight. This style requires added expense of a die to be custom-made in order to manufacture the pouch. Also, in our experience, this style allows for a larger amount of product near the bottom, so that the pouch can be shorter in height. 2) K seal When a bag reaches a certain size it is not possible for it hold up the weight of the product while resting on the sealed edge of the material. In this case, the type of bottom that is created is called a K-Seal.
  3. 3. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING There is generally no die needed to manufacture this pouch. Again, in our experience, this style expands less and so the same volume of products seems to require a slightly taller bag than the round bottom. 3) Plow bottom The plow bottom is recommended for heavy products over than 5 pounds. There is no seal at the bottom and the product sits flush on the bottom of the pouch. There is only seals on the sides of the pouch. You may have a look at the actual photo.
  4. 4. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Contact: Bruce Dou Qingdao ZCOLOR PACKING Co., Ltd Qianhai West, Chengyang, Qingdao, China Email: Follow me here +86 159 6981 3136 Happybruce2010