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Fencing cy


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Fencing cy

  1. 1. FencingBy: Christine Yin
  2. 2. History• Fencing started in Ancient Egypt and Rome• Greek and Romans fenced with short swords and light spears• Heavy weapons were brought back when the barbarians invaded• The light rapier wasn’t used until the 14th century, at the start of The Renaissance• The Queen of France had Italian Fencing masters come to France to develop fencing
  3. 3. Epee History, cont.• A new weapon was introduced in the 18th century called the Épeé which was a heavier weapon• Fencing came to America in the 1860’s to 1870’s through French and Italian immigrants• In 1780, the fencing mask was introduced which made fencing much safer• Fencing died out after World War 1• Women’s fencing joined the Olympics in 1994 and 1996
  4. 4. Rules of the Game• The fencer gains the right of way by threatening the other fencer with a blade• Do not fence without the required and proper equipment• Check the area and equipment for hazards and unsafe conditions• Right of way ends when an attack misses, falls short, is broken off, or is deflected• After the defender deflects an attack (parry), he (or she) may counter attack (riposte) before the opponent recovers
  5. 5. Rules of the Game, cont.• Refrain from horseplay in practice/competitive areas• If both players launch attacks at the same time, there is no right of way• If a players leaves the fencing area to avoid being hit, it is a foul• Physical contact is allowed• Practice and compete only under qualified supervision
  6. 6. Websites Used••• a-cousin-of-the-interception/•• rapier.html•• start-in/•••