Parable of the pipeline


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Parable of the pipeline

  1. 1. PARABLE OF THE PIPELINE Based on the Best Seller “Parable of the Pipeline” by Burke Hedges
  2. 2. A Note to the Viewer Please take your time and go through the Story carefully! It has a very powerful message for you. Be sure to immediately respond to the mail and give your feedback along with your coordinates Let’s begin….
  3. 3. Bucket Carriers200 Years ago, Bruno & Pablo lived in asmall village.The village elders appointed them to carrywater from the distant river to the towncentre where they had built a tank.They were promised $1 per Bucket theycarried and Sunday Off every week
  4. 4. Is This a Good Idea?Pablo & Bruno were thrilled – they were youngand strong and very ambitious and could carrylots of Buckets.They set out on the first day and earned goodmoney.However, Pablo was not very keen on gettingup next day and do another 50 trips back andforth carrying heavy buckets
  5. 5. A Better Idea?Pablo thought, “Surely there must be a betterway!”He dreamt up a plan to lay a pipeline fromthe river to the Tank in the village centre.He suggested this to Bruno, who startedlaughing at Pablo. He said this has neverbeen done before. He was happy with his“job” and was earning good income.
  6. 6. Good Life or Great Life?Bruno said that he had a secure job and hedid not have time to spare for the pipeline.Besides he was leading a “good” life.Also Pablo had told Bruno that he wouldhave to buy some tools and Bruno wasreluctant to spend his money on such tools.Pablo was not discouraged.
  7. 7. Start Somewhere! Pablo started on his own. He saved some money from his Bucket Carrying job and bought tools. After carrying enough Buckets in a day, he went back to the River and started Digging. It was tough work initially as he was not used to this type of work
  8. 8. Slow ProgressEvery day, after work and many more hours onSunday, Pablo would often be found Digging theHard Ground and Laying his Pipes.At the same time, Bruno would finish his Job andgo meet up with his friends and spend time atthe local inn.Bruno bought the most expensive Hut in theVillage and also bought a Donkey fitted withFinest Leather Saddle.However, to keep with these new expenses, hewas forced to carry more buckets.
  9. 9. Tiring Work – Carrying Buckets Soon Bruno found that he was tiring earlier and his shoulders aching from carrying more and more Buckets every day. His life started revolving only around how many buckets he can carry every day and how many drinks he needed at the inn to make him forget his pains Pablo, in the meantime was making slow, yet steady progress with his pipe line
  10. 10. Patience Pays  Soon Pablo’s pipeline was half ready. This meant that Pablo had to travel only half the distance to fill his buckets daily.  This gave him more time and energy to build the rest of the Pipe Line.  Finally, the BIG DAY arrived. The Pipe Line was completed.
  11. 11. Big Rewards• The Villagers had already seen some progress and many of them had turned from ridiculers to encouragers of Pablo.• They gathered all around the Central Tank in the Village on the appointed day.• Pablo turned the Tap and water started gushing in – from the River, straight into the Tank.
  12. 12. Money Freedom! From then on, whenever the Villagers wanted water, all they had to do was turn the Tap. Pablo still got paid $1 per Bucket, but now, he no longer had to carry them. He recovered his investment in the pipeline within 21 days and then started making huge profits.
  13. 13. Time Freedom!• But along with Money came Time Freedom. Since he no longer had to visit the River, his days became free for him to choose whatever activity he wanted.• Bruno, unfortunately lost his job as the job had become redundant.• He was sulking and very unhappy with Pablo. At the same time he realised it was his own fault for not anticipating this situation and preparing for it.
  14. 14. The Beginning But Pablo had different ideas for Bruno. He wanted to help Bruno. What was his PLAN? Did Bruno finally see the BIG Picture? Can YOU set up Pipelines of MONEY and TIME for yourself and your FAMILY? To learn the end of this Story, do reply back to the mail with your contact details and if you get a call, then do set up a 10 Min Meeting to understand if this may be for you!