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001 Barrier films applied in dogtreat packaging


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001 Barrier films applied in dogtreat packaging

  1. 1. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Barrier films applied in dogtreats packaging By Bruce Dou Packaging Specialist QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKAGING Dogs todays are considered as one of family members that also extend our love to its food. At the same time to ensure the packaging materials have to be food safe, it is absolutely essential to extend the guarantee period for the dog foods and treats. As a specialist for pet food packaging, I would like to share some of my experience on the packaging films, hope it be of help for personnel in charge of packaging in companies of producing pet food. 1) NY film NY film, short for nylon film, that is classified as middle barrier film in packaging application. (I will
  2. 2. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING give a clear explanation on Barrier in the afterwards). NY film has great barrier property for oxygen, aroma and some oil. Please note that the barrier property will decrease sharply when the NY film absorb some content of water. Also, the NY film used in the dog food packaging has to be synchronous orientation, the property for this NY film is quite different from the NY film asynchronous. Anyone interested to know about the NY film produced in China, please just reach me at 2) VMPET film VMPET film, short for vacuum metallized polyester film, that is achieved by depositing a thin layer of aluminum atoms on the treated side of polyester film. Let’s have a look at the graphic of process.
  3. 3. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING The thickness of the aluminum layer ranges from 100Å to 1000 Å, so this this thin layer of aluminum atoms enable the metallized film to be sunlight shielding, fine gas barrier and moisture proof. Usually, to achieve this better barrier property, metallized polyester film is applied, with effect as below when viewed from the inner side. 3) PET film PET film, short for polyester film, is the most common plastic film for barrier property, even though the barrier property is not as good as nylon film, however the cost for polyester film is the most effective for most common items. 4) Aluminum foil
  4. 4. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Aluminum foil is a very thin layer of aluminum sheet, usually with thickness at 7 microns applied in dog food packaging. Aluminum foil is the best barrier foil applied in all kinds of packaging materials, however with two drawbacks. a. High cost The cost is higher compared to other packaging mateirals. As known to all, China is a large producer for aluminum foils and sheet, as China is abundant with aluminum minerals, and based on my understanding, the processing technology for aluminum foil advances in the last 10 years. Will have a report on this topic if anyone interest. b. Non clear. That will not enable the consumers to judge the content inside just from the appearance. 5) NY/PE co-extrusion film For the most common PE film, it is usually 3 layers, with PE/PE/PE structure. However, along with the particular requirements for PE film, this 3 layer film will not work better as PE/PA/PE/PA/PE co- extrusion film. In these 5 years, there are a lot of China blown film factories set up this 5 layer co- extrusion lines, and this 5 layer film is more widely applied in flexible packaging industry. 6) EVOH co-extrusion film EVOH, short for ethylene vinyl alcohol, that has strong barrier property of moisture, oxygen, aroma, and oil. However, EVOH can’t be processed solely into film, so it has to be coextruded with PP or PE
  5. 5. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING into film with tie resin as bonding layer. 7) K film K film, is short for PVDC coated film, with is achieved by applying a thin layer of PVDC latex onto the surface of PET, OPP, NY film, and then dried through heating oven. Then the K film owns great barrier property for oxygen and moisture. There are many K film factories in China that are able to finalize good quality of K films, and some of them also export to many countries in the globe. Anyone interested in K film produced in China, you may reach me at my email. Above are the main barrier films applied in the dogtreat packaging. As to particular packaging application, one or more of them will work to achieve the multi-function barrier property at competitive cost. I will share one item and then another in details for the dogtreats packaging. Anyone interested may just reach me at
  6. 6. QINGDAO ZCOLOR PACKING Contact: Bruce Dou Qingdao ZCOLOR PACKING Co., Ltd Qianhai West, Chengyang, Qingdao, China Email: Skype: happybruce2010 Mobile: +86 159 6981 3136 Follow me here